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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 May 2017
Just like "Easy", this is a book that I find myself picking up just to reread certain scenes. But this was the first time that I reread it all the way through - from beginning to end and I am still 100% in love with it.

I love the characters and the writing, I love the romance and relationships within this book. I love everything there is about it. I could go on about everything in this book - in this world - for hours and hours, but I won't... if you're interested in a better review check on my one on " Easy " but know this - I love this series so freaking much and I am Lucas/Jacqueline trash 5ever.
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on 19 August 2014
Loved reading a different pov of this story was great to see an insight to both characters and I really felt it finished the whole story off properly knowing all the background information on the characters we were reading about
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on 22 May 2014
I absolutely LOVED Easy when I read it awhile back and it has been a book that I've read several times since because of how much I enjoyed the story and the characters and the romance. And while I was very excited to hear of this new story by Tammara Webber, Breakable, telling us the events of Easy but from Lucas's perspective, I was both excited and a little bit wary. Wary because for the most part, the books I've read of a familiar story but told from the man's perspective have been a little bit disappointing. They didn't seem to offer anything new and they felt repetitive and a bit anti-climatic when it came to the romance or emotional highs of the original story. And I was wary because I didn't want to be disappointed by this book or by Lucas, who is one of my favourite fictional men to read about.

I'm incredibly happy to report that Breakable by Tammara Webber was in no way disappointing or anti-climatic. It was really good. Instead of just regurgitating the events of Easy but from a different perspective, Tammara Webber gave us more. She gave us a much fuller and more interesting back story that really helped to fill in all of those details and holes in my mental picture of who Lucas Maxwell is as a person. And I loved that. His was a really interesting story and I found it fascinating to read and witness this journey he takes.

He's quite a broken and grieving young person after his mother's tragic death and Breakable shows us how he turns to drugs and girls and violence in order to get through it all. I loved seeing the friendships and relationships that have a big impact on him and to see why there is such a big divide in his head between who he was as Landon and who he has become as Lucas. It was really interesting!

And of course the narrative splits between Lucas as a teen and also there is everything with Jacqueline as well from the beginning of the school year before they meet, the attack, their relationship and also a sneaky look at their relationship after as well. It was so well done. Even with things that were familiar from Easy, like when Lucas draws Jacqueline in her dorm room, it still feels fresh in that we are now privy to what Lucas is thinking and feeling in these moments.

Reading Breakable made me fall in love with Lucas all over again. I really recommend this wonderful companion novel to fans of Easy and of contemporary romances!
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on 31 March 2015
I’ve been burned in the past by reading books that show the same story as the original, just shown from a different viewpoint <levels a squinty look at Walking Disaster>, and given how much I loved Easy, I was kind of nervous to read Breakable. What if Breakable was essentially going to be Lucas mooning about after Jacqueline, with his piercings and tattoos, riding around on his motorbike, flexing his biceps........

<shakes self awake> I’m back. I so totally didn’t need to worry. Breakable is definitely a novel in its own right. It does tell the Easy story from Lucas’s POV, but that really only makes up 50% of the book and it doesn’t just re-hash what we already know. The rest of the book is Lucas’s back story, which was heartbreaking and compelling in equal measure. Rude, too. Goodness, that boy got around before he met Jacqueline. My word. I should also point out at this juncture that Unbreakable is most definitely a New Adult book, not Young Adult.

The story starts off where Lucas has just noticed Jacqueline in their economics class and starts sketching her. It’s a testament to Tammara Webber’s writing that she manages to make Lucas not sound like a creepy stalker all the time when he’s admiring Jacqueline from afar. From there, the book alternates between present day and a few years ago in the aftermath of his mum’s death. Getting in his head and seeing all his guilt, insecurities and self-doubt made for an emotional whirlwind.

You also see a lot of new characters - there’s a bit more about Lucas’s relationship with Dr Heller and the other Hellers, the girls at the coffee shop and even some brand new characters. So yeah, for a re-telling, Tammara Webber has managed to keep the story very fresh.

I rarely re-read books, so the fact that I’ve re-read this and skimmed through it a third time speaks highly. If you enjoyed Easy, you should definitely take a look at this one.
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on 9 November 2014
I loved Easy. In fact, it's pretty hard to find reviews from people who didn't love Easy. It was an awesome book and Lucas is one of the most likeable book boyfriends ever (in my opinion). So, following on in the tradition of re-writing a smash hit book in the POV of the male, Breakable emerged.

