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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 28 May 2009
I thought I would find this book enjoyable as it seemed to be aimed at the "Twilight" reader but after reading it didn't quite fulfil my expectations. Overall I thought it was a well written book with interesting and realistic characters and in parts was quite gripping. It was well researched with its references to monotheistic religious ethos and the history of Knights, Crusaders and Templars. However these did detract from the main story and became too obstructive. I even found myself losing interest several times especially towards the end.

The main theme of the book is Billi's relationship with her father and his excessive harshness towards her. He insists that she follows his pre-destined path despite her protestations. She is torn between duty, loyalty and her own unfulfilled desires. Billi is a believable and engrossing heroine but she finds herself in a world dominated by men. It's a disappointment and unrealistic that she doesn't have any female friends of her own age.

Billi is quite a well developed character and so is her father. Although everyone else seems to be too much of a stereotype! Kay and Michael (initially) both come across as Edward-Cullen wannabees!!. I thought the romance in the book seemed quite unnatural and contrived.

My biggest disappointment was with how the bad guy was defeated. I felt cheated and deflated by it!!. When you have an extremely powerful villain about to conclude his devious, apocalyptic plan, there needs to be a endeavour of the most heroic kind to turn things round!. In this case the heroism seems small scale and in part assisted by an equally powerful nemesis. It was a real shame as the up till the arrival of this nemesis, it was heading to a good climax.

I don't think this would make a good movie. It lacks in big-scale action, powerful drama and credible romance and is perhaps too dark for a mass appeal!

I also don't think this book will appeal to my friends and other teenafers. They may find it too dull, violent and over-filled with religious themes.
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on 18 May 2009
If you have young teenagers GET THEM THIS.
It is pacy, dark, atmospheric, apocylyptic and tense. Billy is fabulous and there's no time to get bored, perfect to bring out on holiday and keep them busy for a while. And theres more to come.
It makes Harry Potter look like a public school tea-party.
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on 26 December 2012
I bought this book for my 16 year old daughter for Christmas. She was hooked from the first page, when the terrible task assigned to the main character emerges. She has spent most of the holiday reading it. I don't know how this book has escaped general attention; maybe the title implies a more adult story. If your child is missing Alex Rider, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, try this.
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on 6 May 2009
I had no idea horror could be so entertaining and surprising. Chadda has given the Goth Lit genre a run for its money with this unique tale. The main character, Billi Sangreal, is relentlessly confronted by both internal and external demons in her journey as a warring but reluctant member of the Knights Templars in modern day cavernous London amid some of the goriest characters to inhabit teenage fiction for some time. Yet, she's a sweet, unaffected girl too despite her skills in weaponry and esoteric magic. 'The chill of other things' is ever present and the story rolls along at a manic pace with plenty of humour and twists and turns. There's romance too. What more could any teenager ask for?
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on 30 January 2010
Billi has a crazy life - she's been inducted into the Knight's Templar and her job is to keep evil down.

After the night her mother and half their group were murdered, it's been tough. There's not many of her kind left. While it's the only life she's ever known, she wishes that she could be normal - not go to school with cuts and bruises and need to explain herself or go on an actual date.

She's fed up with her world and her stoic father and doesn't want this life. When she meets a boy, she defies the rules and begins seeing him. However, he turns out to be the leader of evil and he's after the Templar's prized possession.

As she gears up for the biggest fight of her life, Billi comes to learn more about her world and her family. Is she too late in wanting to save the world?

I LOVE this book cover; it instantly drew me in. Plus, the title made me curious. It's a great read filled with angst, longing, fantasy, the paranormal, and just a hint of romance.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Rummel
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2010
I was completely and utterly gripped with this book from page one. I really liked how it's based around the ancient Templar legend. I enjoyed all the mythology and religious references - and completely fell in love with the author's take on the supernatural. In this book the `unholy' are feared - which makes it scary and action packed. I also liked the way the story is based around actual myths and legends and feels very plausible as a result.

