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Ten Billion
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 4 April 2014
Much has been said critising the unusal layout of this punchy polemic - but it was intended to have impact and it does. The tone is so fatalistic it detracts from the message - it's so pessimistic that it makes it easy for climate change deniers to ignore it as "hysterical". It makes you think, and should provoke debate, but I would like to have seen some more positive suggestions for action. Several possible solutions are teasingly mentioned, then cynically dismissed as "that won't happen". Tell us more, maybe we can make change happen even if you've given up Stephen. In the meanwhile I've no intention of enroling my daughter in a gun club. But I'm none the wiser as to what to teach her instead.
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on 22 May 2017
A very impressive book indeed about the fact that humankind will go on being 'human'
to provide for BILLIONS and BILLIONS MORE of us !! It's a DYSTOPIAN DILEMMA
to BEAT ALL dystopian dilemmas !! It should be NOTED by everyone, but WONT BE!
It makes one feel deeply sorry for the newborn and children that we see every day now!
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on 18 May 2017
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on 12 June 2017
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on 22 August 2013
I bought this book to read on holiday in September, and it is just up my street as I passionately believe that the world is over populated especially the U.K. So I will enjoy reading this book on holiday in September.
This book was as usual sent very efficiently and quickly. Peter Knott.
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on 22 October 2013
The book is very simple, yet effective at conveying the message it sets out to communicate. It took me maybe about one or two hours to read, but it really made me rethink how I use energy, recycle, etc, and how something actually has to be done about the way we use our planet's supplies as the population approaches 10 billion.
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on 7 September 2013
If you read one book this year,ensure this is it. It's almost frighteningly revealing. It is a call to arms,but I doubt the world's leading politicians and governments will take it up, as Emmot makes clear himself at the end: " I think we are all f****d"
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on 21 August 2013
I was compelled to write a review for this book for two reasons:
1) The topic should be hugely relevant and important to every single human being on the planet
2) To counter some of the poor reviews left by others regarding the size of font and usage of space

I have always had an interest in the climate change debate and generally worry about the future of our planet. This book succinctly spells out the main problems, backed up with graphical evidence and offers various solutions that may or may not be feasible. I think those that are criticising the book for using too many pages or writing with too large a font are missing the point. Cutting some pages out of the millions of books printed would save some trees, maybe... but its just a drop in the ocean compared to the real problems. Take the example of how much energy and real cost is involved with making a car. Then work out how many cars are being produced. Do you really think cutting some pages from the book is even in the same league?

All those little actions you've been told you can do to save the world - taking a 2 minute shower instead of a 3 minute shower, turning lights off, driving a hybrid car - none of it actually matters unless the entire world collaborates together to tackle the problems at hand. The message I got from the book was one of pure pessimism, and I think he's probably right. People can pretend that everything is going to be ok because that's the easiest thing to do, but we need to be preparing ourselves for what happens if everything doesn't turn out ok.

I think he has deliberately styled the book the way he has to make the message STAND OUT. Clear, simple, short sentences make an incredibly easy to read book and leave you with distinct memorable points. He's not here to get in to the big debate, you can read other books or discuss online if you want to do that. This book is just here to get a message across....
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 September 2013
Ten Billion is top line summary of where we are in terms of near total destruction of the Earth as we know it. It provides the usual top line stats, some startling photos, and a lot of justifiably pessimistic and realistic potential outcomes. Basically we're doing nothing at all to stop the total wreck of the planet, even though we see it coming, clearly and precisely.

We continue to waste resources at ever more incredible rates. We waste four liters of water to produce a one liter plastic water bottle that we throw away after most of the liter of water inside has been consumed. We waste 800 gallons of water to produce a burger. At the same time, when 40% of arable land is already employed in agriculture, we need to double production by 2050 to accommodate added population.

Even the most optimistic scenarios regarding another green revolution are dependent on climate being stable, but it's anything but as wildfires increase, melting accelerates, hurricanes become larger and fiercer, tornados are gigantic, massive flooding is widespread, etc.

Emmott frames it this way: if we knew an asteroid would hit the Earth on a certain day and wipe out a third of the world, we would mobilize every scientist, bureaucrat, CEO and soldier to deal with it. Well, an equivalent disaster is headed this way, and we aren't just doing nothing about it, we're actively ignoring and denying it.

This will mean wars, as I've been predicting for years. Emmott says every climate conference he goes to these days is attended by the military.

"The biggest most important experiment on Earth is the one we're conducting right now, on Earth itself." And the people conducting it have no idea what they're doing.

David Wineberg
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on 16 July 2013
This very short book predicts doom. It is not clear whether the lack of balance is for sensationalism or out of ignorance. Emmott's Wikipedia entry does not mention any obviously relevant past academic experience. It is difficult not to conclude that some of his statements are deliberately misleading. Global fertility rates have fallen year on year for fifty years. He does not mention that. There are better books.
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