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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2013
I did not put this book series down until I had finished it
Recommend it to everyone it's one of the best books I've ever red
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Nineteen year old Crystal narrates, she lacking self-esteem - not only without the savant skills of her six siblings, but too tall to be considered attractive. Feelings of inadequacy increase on meeting the charismatic savant Dominic family, especially Xav who forever teases.... Can she really be about to surprise all when disaster strikes...?

Addicts of the series begin with a head start, they here re-acquainted with so many old friends. Newcomers may need longer to be won over. For more than a hundred pages everything seems simply to jog along. Only then do events take a sudden dramatic turn, the pace accelerating exhilaratingly.

In some respects suspense is lacking - no reader doubting that Crystal will prove her worth, or how her relationship with Xav will develop. (Yes, those keen on romance are destined for treats.) The novel, though, has much to please - Venice affectionately and interestingly described; intriguing supernatural aspects; likeable characters (even those who seem villains). Mega-star Steve Hughes enjoyably proves more than a glamorous face on screen. Depiction of police, although brief, proves more convincing than some writers manage.

Fans are clearly happy with things just as they are. Newcomers may wish for the first section cut back, the second extended. Either way, all are likely to warm to the tale of Xav and his "cupcake".
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on 4 October 2012
I was so impressed with this book! I've followed The Benedict Brothers books series since finding sky and this third instalment is just fantastic.
I do admit that at the beginning I was worried about having two brothers find their girls in the same book and I was really worried about the character Diamond but it was done incredibly well and I dont know why I worried in the first place.
The plot was so interesting and not what I expected at all and really got us to see a different view of the savant world which I really liked.
But what really impressed me was the character of Crystal. When I first came across Phoenix I found her quite similar to sky but Crystal is completely different. She really compliments Xav and the way their relationship went was very fresh and new.
I love this entire series as its the type of book I read when I've just had a huge sobbing fit. It's an easy read, it's really sweet romance but what I really liked about book 3 unlike the other books there isn't a single part of it which makes me cringe.
A worthwhile read!!
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on 30 January 2013
this book is amazing, ive been waiting for this book to come out for a long time, i wasnt sure it would live up to the first books but it did!! All the books are connected through the savant community and the benedict brother, which makes it much easier to catch up on if you havnt read the first 2 in a while. This book was a fantastic read and i'd recommend it to anyone who likes the more magical side of things!! Thankyou
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on 17 December 2012
I will start my review by saying I absolutely loved this book. It kept me gripped! I read it all in one day and will definitely be reading it again. This is the third book in the "Soulfinders" series. I can only hope Joss Stirling will continue with the series as there are 7 Benedict Brothers and only 4 have found their other halves. I think Joss Stirling did well at leaving the story open. In the end of this story, Crystal reveals an inkling of where the remaining soulfinders could be.

My favourite out of the series has got to be Finding Sky. I think because I loved Sky and Zed's characters so much. Also I love the thought of being in America living an American life. It has always been a dream of mine. Also what I like about this story more so than the others, is that its based a lot in a school. I love books that are in school/college/university and that kind of thing.

I think a lot of people will relate to Crystal. She is the sheep of the family. She feels she is 'barely' a Savant. Seeking Crystal is such a great book! I highly recommend. I really love Xav in this story. He is a jokey character, but when it comes down to it, he can be very serious. Part of this book that sticks out to me is when Crystal sneaks off to see the Consetta and he talks to her through her mind. And can really feel his anger in that paragraph. Also you can see how much he loves Crystal and how much he truly cares for her.

This book is part of a series but still is it's own book. As the book has recurring characters from "Finding Sky" and Stealing Phoenix. I think it really makes this book different. Because it's a different story but you still know the characters and the family. You don't have to read the previous books to know whats going on. Although I would definitely recommend reading them.

I think if you loved Beautiful Disaster like I did then you will definitely love this.

This book is directed at "teens". I have to disagree with that. I am 20 and really loved this whole series. I just hope Joss Stirling decides to make more! 5 out of 5!
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VINE VOICEon 5 November 2012
I'd been looking forward to reading Seeking Crystal for ages as I love this book series, or more specifically the Benedict family. Obviously as a diehard romantic, the idea of `soulfinders' reduces me to a puddle on the floor and I wish it wasn't just fiction *le sigh*. This time it's Xavier's turn (and incidentally, his brother Trace too) and from what I'd seen of Xavier, I couldn't wait to read his story. Unfortunately though, he started annoying me early on with his constant deluge of affectionate terms such as "cupcake", "darlin" and "beauty", I mean come on Xavier, the girl has a name and you're just coming across as a creep.