I absolutely loved Billi - she is such a great character. At first she feels very distant and very guarded - which is understandable given her (lack) of relationship with her father. He is emotionally distant- sometimes brutally so! There is one scene in particular that makes for some rather uneasy reading but despite this there is definitely something about the character of Arthur SanGreal! In fact, all the characters are fleshed out really well. I particularly liked Kay and Elaine. It was interesting watching Billi interact with all the different characters - especially Kay. I thought the romance element to the story was really sweet and has a large part in determining Billi's character towards the end.

Before I read this I heard of comparisons to Buffy. I would argue it has much more in common with the TV show Supernatural. It is dark, sometimes bleak, but also feels fresh and edgy and I really enjoyed the fact it was set in London. There is definitely a strong sense of foreboding that permeates the whole novel - no character feels safe and sacrifices are made - making the story all the better for it.

The ending is stellar and I did not see it coming. Or maybe I just hoped I would be wrong! You get answers, but this is not a story wrapped up with a nice bow and I applaud Chadda for his decision to take the story in the direction he does. It definitely sets up the next instalment as a must read!
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on 6 August 2010
I saw this book and I knew that I would love it! It has everything a book needs to be brilliant!
Billi is a strong, capable girl that can take care of herself. Her mother was killed when she was still very young and her father is very hard on her. But not only that, she was brought up in a hole other world. A world of the Knights Templar. And Billi is one of those knights. Billi, now 16, has been training and fighting evil for the last year while her best friend Kay has been off doing some training of his own. But when he returns sparks fly and they become more than friends. Even if neither one wants to admit that. But something that could destroy the world as they know it is coming and Billi must make the ultimate sacrafice...
It was such a gripping read it took me 2 days to finish it! I can't wait to read the following books!!! It is definitely one of my all time favourites!!
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on 24 October 2009
I really enjoyed this, to the point where I stayed up late reading it and gave myself nightmares. Some people might think Billi is a difficult character to like but I didn't feel that way about her at all. She is a product of her hated lifestyle and has been starved of affection for a long time. I felt desperately sorry for her and could understand why she sought comfort with the handsome Mike.

The plot is intricately woven with fact interspersed with fiction and I especially loved the hospital scenes. I felt saddened by the ending but am very much looking forward to reading this author's next book.
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on 27 May 2009
I have never been interested in teen literature, especially now, at the age of 22, so I certainly did not expect much when I stumbled across this book by pure coincidence. I was surprised to find, however, that it was better than I had expected.

The characters are easy to love - especially Billi and Kay. (I love Kay. I am officially his first fan-girl :D) Elaine is also amusing, and the "baddies" are simply perfect. If you are a fan of the series "Supernatural", you are BOUND to love them.

The author uses religion in a very curious way, focusing on the idea that, although people of different faiths see god differently, he is in fact one and the same for everyone. Therefore, eventually everyone ends up fighting side by side against an enemy of humanity itself. Even though I am not religious, I found that very sweet. :)

There are also some romantic moments adding flavour to the story, but do not worry - there is nothing mushy or awkward.

The only thing I wasn't too excited about was the use of the templar legend, because Dan Brown has ruined it for me, possibly forever, with his god-awful Da Vinci Code. URGH. I think it would have been good enough if they were simply a secret order or something.

I can see Devil's Kiss being made into a film though; god knows it would be at least a million times better than Buffy. There are some scary bits spicing it up, so it would make an awesome watch!! I really DO hope someone gets the idea to film it. :)
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on 23 May 2009
This book is simply excellent! I am a very keen reader, and this is right up there with my favourites. It's left me wanting more and more...can't wait for next installment.

This is why it was so amazing:

He wasn't afraid to leave out the grizzly stuff. The description is in depth and you envision it very clearly (if that's good or not is up to you xD)I thought it was great.
Main characters are well described and you feel a connection to them, ecspecially Billi, Arthur, and Kay.
The bad guys are great, and have more of a meaning to them them 'rule the world' or whatever.
Lot's of refrenes to religion that tie in well with the stroyline. Very cleverly done.
Emotional...I am not emotional, but this book was soooo good!!!
Makes you desperate for more!
Action never stops, the action is well described and tense.
Romance, that is sweet without being over gushy.

I highly reccoment it to all those who love thriller books and don't mind a bit of blood here and there! Simply amazing, I won't forget it in a hurry =D
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