Despite personally getting a bit peeved with the same book / different POV thing, I was excited to get my hands on more Lucas and I am SO pleased to say this book is NOT like the other books of this ilk. Breakable is it's own story.
Yes, it goes over the events of Easy from Lucas' POV - which is actually awesome because Lucas' "voice" is distinct - but the events of Easy only make up around 50/60% of the book. The rest of the story is Lucas' back-story, from just before the events with his mum through to meeting Jacqueline and this back-story is interspersed throughout the story of Easy which breaks up the re-telling and makes Breakable it's own book.

Lucas does not disappoint his legion of fans in this story. He really is a great guy and this story brings out so many feels... New and old. The romance with Jacqueline through Lucas eyes was written in such a way that it felt fresh - new and different - and it made me fall in love with this pair all over again.
I didn't think I could love them more but I did after reading Breakable.

If you have read and loved Easy, read Breakable. I doubt you'll be disappointed. It is worth the time and money.
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on 7 May 2014
I wasn't sure what I to expect from Breakable, really. Nor whether I would enjoy it as much as Easy. Being from Lucas' point of view, would that be odd? But I was forgetting that Webber is an expert at the male point of view as she proved with her Between the Lines series. It's so very easy to love Lucas seeing through his eyes as it is seeing through Jacqueline's eyes - maybe easier, as you can see his motivation behind everything.

Breakable is almost a cross between YA and NA, as each chapter jumps back and forth between Lucas being at high school, where he was known by his first name, Landon, and the year he meets Jacqueline at college. It was awesome to see who Landon was, see how his experience with his mother's death affected him, and what lead him to become the man he is as Lucas - along with seeing his point of view of the events of Easy. It was so incredibly sad seeing the breakdown of pretty much everything - his relationships, his desire to do anything - due to that terrible event, and seeing him cope with it in all the wrong ways. Landon is a very different person to Lucas (though Lucas still has his demons), and I just wanted to give him the biggest hug. That poor boy is carrying so much, and it hurts to watch him go through it. Thank god for the Hellers! But by learning about his past, we come to understand more the actions he takes when it he's Lucas at college.

It's also completely wonderful to see his relationship with Jacqueline from his side. His turmoil and fight with his conscience over doing the right thing as her tutor, yet wanting to be with her so much. It's so beautiful to see his love for her grow, and seeing him struggle with such difficult circumstances. There is less dialogue between Lucas and Jacqueline in Breakable than in Easy. It doesn't repeat much of what's said, just summarises it. I would have preferred to have more of their dialogue, see his reactions to things she said, or see how she reacts through his eyes. But it was still awesome to see certain moments from Lucas' point of view.

Breakable is a bit more graphic when it comes to sexual content than Easy, but not gratuitously. I don't know why it's more graphic, maybe because it's from a guy's point of view? I don't know. But it's still nothing like it is in other New Adult novels, where it just seems to be there to be hot. There is emotion behind everything Lucas does, and that comes through during the more intimate scenes, too. It's passion and it's love, and it's beautiful.

I don't want to say much more, as I don't want to spoil either story too much, but Breakable is the sweetest, most moving story. It is now official, Tammara Webber is my favourite NA author. No other NA author comes close to being as incredible as she is. I will absolutely read whatever Webber writes in the future, no question. An incredible author!
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on 11 May 2014
4.5 Stars.

I remember first reading Easy and being overwhelmed by the complicated beauty of Tammara Webber's writing and Jacqueline's story. Easy was released before I started Zili in the Sky so I haven't posted a review (it's on my blast from the past list of reviews to write up), but this doesn't lessen how much I loved the story. I was thrilled when I heard we were going to be treated to Lucas/Landon's POV in Breakable and thankfully Webber doesn't disappoint!!

For those of you who may be worrying that Breakable is simply a retelling of Easy, then fear not because it isn't. Yes, a lot of the events from Easy make it into Breakable, but Webber has also added in lots of events and details we missed the first time round. Plus most importantly we get inside Landon's head and get lots of back story. Essentially we get Landon Lucas Maxfield as told by Landon and Lucas!

I really enjoyed seeing how Lucas really felt about Jacqueline. A good example is, when in Easy Jacqueline and the reader think Lucas is being blasé about things, here we see he's SO not as in control or nonchalant - certain events seemed far more intense.

I loved Lucas in Easy but he's even better in Breakable. We get to see him struggle with his grief and anger and how he battles against himself. The most striking thing I noticed in Breakable was how selfless Lucas is and how far he's willing to go to help Jacqueline and to make her happy *swoons*!!

We also get a greater insight into Landon's family, the before and after (as he calls it). The Harry Potter parallels were a clever touch and made me smile. I did cry a lot more this time because the honesty of Landon/Lucas's pain was heartbreaking. It was also nice to see the things which made him happy and see his life pre-Jacqueline (i.e. other girls).

