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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 15 March 2004
Anyone who has ever read Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series will know by now that this guy is a great writer. His skill is fast moving, neat and downright hilarious storytelling, whatever the subject matter.
With just five neat chapters, starting with Ugly Frank, the poor kid who earned his name as a victim of the legendary librarian's spud gun, this little story leaps along with enough boys' action to appeal to them, and enough cute humour to keep the girls happy too.
The Legend of Spud Murphy is aimed at a slightly younger audience than Artemis Fowl, and is brilliantly illustrated on every page with action-enhancing pen and ink sketches by Tony Ross.
Nevertheless, this story of Marty and Will being packed off to the library to get them out of their mother's hair for the summer holidays is well-written enough entertain more advanced readers too, and is a great choice for encouraging reluctant readers to brave the horrors of the library!
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on 31 March 2017
I am grandma to 5 children and enjoy reading books they recommend. This one is terrific. I must remember to take them to libraries.
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on 20 March 2007
My seven year old daughter came home with this book from school. She asked if I would read it with her. It's perfect for children of her age and indeed for their parents too, as by halfway through I had to stop reading as I was crying with laughter.

My daughter said to me that all childrens books should be funny, because children like to laugh and this book certainly fulfils that expectation.

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on 5 November 2005
I borrowed the book from the library after my friend recommended it to me after reading it I re read it twice in one hour its funny moving and generally youve just got a classic author This book was excellent and I would definetly recommend it to anyone who just needs cheering up its not a book for five year olds just because it short! Its a funny book that i would reccomend to all ages it may not be the age range for adults but I can bet you they will enjoy it anyway. I reccomend it as A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!
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on 7 August 2005
Will and his older brother Marty are reluctantly sent to the library to do something a bit more 'educational' with their summer holiday. But the library holds a much greater danger than just paper cuts. It is home to the legendry Mrs Murphy who uses a gas-powered, potato-shooting gun on children who cross her. The well known tales of poor 'Ugly Frank' and the Ninja Librarian make the Woodman boys dread even stepping inside the building.
Whilst the boys sit and pretend to read, an odd thing happens...they begin to take notice of the books surrounding them and find that the dreaded Spud Murphy isn't so dreadful after all.
This is great writing from the Author of the 'Artemis Fowl' trilogy. It is a fast-paced, easy story with a good mix of humour and action to suit younger readers. It can also be used as gentle persuasion for the reluctant reader to brave the horrors of the library. (Suitable for Ages 5-8)
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 15 June 2015
I picked this up on a whim, and am delighted that I did so. I'm familiar with Eoin Colfer and have had mixed feelings about his books. I'm in the minority, in that I don't really see the appeal of Colfer's most famous creation - Artemis Fowl. But I do like books like "The Supernaturalist".

Well, this series, following the adventures of the two older Woodman brothers, (ages 9 and 10), is honestly funny, good natured, subtle, and full of warm insight into the minds of 9 and 10 year olds. It is similar to the Wimpy Kid books, in that most of the humor is not intended by the narrator, and comes from his thoughts and actions, his casual observations, and his sometimes tone deaf interactions with others.

From the wise and funny parents, to the three younger brothers who serve as a sort of silly Greek chorus commenting on the action, the characters are well conceived. The hijinks are mild, the plots are simple, the messages are low key, and the whole book just reads like innocent fun. The two brothers really sound and feel like real brothers, which is quite a feat in itself. That said, the vocabulary and the quality of the writing are way ahead of most chapter books, and I would expect a young reader to feel very satisfied after reading this book.
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on 18 September 2012
We have been reading this book as a class and decided to write a review. According to Tia it is a mind blastingly fantastic book that you won't be able to stop reading, it is cool and funny. You will laugh so loud your next door neighbours will wonder what you are reading wrote Kian. This is not a book for babies, but definately anyone from the age of 7-33, it is that brilliant said Matthew.
We can't wait to read more about these brothers and their adventures!
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on 19 August 2004
This hilarious book by a very witty writer deserves 6 stars
The Legend Of Spud Murphy would entertain alot of people!
If you love Books this is excellent for you...
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on 31 December 2006
This is a great short book for 7ish year olds. An easy to read novel for younger readers who are developing confidence with chapter books. The story is a wholesome and heartwarmimg tale of two troublesome nippers who, (after creating havoc at home during the holidays), are sent to the place of their worst nightmares .... the library. However, this library is patrolled by no ordinary librarian, for Spud Murphy, (armed with a gas powered spud gun), is a ninja-black-belt-librarian. Skilled at sneaking up, having eyes in the back of her head and knowing what you are going to do, before you've even thought of it. With nothing else left for the children to get away with, they have no choice but to read the books. It all turns out well in the end and is all in good fun.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2007
Will and his brother Marty are doomed to spend their holidays in the Library. This library has a formidable librarian in Mrs Murphy, otherwise known as Spud Murphy, legend has it that she has a gas-powered Spud Gun behind the desk and she wields a mean rubber stamp.

It's over the top and cool and fun and I almost empathise with Mrs Murphy. There are some kids I'd like to limit to a small patch of carpet and throw things at when they misbehave but that really wouldn't go down well with the powers that be!

The illustrations add well to the story and it's quite charming, the way that the two boys find that reading is in fact fun and start enjoying being in the library was heartwarming, particularly for a librarian.
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