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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2012
Unexpectedly fantastic. I fully admit that before I read this, it didn't sound like my thing at all and I figured I wouldn't enjoy it that much. But I adored Tammara's 'Easy' (which is probably one of my all time favourite books) so I figured I'd give Between the Lines a chance. And I'm so glad I did!

It's a lighter read, and it took a little while to get going, but once I was a few chapters in, I was hooked. I barely put it down in the end. I can't say I really liked Reid at any point, and worse more of the time. But I really loved Emma. And actually the majority of the characters are really well rounded and presented through the story. While it might not outwardly come across as a book with 'deep' moments, it's got plenty of them. I got really wrapped up in the lives of these teenage actors and their own personal situations.

Between the Lines is a surprisingly grounded book and utterly believable. And I loved the ending so much! It's left me craving book two, which I have every intention of starting next. While I might not be Reid's biggest fan, I still enjoyed the alternating POV between him and Emma and seeing things from both sides. At heart this book is about friendship, growing up and realising who you are. And I can't wait for more!
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on 3 April 2013
Really enjoyed this story loved the way relationships were formed within the group of actors and I am looking forward to reading the next book.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 29 July 2012
This is the first in a trilogy. Reid Alexander currently hollywoods brightest star, is to play Mr. Darcy in a modern take of Pride and Predudice, he is to sit in on the auditions for his leading lady, the director intends to cast an unknown in the part. When Emma Pierce walks in Reid knows this is the girl for the part. Emma has had a few small parts here and there, plus a few ads she has filmed. But this is a big part that will bring her into the limelight. The chemistry between her and Reid is undeniable! Reid is attracted to Emma and is determined that she will reciprocate his interest. But Emma is very wary as Reid's reputation precedes him, for such a young man, his experience with women is widely known. Graham Douglas another actor in this remake who has the part of Mr. Collins, soon becomes close friends with Emma as they go for early morning runs together, although attracted to him, Emma is sure that he and Brooke Cameron another cast member are involved, as they seem very close. Brooke also has a history with Reid as they were once an item.
This is a good story, filled with very well drawn characters. Each chapter is told from either Reid or Emma's point of view. I liked Emma she was a grounded and well balanced girl, and far too good for the sleezy Reid who did not seem able to focus on any girl for five minutes. He is almost legendary for his one night stands. Graham is a quiet and brooding guy and the reader is never quite sure whether his interest is in Emma or Brooke. Although the reader is privy to what Emma and Ried are thinking via their dedicated chapters. The dialogue between them is fairly superficial. So a lot of what they are thinking is never dealt with. That might be my only complaint with this a lack of communication. But I am definitely going to read the second book, as I want to see what happens next. The writing here is accomplished and well balanced. On the whole a good read.
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on 25 March 2013
After reading and loving Easy I was always going to be excited to read more by the same author. So when the chance to read Between the Lines, the first book in Tammara Webber's other series of books about teen film stars I jumped at the chance. And Between the Lines was very good, a lot lighter in subject matter than Easy, but still very addictive reading and quite romantic.

Between the Lines is told in a dual-perspective. We get the story told from both Reid and Emma's points of view. Reid being this mega-heartthrob film star, one whose face causes teenage girls every to scream like crazy. Reid is pretty comfortable with the paparazzi and the attention and awe that comes with it all. Where it's all a new experience for Emma, who hasn't been in the spotlight like Reid has.

That is, until Reid and Emma are both cast in a modern film version of Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. Suddenly, Emma has to deal with her romantic life being reported in the gossip mags and online websites and Reid has to deal with his uncomfortable emotions as he begins to have feelings for Emma. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite stories ever, so bonus points for including that into this book!

I really thought that Between the Lines would be a fairly straight-forward love story and I found myself pleasantly surprised. Surprised not only by the love story but also the characters and the different storylines and how much I found myself really thoroughly enjoying this book. I'm really quite glad that the next two books in the series are being published here in the UK fairly quickly so that I don't have to wait too long to see how it'll end.

Teen actors filming a movie is a pretty interesting subject and I was quite happy to read the little bits about filming and production that was included, especially the auditions that Emma went through and also filming certain scenes with both Reid and Graham. The teen cast members all hang out together and have parties in each other's rooms and it was fun to get to know everybody and see a glimpse into their unusual lives. Aside from Reid and Emma, the other two major characters in Between the Lines are Graham, an indie actor who singles Emma out early on. Emma and Graham seem to have this connection, but when Emma sees Graham leaving Brooke's room late at night, she's not so sure what's going on? And Brooke and Reid have an obvious history together but will that stop Reid and Emma from having an on and off-screen romance?