I had a few moments of panic where I kept thinking maybe Webber had decided to change the ending or to mess with them. Breakable is a wonderful addition to Lucas's and Jacqueline's story and I loved getting a rundown of his tattoos and piercings!!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:

Love is not the absence of logic, but logic examined and recalculated, heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heart.
I had become Harry Potter. Except I was thirteen and not magic, and my destiny, whatever it was, held no profound purpose.
I looked like a poster boy for a bad life choice.
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on 22 January 2015
It has been a couple of years since I read Easy. I loved the book and remember loving the relationship between the two characters, as well as the way Tammara handled some of the very traumatic events, but although I could recall the general gist of the story, I couldn't remember the detail. But when I saw that Tammara Webber had written a companion book from Lucas's PoV, and more importantly, saw that it had really good reviews I had to buy it. Even if it was just to re-read Easy from a fresh angle. And WHAT a fresh perspective Tammara has given us of Lucas! As others have written this is not just a rehash of Easy with the male lead character's name inserted where the female's was. This is an exploration of how Lucas became Lucas,who he was when he was Landon, why he felt the need to change, how he fell in love with Jacqueline and the conflict he felt whilst doing so. I think it almost works as a stand alone book but for the fact that, for obvious reasons, a lot of the dialogue between the characters in scenes shared with Easy was summarised in Breakable, but this didn't take away from how great this story was.

All I can say is if you loved Easy then definitely read this. Tammara has really demonstrated how an alternative perspective book should be written. This is the first that I've read where I actually loved the male character as much if not more than in the original book, where I've actually felt like I understood his motivations and actions. Well done TW. You've struck gold again!
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on 12 May 2014
4.25 stars

BREAKABLE is the second instalment in Tammara Webber’s contemporary, new adult Contours of the Heart romance series. The storyline is told from alternating first person POVs –Lucas and Landon-using present day, flashbacks, memories and dream sequences. The story told from Lucas’s POV parallels the timeline in EASY (Book 1) and beyond; the story told from Landon’s POV covers the early years with Landon’s (Lucas) family, friends, school and the tragedy that destroyed it all.

Part of the premise follows Landon (Lucas) in the aftermath of the tragedy. We get up close and personal with a young boy/young man whose family has been destroyed; whose father is unable to cope; and a life that begins to spiral out of control. Landon struggles to survive in a world believing himself responsible for everything that happened.

Lucas’s POV follows the EASY timeline where our hero wars with his attraction to Jacqueline and his need to protect her from everyone including himself. The reader is pulled into the mind of a quiet, reserved genius who pushes away the memories and demons of the past by getting lost in his studies, his jobs, his volunteer programs and his need for the one woman he cannot have.

The world building follows several intersecting timelines that crossover between EASY and BREAKABLE. The secondary characters, especially in Landon’s (Lucas) early years are colorful, abrasive and dramatic. The reader will begin to understand the mind of a young boy as he battles the guilt that eats away at his heart and his soul; how the people in his life formed the building blocks of anger, revenge and temptation; and how a family friend would come to the rescue of a young man on a destructive path of violence and failure.

Tammara Webber writes a remarkable story that will captivate your mind; a story that is emotional, passionate and dramatic about a troubled boy who would grow up to be a responsible man but in between faces a life time of heartache and pain. BREAKABLE takes a closer look into the thoughts and emotions of Landon Lucas Maxfield as he endeavors to survive in a world of guilt and shame and, the one woman who will make it easier to acknowledge that a thirteen year old boy is not responsible for the sins of the past.

I was gifted a copy
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on 3 June 2014
I waited what felt like forever for this book, clapped my hands like a demented seal every time a teaser was posted on FB, and became increasingly anxious I'd built it up so much that disappointment with it would be inevitable.

Thankfully, nope. No disappointment to report. Tammara pulled through for me. Again. Love her!

Love Landon Lucas Maxfield more.

This is most definitely NOT Easy told again with a few minor adaptions and additions.

Lucas is given so much depth in Breakable. Such a tortured soul; he has not had it easy. He's incredibly flawed, with a host of bad choices behind him -far from perfect and yet more perfect because of that.

(That said, though, a small part of me mourns the loss of his mystery).

Also, there's a brilliant cast of new side characters introduced. All well drawn out and interesting, used to good effect in fleshing out Lucas' life.

However, much like Lucas, I can't say this book is without fault:

I didn't feel quite such a connection with Jacqueline in this; I thought, occasionally, the passages of introspection became a little repetitive; the final scene of their reunion took the story one scene too far; and (view spoiler)

I must also say, this book is quite some way more explicit than Easy.

Worth the wait :)
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