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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 April 2017
one my favorite books. me and my 7 year old loved reading it and had lots of laughs along the way. true classic
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on 7 March 2017
Half of things are missing comparing to original. Shame.
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on 13 July 2010
I have really no idea how well known Astrid Lindgren is outside of Europe, but in my country, she is without doubt the most popular foreign author of children's books. Karlsson-on-the-Roof (it seems to be "Karlson" in the English version but I'm not sure) is known virtually to every person in my country. This book used to be my ultimate favorite. I probably have read it 20+ times and I used to know large parts of it by heart.

However, Astrid Lindgren's books can just as well be read by adults. Many things in her books you just read and remember as a child, but you'll understand their real meaning only after you've grown up.

This book is about a 7-year-old boy in Stockholm, Sweden, who one day finds a funny playmate called Karlsson. Karlsson is able to fly with a propeller that's on his back, and lives on the roof of an apartment building. He is the world's best in rollicking and the boy has an extraordinarily great time in his company, teasing the excessively strict babysitter, frightening burglars half to death and participating in other incredibly funny pranks.
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on 28 May 2007
I absolutely recommend this book to all parents and children. It is a beautiful tale of a 7 year old who befriends a little man who lives on the roof of their Stockholm apartment building and flies around with the aid of a ventilator attached to his back and operated with a button on his trousers.

Together they catch thieves, make a mental case out of the nasty nany and make new friends. Astrid Lindgren is the ultimate story teller, worth more attention than J. K. Rowling. Her stories are of such educational value that children ask you to get back and start from the beginning right after the story is finished. Her other writings on Karlson, little girl Pepe and Emile from Lonneberg should be the treasure of any family library.
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on 29 September 2012
'Karlson on the Roof' is the first book about Karlson (by world famous Astrid Lindgren). It is the must of children (and adult who did not forget their childhood!) classics! I grew with Karlson, he was my childhood hero, I even wrote my first proper essay on him at school with direct citation(sometime in the fifth class), which was read aloud by a teacher. I felt I need my children to know him, however as we are living in another country, and they do not speak our language, I searched for an English translation. No luck in libraries, had to buy it . It is excellent value for an excellent book. It was interesting reaction of one of my kids - he 'gobbled' a book in one evening, absolutely liked it, eager to read it aloud to a younger sibling and ... evaluation of Karlson- 'he is a bit mean'. For me, Karlson was absolutely funny. Go read it! Do not linger only on Pippi, which seems to be most acknowledged of Lindgren's books in English. By the way, the second boo is called 'Karlson flies again', and the third one 'The World's Best Karlson'.
About other reviews regarding translation: the only solution is to read original Swedish! If you are not able - that's it. But mainly translations change with reissues and the fashion in language _ Midge's (or Smidge's) sister can be Barbie or Sally. You see what I mean - then Barbies were top popular it was Barbie then. I believe every translator is not good who translates literally, but who tries to give a reader an essence of the author. And names are just fashions.
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on 16 July 2009
If you ever wonder how you could introduce your child to loving books, just take this one. Many books have I read in my life but this one is al--times favourite, and now that I am long past childhood years and have children of my own, I still find it an extremely amazing and most enjoyable read as it seems to be appealing to that little kid within that each of us has inside and which needs a chance to belive in unbelievable and have imaginary world all spread out at his feet to conquer and adventurize. My son will soon turn 3 and I can't wait for the time when we will lie cuddled together before going to sleep and double up with laghter when reading Karlsson.!.. Don't let your child miss this treasure of a book!
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on 8 March 2009
appalling translation. names changed unnecessarily, untrue to the author. also, original illustrations have been replaced, again totally unnecessary. this is not karlsson!!!

the original book(s) are great, but this translation disgraces it. every child should read karlsson, but not in this version.
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on 18 March 2006
I can't believe there isn't even a review for any of the books of the karlson serie!!!Don't you people know astrid lindgren? well, you should, if you have kids and are getting used to an enormous feeling of boredome when you read to them! These books are so much fun! it's the story of a little boy who finds a very strange friend: a little fat man with a flying gadget on his back, that is terribly childish, different and full of mischief, that will soon be blamed on lillebror, the boy, because,let's face it: what is the only possible reaction for a parent when something appears broken and your child clames it was a funny man that lives on the roof that did it...but Karlson is very real indeed...Just give it a try, and don't let the publishing date put you off, since when does modern equal good?
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on 25 June 2009
This is a great series of children's books every kid should read. The earlier translations don't even come close to conveying the spirit of the books. Here the humor is definitely not "lost in translation".
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on 9 March 2014
The delivery was very quick and the condition of the book was also very good. I have ordered this book as the cartoon based on this book was one of my favourite cartoons to watch. I have started reading this book to my children and they love it.
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