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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2011
Some reviews have said that this book is a page-turner, the characters are great and that you'll want to read it again and again. I experienced none of this.

I'm the kind of person who finishes a book once they've started it, and The Westing Game was one of those books that was thankfully short. The characters were not great, the storyline confusing, the clues so jumbled that you couldn't even try and make sense of them; only carry on reading in the hope that something is told to you. Even if something is told to you, you can not trust the sincerity of it as it would be one of the character's opinions, hastily jumped to and often clearly false. These kinds of false trails lead the reader no-where and are boring.

Little progression is made until the very end of the book, when out of no-where, and to no real effect, the mystery is 'solved' (or, the characters involved just come forward of their own random accord and say 'hey, it was me!').

I was seriously disappointed with this book, considering all of its good reviews.

Would not recommend.
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on 7 May 2014
I really disliked this book from a literary point of view and as a puzzle, it's a schematic whodunnit with an obliging American happy-end. I did not find it confusing just boring and the characters were unrealistic. In the book a group of 16 people obediently moves into an apartment block and for some reason they all leave their lifes behind. Not one of them has a friend or a hobby/interest/job outside this apartment block for the most of the story. Teenagers live for their friends and through their friends but in this book they conveniently only communicate with each other and seek no other entertainment despite having quite different backgrounds. Then these people just as obediently they start figure out clues to get an inheritance.
The book's language is abrupt and non descriptive, the characters are unsympathetic and the book is disjointed. I certainly did not care about any of them despite some realistic features. One of the characters, Sybelle Pulaski is a manipulator who pretends to be an invalid so people would pay attention to her, I am not a big supporter of political correctness but how sick is this? I would pity people like her but I think most people would despise such a character and the book does not explain why, after working for many years in the same place, her boss suddenly develops an interest in this irritating woman.
The writer tried to invoke some sympathy for the main character, Turtle by making her a daughter who is under-loved by her mother and suffering because of it. Turtle is certainly the most developed character in the book but still I found her boring because she and other characters were so easily manipulated by the idea of money, so it was hard to believe that at the end of the book everyone apart from Turtle suddenly decided not to care about inheritance. One could straight away guess that the two simpletons in the book are just pretending to be as such and once again I fail to understand how a wife of twenty or so years would fail to recognise her ex-husband, doesn't matter how many years passed. (People mainly change before they grow up and apart from the face there are lots of other features to be recognised by, like a voice or a manner of speaking, body language and habits). On the whole the two characters of Turtle and Sybelle gave a bit of depth to the book but the it was still a disappointment.
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on 24 June 1999
Sam Westing has just died. 16 people are gathered at the old Westing House to have his will read. The will turns out to be a game. One of these 16 people is Sam Westings murderer and one is the heir to his fortune. You will be addicted to this book after the few first chapters. It is a spine-tingling, white-knuckle, page-turning book. Don't be mislead by these characters. Read this book!!!!!!!!!!
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on 22 August 1999
I first read The Westing Game years ago and loved it. Recently I suddenly remembered it and reread it. It is still wonderful and I enjoyed it just as much at 19 as I did when I was 10!
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on 10 June 1999
Sam Westing the main character in this book writes a will saying that he died and somebody in that room killed him. So 16 heirs are matched up to solve the Westing Game. Can you figure it out before they do? There is a bomber, a mistake, a bookie and a burglar. These heirs go through a lot to figure out the murderer. I suggest you read this book it is exciting and suspensful.
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on 26 June 2000
I first read this book when I was in my early teens and I am now 32. I still have the original edition from 1978 and it has travelled with me all the way to England from America and still has a place on my bookshelf. The Westing Game is a brilliant blend of mystery and comedy and nothing like it has been done since. The characters, despite their idiosyncracies, are people you would like to befriend yourself. The book is like a novel and a puzzle rolled into one and you are constantly being surprised. It is without a doubt a timeless classic that adults can enjoy as well as children.
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on 27 August 2011
This book is a tolerably good story. I was rather surprised to find that
it had won a prize for literature (Newbery Medal). For me there were
two characteristics which detracted from the story: the writer's style
and a strong american "flavour" throughout. If you can, try to read a
few pages before deciding whether to purchase.
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on 17 October 1998
The story was interesting until the words started to run together. I had to do this book for a book report , and I read quite a bit , but I couldn't understand the message that was trying to get across to me - unless I read the part over five times in a row! I was 11 while reading it and I don't recommend it for other readers.
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When I started this book, the story seemed slow and disjointed. Compared to other books by Raskin that I have read, I did not enjoy the beginning. But I am very lucky I did not give up; part way through, the story grabbed my attention and became very addictive. By the end it was towards the top of the list of the 125 books I have read in the first half of this year.

The story begins with a number of people being offered a chance to move into an exclusive condo. Some are also offered offices or business space in the building. Shortly after moving in, the tenants are informed that they are in the will of the reclusive millionaire and founder of the Westing Paper Empire, and that they are all descendants or heirs to the money. But as the will is read they are joined into teams and must work together to solve puzzles and more clues are doled out and small stipends are given to play the game.

This story is full of quirky twists and little details. As you read further into the book you might find yourself going back and rereading some sections to put together the clues yourself. The greatest strength of the book is the characters; they are so quirky and different but have all been drawn together for this game. The book does start slowly but once it picks up, it really races on. It is very well written, exciting and fun.
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on 19 August 1999
I LOVE this book! It is one of the best books I've ever read. (& I've read quite a few!) I usually don't read books without at least some fantasy in them, but I looked in the front where it said 'For Jenny, who asked for a puzzle-mystery' and I thought that sounded good, so I got it and boy was it good! (I've probably read it three times!)
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