I thought Between the Lines was a really fun book to read, one that really made me happy. It was funny and romantic and it had at least one major surprise that had me audibly gasping. Reid, Emma and Graham are all characters that I have strong feelings for and I just can't wait to read the sequel, Where You Are!
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on 8 November 2012
He's Hollywood's hottest teen heartthrob. She's just landed her biggest break after years of commercials and bit parts. Reid and Emma are worlds apart when it comes to their careers, but after undeniable chemistry in a screen test their worlds are going to be thrown together.

Reid is used to the fame - to the girls throwing himself at him, so when Emma doesn't react to him like he expects, he is even more intrigued by her. Emma has no idea what's in store for her. She didn't really consider the consequences of accepting the leading role opposite Reid and how her life would change. Suddenly there are pictures of her everywhere, stories fabricated about her.

The longer Emma is immersed in Reid's world, the more she can't help thinking what her life would be like if she was normal. She would get to do normal things. Date. Prom. College. And as if she didn't have enough to keep her mind occupied, Reid's interest in her beyond their working relationship intensifies. So when she is kissing the best looking guy on the planet, she shouldn't be thinking about co-star, Graham, should she?

Reid wants nothing more than for Emma to fix him. For so long he has taken what he wanted and never looked back. But now he actually sees himself able to commit...if only Emma will give in and give him what he wants. And in between charming Emma, he is avoiding Brooke who is not only a fellow actor in the movie, but his ex, too.

Between The Lines was so much more than I thought it would be. I was expecting a light romantic read. What I got was something so much better with a fuller story. Emma and Reid's relationship with their parents was nothing short of heartbreaking. I honestly felt for both of them and was brought to tears more than once.

Even though he has some serious character flaws, Reid was likeable and very believable. He drew my sympathies and I wanted nothing more than for things to work out for him.

Between The Lines could have been a glossy and completely unrealistic book. Instead it was gritty and raw and I really felt as though I caught a glimpse into the lives of real people. Each character, even secondary ones, were fully developed and riveting. I wanted to know more about all of them.

This book hit every note perfect for me. It made me feel plenty of emotion, I could barely put it down and when I had to, it was on my mind almost constantly. It left me craving more. I could not ask anymore from a book. Except a sequel. Which there is. And I want it right now.
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Having absolutely adored Easy when I read it last year I had high expectations for this one! While this has a different feel to Easy, everything I loved about that book is present here too. I really enjoyed it. And I really liked the setting. Being completely obsessed with TV and films this was definitely my kind of story.

The story is narrated by Emma and Reid. Got to love dual narration! Emma I loved straight away, Reid took a while! I'm not sure that he completely won me over but there is definitely something there - something intriguing and something promising I think.

The story for me was really Emma's story. Even Reid's narration seemed to focus more on her - although it does touch on his home life which goes some way in explaining why he is the way he is. But it felt, to me at least, as if the focus was more on her.

I loved Graham! Totally and utterly (and even more at the end!) I also really liked Brooke - and how first impressions of her are not what she is like at all! Oh and Tadd! Loved him. In fact, I loved them all!

I have seriously high hopes for this series. I can't wait to read the next book (more Graham!) and am looking forward to (I believe) Reid's story in book 3. And do I spy a book 4 on Goodreads? I hope so! I think I'm addicted!
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on 27 November 2012
Wasn't too impressed with this story, I bought both the first and second book in one hit. I started the first book and felt I had to keep going to complete the second, but to be honest I felt bored with it and didn't really feel the story really went anywhere. The leading lady in the book was a bit drab with no 'oomph' glad both are now read I want be buying the third book.
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on 31 August 2012
I needed some holiday reads and stumbled upon this trilogy of books through Amazons recommended reads.

I found this first book confusing as to where it was going to take me. I kept thinking of Bridget Jones Diary for the two lead males to work who how Emma was going to end up with.

I wasn't disappointed in the book, I just wasn't sure if I liked the characters enough to warrant buying book two, which I am so happy I did.

