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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2003
The Twits is one of Roald Dahls shorter & less famous children's novels. The Twits are a repulsive elderly couple who do mean things to each other. Some of the details and ideas in this book are disgusting! I still remember the bit about the worms and the spaghetti fifteen years later. It's screamingly funny. But it's never too horrible to give children nightmares and there's always enough humour for children to love it.
Any child aged 6 to 9 will adore this book to bits. Most adults will wonder what the fuss is about. Therefore it's perfect younger childrens book. This was one of my favourites when I was a child and I used to take great delight in reading the nastiest bits out loud to my mother (who pretended to be shocked). The literary equivalent of a whoopie cushion.
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on 29 September 2001
Mr and Mrs Twit are mean - in fact very mean - to each other; they play tricks on each other, which appeal to your sense of humour. They are cruel to birds - who hates birds? They're also horrible to Muggle-Wumps, a friendly group of monkeys. However, when the Roly-Poly Bird arrives the birds and Muggle-Wumps manage to turn the tables on the Twits (quite literally).
Roald Dahl's story is clever and cleverly funny. I couldn't think of a child between six and nine not enjoying this - or any of his other 'classics', 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', 'The BFG', and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' to name but a few. This is a very good child's book, written by the best children's author of all time - is there any better? - supported by superb illustrations by Quentin Blake, so you can really hate the Twits.
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on 25 June 2004
One of the very important things this book teaches you is that if you have ugly thoughts, it begins to show on your face. That explains why Mrs. Twit, who always carries a walking stick with which to beat people, is the ugliest woman you have ever seen. However, Mr. Twit, with his dirty beard encrusted with bits and pieces of every meal he had every eaten, is even worse. Fortunately, these two horrible people spend most of their time making each other miserable with twisted practical jokes involving things like a glass eye, a frog or a bunch of balloons, as you will discover when you read this book by Roald Dahl. But then we learn that Mr. Twit likes to catch birds for Wednesday's Bird Pie dinner and that his grand plan is to train four monkeys kept in a cage in the garden to become The Great Upside-Down Monkey Circus. This is not a good thing. Not at all. Fortunately, this particular family of monkeys, named the Muggle-Wumps, are aided by the Roly-Poly Bird in turning the tables on the Twists. When I was reading "The Twists" as part of my most recent second-childhood, I thought this was a relatively minor Roald Dahl story, enhanced by Quetin Blake's zany illustrations. But when I found out the great plan of the father Muggle-Wump for the Twits and realized the Dreaded Shrinks were not simply a figment of Mr. Twit's imagination, I decided this was really just another one of his wonderful books and that I should have known better than to doubt him.
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on 11 May 2013

'The Twits' is my favourite book because it tells you about the author, and the illustrator, at the back of the book and it's a brilliant book.
I don't like the pictures because they are in black and white. I don't like black and white because it was around in the olden days.
The characters are called Mr & Mrs Twit, the Roly-Poly Bird and the Muggle-Wump monkeys. The Twits have got excellent names because they are twits!


I like 'The Twits' because it is funny when the monkeys play a trick on the Twits.
The characters are called Mr Twit, Mrs Twit, the Roly-Poly Bird and the Muggle-Wump monkeys.
I like the pictures because they are black and white. The pictures are good because they tell the story.
I would rate this book four stars out of five.
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on 10 March 2013
We were writing playscripts in my year 3 class and this book really brought the process to life for my children. This particularly engaged the boys in the class who thought the story line was brilliant. I would highly recommend this book.
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on 27 August 2015
I had never read this book and my husband couldn't believe it so he ordered it for me from Amazon. It's brilliant and had me laughing all the way through. The part about the hairy man was very funny because my husband is a hairy man himself.

The book is about Mr and Mrs Twit and how they play mean tricks on each other. They have 4 upside down monkeys and love bird pie. Without spoiling the book the monkeys and birds find a way of getting revenge against the twits. This book is a good Roald Dahl book and kids and adults will both enjoy it.
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on 28 November 2008
This is a very good book. I remember reading it when I was around 12. It may have what could be read as "gross out tactics" in it but they are very inventive ones. Kids may be impressed by burps and farts, but even an adult would be impressed by someone who could fart the national anthem...

Also, if you read some of his adult fiction (only for adults mind. Subject matter and language get very mature) you'll see that he can fart symphonies. Incredibly gross and incredibly imaginative all at once.

The fact that this book involves two of the biggest antiheroes who get their comeuppance at the end, and I remember it 18 years after I read it at least means it at least deserves four stars, but because the other reviewer is so unfair in the one star that they gave it I'm going to be unfair in the other direction!
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on 3 November 2009
I bought this script to work with some of the children that I teach at a local primary school for their end of year school play, and it proved highly successful! At the start of my employment, they were hard to handle and keep please, but then I looked into Roald Dahl and they simply loved his work! So I gave this script a go! It resembles the original story phenominally! And it is a really pleasure to produce! I would recommend it to any thesbian!
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on 31 January 2016
My 7 year old son loves this. It is very funny and almost a classic which lots of people would have been read at school and Roald Dahl is a writer that lots of us in our 30s grew up with. It is even better when it is in audio book form as you don't have to read it yourself!
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on 27 March 2014
It's with great pleasure that I bought this for my sons kindle. This is a book I enjoyed lots as a child so to have my eight year old ask to read it was quite exciting and I couldn't wait to read it together.
My eight year old loves books that are funny and a little mischievous. This book was perfect for him as how he laughed at Mr and Mrs Twits silly plans.
The book itself has that play-fullness that you find in most Roald Dahl books with animals talking and cheeky back talking.
We thoroughly enjoyed reading this story together and enjoyed laughing at the pictures too.
Innocent but naughty humour. Enjoy it now with your child!
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