Having said all that, I did enjoy the relationship build up between Xavier and Crystal and the setting was heavenly. Venice was brought to life by Joss' rich and vibrant description and it's still on my list of `must see' places. Xavier won me over eventually because you know, he's a Benedict and I just can't resist them. My favourite scenes were when Xavier and Crystal had to kiss for a movie shoot and Xavier skiing down the mountain like a badass. It's a good look for him ;)

Whilst Seeking Crystal was mostly about Xavier and Crystal, I liked the way the soulfinders story also developed and we are introduced to `soulseekers' although I won't say much about that for fear of spoilers.

What I will say though is that with only two or three brothers left needing to find their mates (and I do believe they are out of the YA bracket) I fear this could be the last in the series but I sincerely hope not as I don't care that they are older. Thankfully, Joss gives us hope that they will find each other regardless.

Seeking Crystal wasn't the strongest book in the series but it was certainly entertaining and enjoyable. I just hope there's more to come.
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on 13 November 2012
Seeking crystal is AMAZING! This book is a must read! It's for all of those girls out there who love romance and more. With bad guys, gorgeous brothers, love and more love you wont be able to put down this book.At every twist and turn it will have shivers running down your spine and It will have you gripping tightly to your book and on the edge of your seat. This book will leave you wanting more and more and more. It is the third book in the awesome, amazing, breathtaking, romantic series of the Benedict brothers and in every book you will fall in love with the brothers, their story, and the amazing writing of the author Joss Stirling over and over again. Be on the lookout for her next books they are excellent, she goes from strength to strength in every book! 10/10.

A few years ago i read a sneak peek of finding sky with about nine chapters in it and i fell in love instantly! It left me weeping partly because the story line, the characters and the unbreakable love between two teenagers was so amazing and partly becuse the full version wasnt out yet 'sigh' but then after months on end searching i finally found it 'yay' and i devoured it like a starving animal would be like with food. I read it five times back to back before reluctantly handing it over to my big sister so she could read it 'Another sigh'. The searching continued to find the next book in my now FAVOURITE series of all time.

Every girl should have the the benedict brothers series on their shelf! Theses books are the books to read if your feeling down and you want some happiness because'Sparks will fly passion will ignite' in your heart! I am in LOVE with this book!
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on 16 November 2012
I was expecting a lot from this book. Checking the author's website numerous times, countless days of waiting, fantasising about reading the book at last - it all had to add up to something, right? At last, I can say with full conviction: I was not disappointed.

The book starts by introducing us to the main character, the person who's perspective we see. Crystal Brook is a very tall, very funny and very normal nineteen-year-old. That's right... normal. Unlike her whole family, she's not been blessed with extraordinary powers - therefore, in the eyes of the Savant world, making her a failure. She's spends her whole life believing she's worthless and good-for-nothing. This just made me empathise with her so much. I've never read any book with a protagonist who was insecure of herself. Have I had heroines who are way too whiny? Yes. Heroines who are way too feisty? Yes. Heroines who are beautiful in their own way, model-looks aside, yet still feel uncomfortable in their skin? No.

Of course, the fact that she's the youngest of six older, successful siblings doesn't help. Neither does the fact that she's lost one of her parents . Then, suddenly, her older sister Diamond finds her one-and-only in the infamous Benedict family. Yay. Everything would be alright for Crystal, if another of the Benedicts didn't happen to be some annoying, conceited, yet charmingly handsome guy. That's right. I'm talking about Xavier Benedict.

Ah, Xav. Who wouldn't love Xav? He's one of my favourite out of all the brothers and I can't help but wish he was real. I have a full-blown fictional crush on him. So why does Crystal hate him so much? However, the more I read of the book, the more I understood her reasons. In fact, it made me like her even more; she's not another fickle character. She can actually try and resist his alluring charm and gifted good-looks. Crystal's pretty real for a someone fictional.

Then came the setting. I've never personally been to Venice, but the way Joss Stirling decides to construct its description makes me want to see all its beauty myself. She's written a part of the book in America and shown the clear contrast between the two countries. We hear of the USA so often - it was refreshing to have a plot situated in north Italy.