For £1.49 is is a good book that wont make you wanting a refund, just needing to spend another few quid getting book 2 and 3.
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on 24 July 2013
(Source: I borrowed a copy of this book.)
17-year-old Emma is offered the opportunity to audition for a remake of Pride and Prejudice. She's undecided as to whether she wants it the role though, until she discovers that Reid Alexander (a hot Hollywood actor) has already been cast as the male lead.
When Emma lands the part and starts filming, she finds herself the subject of Reid's attention, but there's also Graham - another actor who goes running with her every morning, who also seems interested.
Will Reid win Emma over? Will Emma do what loads of other girls want to do and lose her virginity to Reid? Or is Graham the one for her?

This was an okay story. After reading so many glowing reviews I kinda expected more though.

Emma was an okay character, I liked that there was no pretence over the fact that she knew who Reid was, and I liked that she tried to keep her head around him.
I thought that Reid was a pretty typical actor, a little full of himself and times and used to getting what he wanted.

The storyline was okay, although I can't say I really liked the love triangle. Way too overdone for me. I didn't think there was really anything special here though - we had two guys fighting over a girl, and a girl who doesn't know which to pick, and that was basically it.
I didn't predict who Emma would end up with, but I didn't really care all that much. I didn't have any strong feelings for either Reid or Graham, which was a bit of a shame, it would have been nice if at least one of these boys had gotten me excited or made my heart race a bit.
I'm hoping now that the rest of the books in this series aren't just more of the same.
Overall; an okay YA love-triangle romance.
6.5 out of 10.
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on 13 February 2013
After reading and falling in love with Easy, I knew I would be reading every book by Tammara Webber I can get my hands on. So I was over the moon when Between the Lines arrived and jumped right in. And I was far from disappointed - Between the Lines is amazing!

Emma has landed one of the starring roles in a teen remake of Pride and Prejudice. Her favourite book, she doesn't expect much from the movie she feels won't do the novel justice. The last thing she expects is to catch the eye of Reid Alexander, hottest young movie star in Hollywood, who is playing her co-star. Is he really into her, or is she just the girl he plans to be the next notch on hid bedpost? Although she is hugely attracted to Reid, the lovely and supportive Graham, who is playing one of the side chatacters, has also caught her eye. He seems to be interested too, but he seems to have something going on with Brooke Cameron, the most beautiful girl in Hollywood. Wires are easily crossed by all when you have to read between the lines.

As soon as you start reading, it's obvious that this is a novel by Webber. The tone to her writing - her writing voice - will be easily recognisable to those who have read Easy, despite the different subject matters. I was originally worried about whether or not I would enjoy Between the Lines, simply because big headed Hollywood stars who keep their heads up their backsides isn't really my thing. Thankfully, most of the characters - and there are quite a few - aren't like that. They're just normal people who's job happens to be acting. Sure, there's Reid, who is a bit of a bad boy, and thinks himself a ladies man, but as Between the Lines is told through both his and Emma's points of views, he doesn't seem all that bad. Even Brooke isn't as much of a cow as Emma expected her to be. Reid is pretty much the only guy who fits what worried me, but only slightly. He has his own issues going on at home, and he's so likable really, despite his behaviour.

There are secrets a-plenty in Between the Lines, and we get to look at various relationships. Although they're different, that's the one thing Easy and Between the Lines has in common; the focus on the romance. There is a lot of sexual tension, and a number of "will they, won't they?" moments, but, in my opinion, Between the Lines is more romance than it is steamy, and that's no bad thing. Despite what everyone thinks, Reid does have a heart, it's just he has experienced some things in his life that have made him the way he is. Graham is the sweetest guy, but he acts like he's interested one minute, then like he just wants to be friends the next, all the while coming in and out of Brooke's hotel room. I was so intrigued to find out what was going on with him, because what you see and how Graham acts just didn't add up. And poor Emma is caught in between these two guys and she's never really sure what the other is feeling.

Between the Lines boasts an awesome array of characters in the actor who are playing the other roles in the movies. MiShaun and Meredith are great friends to Emma, Brooke is incredibly surprising, Jenna is a sweetie, and Tadd and Quinton are just hilarious! And then there's Emily, Emma's best friend, Emma's parents and Reid's parents. There are a huge number of fantastic, fully formed characters, who have their own lives and add their own complications to the main plot. As awesome as Emma, Reid and Graham are, you can't help but love all the other characters too, and I really hope we get to see them in future novels, even though filming is now over!

Between the Lines is a brilliant, fun, exciting romance, and one I highly recommend! It could be read as a stand alone, but it is the first in a four book series that continues in Where You Are, which will be released on 14th March. I am so excited! Such an awesome story! Tammara Webber is fast becoming one of my favourite authors!
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