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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2010
This is a brilliant collection of essays and interviews by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé, the well-known Israeli historian. Edited by Frank Barat, it comprises eight pieces: The fate of Palestine: an interview with Noam Chomsky; two essays by Ilan Pappé: Clusters of history: US involvement in the Palestine question, and State of denial: the Nakbah in Israeli history and today; `Exterminate all the brutes': Gaza 2009, by Chomsky; Blueprint for a one-state movement: a troubled history, by Pappé; The ghettoisation of Palestine: a dialogue with the two authors; The killing fields of Gaza 2004-2009, by Pappé; and A Middle East peace that could happen (but won't), by Chomsky.

In June 2008, Israel and Hamas signed a ceasefire agreement, which Israel broke when it sent forces into Gaza on 4 November, and again when it launched its full-scale invasion on 27 December. Israeli forces used US-made white phosphorus shells against civilians, a war crime. In January 2009, the President of the UN General Assembly called Israel's attack on Gaza genocide. Israel still imposes its vicious blockade of Gaza: an ongoing war crime.

Israel could defend itself better by ending its criminal actions in occupied territories and accepting the two-state solution urged by the vast majority of the world (and vetoed at the UN by the USA ever since 1976). The Arab League, Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, the Palestinian National Council all back the two-state solution (i.e., recognising Israel's right to exist). Only the USA, Israel and a few Pacific island US dependencies oppose it.

In December 2008, the US state opposed UN resolutions calling for `the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination' (it was passed by 173 votes to 5) and for the `universal freedom of travel and vital importance of family reunification' (probably because Israel bans entry to Palestinians from occupied territories who wish to join their Israeli spouses). The USA also voted against regulating the arms trade, against the right to development, and against the right to food. The USA alone opposed this last resolution, an appalling vote in view of the huge global food crisis.

The authors show how the US state sabotages diplomacy and opposes democracy and how the EU always backs the USA.
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on 12 February 2011
Chomsky's latest book gives a reader a realistic insight into Israeli Palestinian conflict you wouldn't hear in Western main stream media. Chomsky points out at constant breach of countless UN resolutions and contempt of Geneva conventions by the state of Israel and its reckless use of military machine against defenceless Palestinian people all with a quiet approval of mighty USA with obedient European Union in tow. Its a shame on all us in Europe and our impotent leaders in particular that we allow such a cruel and brutal behaviour against one impoverished nation that has no means for self defence to face the high-tech army of Jewish state. From reading this book you will come to a conclusion that Israel doesn't have any interest in solving this conflict any time soon and current situation where Israeli people live in democracy and relative peace where Palestinians, especially those in Gaza strip on the other hand face constant oppression, humiliation and terror as their hopes for a better future are slowly fading away.
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on 11 November 2010
In these dialogues, Noam Chomsky, recently voted the worlds greatest intellectual, along with Ilan Pappe, exposes the atrocities, brutalities and murder inflicted on the Palestinian people by the Israeli state. This is a fantastic , erudite and clear account of how the people have suffered, and how the Israelis have repeatedly defied international law to continue their shameful occupation of Palestinian lands and further expel the Palestinian people.

The usual suspects of the right and hard-line pro-Israelis all despise Chomsky because they are unable to contradict his immaculately sourced, factual accounts of the abuse of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel, but the usual cries of anti-Semitism sound desperate, hollow and fraudulent in the face of such a clear and intelligent analysis.
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on 21 October 2011
I read this on a return train journey from Southampton to Derby! The authentic historical perspective filled so many gaps thus deepening my understanding of the complex situation of the Middle East. It also empowered me to discuss with more hope, as I now have a firmer foundation of knowledge and the wider perspective of the authors which allows me to envision a day!
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on 25 April 2011
This is a short concise book which is impossible to read without a sense of moral outrage. The treatment by Israel, USA and the western countries of the Palestinians has been woeful, embarrassing and cowardly. Both authors write clearly and with passion on this dreadful conflict.

Unfortunately an end to this conflict seems as far away as ever leaving one despond and as to the future of the long suffering residents of the occupied territories.

This book is a call to arms and I thoroughly recommend it.
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The other reviews are all correct that this is a fascinating book with great research and well documented sources, in examining the real truth and underlying flows of US and Israeli policy towards Palestine from the 1948 initial conflict to the recent genocidal level attacks made on the Palestinian populace in Gaza (the book was published in 2011). As such it is a real eye opener in arguing the case exactly opposite to how the conflicts are usually reported in the UK media and the approach typically (though not always) taken by UK governments as well as the USA and Israel.

The book is essentially a series of essays and a joint interview on different facets of the subject. While Chomsky is credited by most reviewers, the majority of the book is actually written by Pappe. That is where the problems for me lies in that his best essay on the history of US involvement on the Palestinian issue shows succinctly how matters have changed and where the problems lie. Sadly too often his later essays on more recent events tend to come across as emotional and this in turn affects the clarity of writing style and the structure of argument followed. There is little doubt there is an incredible amount of incisive scholarship in these pages by Pappe (and to a lesser extent by Chomsky), but in pursuing his points he seems to mirror at times the one-sidedness that both authors criticize Israel and the USA for.

This is not to say the points being made are wasted, simply that they are not as concisely or objectively made in what is clearly a very heated debate. Hence my three star rating I fear!
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on 12 November 2010
A superb little book that should be compulsory reading for all interested in the middle east. Both authors are authoratitive, and have an interesting writing / interviewed style.
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on 3 August 2014
This book offers a detailed look at the awful consequences of the wests unwavering support for Israel. A refreshing change from the biased sanitised flim-flam served up by the BBC, Fox news,CNN and ITN. Chomsky cuts through the web of Israeli propaganda and skilfully breaks down barriers to clear understanding. I was left enlightened and also deeply ashamed that my government and the taxes I pay are used to sustain this grossly unjust Zionist occupation and expansion. #FreePalestine
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on 18 February 2016
This book is very well written, although it can be a bit heavy on the statistics at times. Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe go back in time to discover the history of Palestine, as well as trying formulating different ideas for a peace settlement.
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on 24 August 2014
Another well documented work by two excellent authors of great intellect. These types of books should be in all our libraries and schools to ensure that more people get better acquainted with the realities of the Middle East. The abuse of the Palestinian people has gone on for decades and the average westerner seems to know little more than the a few ‘well-worn’ sound bites the media spoon feeds them. This is especially true of the American media. The duplicity of values in reporting conflicts in the Middle East is staggering. To say or believe that an ethnically cleansed and brutally occupied people are not allowed to defend themselves against an apartheid regime is ridiculous.

Unfortunately for the Palestinians, the United Nations is a gutless organisation that fails to defend them against Israel’s contempt of the Geneva Conventions and breaches of UN resolutions. The UN just makes a few idle threats about holding Israel responsible for war crimes. These invariably diminish with time or get blocked by the American veto.

We owe a special thanks to the authors of this book for their courage in reporting the truth.
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