The main reason I wanted to read this was because I've already read fallen in love with Stirling's previous writing. Yet, she continues to come up with fresh ideas that impress me. Despite this though, the cover would be enough to attract my attention. It's so... mysterious. Is that the right word for it? I don't think it does it justice, but it's the closest I can get right now. I think Oxford University Press and Joss Stirling have done a wonderful job in making sure the cover is captivating.

Overall, Seeking Crystal is unique read. Although at times it did become a little predictable, the style in which it was written keeps the reader's interest. It's a book full of devastatingly gorgeous guys, hardcore plans, a creepy, evil villain, and an enjoyable, sweet romance. If you're someone who enjoys a light read, full of all the themes needed to make an excellent teen read, this one's for you. Go buy Seeking Crystal - you don't even need to read the first two to fully understand the book, though I do recommend you read them. It's a book I know you won't regret reading if it seems like your type. Seriously.
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on 17 November 2012
Seeking crystal is a book that I read in a day, it's one of those books that, although this may be a cliché, is impossible to put down. She pulled my heart strings and confused my reasoning as she did what she thought was right, even if it went against everything that she stood for. A Heroin that doesn't whine, fall at the first hurdle or conquer all, Crystal is a girl that every teenage girl wishes they could be. (Including me.)

The third book in the sequel, it still has its spark and didn't falter, bringing family together and tearing loved ones apart. The twists that the story takes will keep you running along the Venice streets with Crystal, by her side as she soars above mountains in a helicopter and even arguing her point to stubborn family members that just won't listen.

When Crystal meets Xav she couldn't find anybody that made her feel more physically sick, literally. Teasing and joking, could anybody be less serious? But with her older sister Diamond, in the love bubble with Xav's older brother Trace, she puts on a brave face and a smile that she hopes looks more real than it feels.

Tall and striking, Crystal hides herself away, fed up with names like `The Bean Stalk'; it was her Dad alone that made her feel like a star but his death set Crystal back and now she is struggling. Feeling like the family failure she battles with herself to drag her mile long legs and her giraffe neck to her feet, but when she gets THE once in a life time chance her family only flattens her back down. She doesn't understand the consequences her actions will have until too late...

Now she has to strike a match with the one person that sends her vision red, against an enemy that that could destroy her world.

From the Towering sky scrapers of Denver to the floating streets of Venice; to the mountains that hide more than they appear and the movie cast that fly among them, Seeking Crystal is a classic book that will not disappoint any reader that needs to know, that sometimes stories do have a "Happily Ever After", no matter how hard you have to fight to get there.
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on 7 November 2012
Seeking CrystalThis book is a real turn pager. This series is so good! It combines half of fantasy and half chick lit!!! I was so giddy when i ready and I did a Happy Feet Dance when reading this book!!!
One of my reading habits is reading the synopsis (very normal) but I sometimes have this habit of reading the back before I start a book. Didnt do that for this book tho. I love the fact that even though Crystal and Xav are the main couple I loved how Diamond and Tracie had a main part too because they are cute together.

With a series like this it sometimes has snippets of the same story told in different ways. But the thing I love about Joss she makes it so completely from the first one that you think its a completely new book. I cried when I finished it. I love this series and when I told my friends I had mixed view because one of them loved the concept the other one though soul finders are cliche. But when starting to read the series I felt it was more than that because the characters are like your everyday group of people but they are savants.
I felt sorry for crytal when putting up with Xav! As Xav is shown to be a joker who says things with thinking and you feel like punching him for what he says (but in the end you laugh instead)you just cant help falling in love with him

Back to the telling the same story a thousand times: You should not be afraid of it as you can change the concept to make it like its the first series of a book not the third. This is the third book in the series and again they're all new things! Of course some things that you find in the other books: finding your soul finder, the awesome Benedict-brothers, their enemies and the girl. The girl is Crystal who is your average girl and she represents what normal girls are like as not every girl has the perfect figure and thats why she is a bit like me, she finds her soul mate Xav, and again there is some crazy wich who wants revenge on the Benedicts. But Crystal's Savant power makes everything different, because she's a dud, nothing special. Or is she?

I will only one thing about Xav: I ladore him! He's so sweet, yet he is one deep thinking boy and my heart almost burst every time I read his name. Having a Xav in your life, he makes everything much better than before!

I know I'm soundling like a total fangirl over here, but I just want to express how awesome this book is and that everybody should definately read it over and over again!
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