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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2016
I started reading this series when I was 10/11 and I really enjoyed reading about the boy genius/semi-evil mastermind. I guess you could say we grew up together. I read books 1-6 pretty much as soon as they came out, enjoying Artemis' adventures. I'm now 25, and my tastes have changed quite a bit, which means Artemis is now a good 10 years younger than me and I don't enjoy his adventures as much. I'm glad that all the gang returned for the story and all. I do feel a need to finish the series and I do own the eighth and last book in the series, so I will finish it at some point but it won't be my next read.
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on 20 January 2017
Not much to review. It is a good quality product and the content is up to everyone to judge.
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on 5 July 2014
i like this book on the whole it was fast paced laugh aloud one lines but when i finshed it i was irritated to find that it said puffin books for boys and showing photos of percy jackson artemis fowl and other books i have enjoyed i am a 9 year old girl and i feel very upset at puffin books advert as it is very sexist that is about it
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on 16 August 2017
Gat book. Been looking for something to grab me whilst reading and this works for me. Best book for me since Harry Potter!
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on 27 July 2017
Good children's book.
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on 1 May 2017
My son loved this and read it in couple of days.
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on 12 April 2017
i luv da book
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on 19 September 2016
After how much I enjoyed the last couple of Artemis Fowl books, this one was a big disappointment.

The main problem I think, was the whole premise of Artemis losing his mind to Atlantis Complex. Artemis, with his genius and his insanely complicated but ultimately successful plans, is very much the key to these books. Without his scheming and the knowledge that, somehow, he was three steps ahead, everything fell short around it.

The threat and the bad-guy didn’t feel like they had the same high stakes as other books have had, even though, in theory they were. Even the chemistry between Holly, Foaly and Mulch felt lacking without Artemis in the middle of it all.

The only part I was really keen on was Butler and the return of Juliette.

A disappointing installment in a usually fun and entertaining series.
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on 30 July 2010
I love the Artemis Fowl series but this is a disappointing addition to the series. Artemis, ridden by guilt, has devised a system to combat global warming but in fact is in great danger from the Atlantis Complex - a multiple personality and OCD syndrome that is endangering his sanity when his fairy friends need his deviousness most.

The book itself acknowledges that it doesn't follow the usual pattern so don't expect any resolution. Consequently, it's surprisingly long considering this. Ultimately, this is a very funny read - Orion is a highly entertaining character and Foaly is his usual sarcastic self. Other than that I am waiting for the next one to resolve many of the events in this one.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2010
Spoilers thar be!

I don't know why Artemis Fowl 7 is so below-par and underwhelming. Perhaps Eoin Colfer was under obligation to finish to a deadline before developing any fully-formed ideas or something. Nothing in this book really satisfied me, I'm sorry to say.

Artemis is in Iceland preparing for a demonstration of a new Earth-saving eco-device when a deep space probe falls out of the sky on top of him and his friends. This results in a slow-boiling mental illness coming to a pop and Artemis' personality being succeed by "Orion". With much of their resources depleted or lost, Orion and his usual team of Butler, Juliet, Holly, Foaly and Mulch must find out the whos and whys of the devastating crash.

Colfer's first and foremost failure here is the fact that he just doesn't have enough story to sustain an epic adventure, even (and especially, I should say) one told as quickly as this. The plot is delivered in several, fast-moving, large chunks with very little time for significant development or even a single decent twist. It's all very straight-forward and as with all fast-paced novels/movies coherence is sacrificed for speed. I was frequently lost and confused as to what was going on. I'll also pin some of this blame on the fact that Colfer simply did not describe many scenes very well. On top of this the book ends with nearly all plot threads completely open-ended and multiple unanswered questions.

The globe-trotting nature of the previous books is absent. The story only superficially takes us to Iceland, Cancun and Venice. Most of it takes place inside a submersible pod with very, very little opportunity for epic or exciting scenes.

I hear that Artemis Fowl 8 will be the last one. Colfer seriously needs to get his act together and go out with a bang, not a whimper. He totally phoned this one in. The long woven threads of Minerva, Opal Koboi, Artemis's love for Holly, and his determination to heal the planet need to ALL be explored and closed in book 8.

The only reason this book exists is because you need 7 to get to 8. And for that reason ALONE fans should read it, but we've come to expect a LOT more than this from Eoin Colfer.
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