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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 8 March 2004
A terrifyingly real novel, fourteenth in the series, it draws you in and you cannot put it down until you have finished. Morgan, a blood witch who discovered her heritage only a couple of months ago, embarks on her latest adventure for goodwill and justice.
Morgan has lately been having strange dreams, all featuring hawks, and her late ex-boyfriend Cal appears in a few as well. She and her boyfriend, Giomanach (Hunter), must unravel the mystery of these dreams before something terrible happens.
In paralel, Hunter is helping two witches stop their power driven coven leader from killing them all, and destroying her son.
Morgan must also make the most of her shapeshifting skills, and her healing, to save her life and others.
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on 24 October 2003
this series of books is the best series of books that i have read. Cate is a fantastic author!
It goes from both morgans and hunters point of view. Morgan is lead into danger when she is asleep. And hunter gets frantic with worry about her and finally comes up with a plan to help her. But does it work?
Read this book and the rest of the books if you havent read them casue they are brilliant!!
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on 21 May 2003
Whoever is reading this and wants to buy Cate Tiernan's Full Circle book, I would like to say this: magickaly amazing!
The book is about love.
Selene Belltower and Cal Blaire are back from the dead-and they are coming to haunt Morgain in her dreams. fortunaly Hunter saves her, along with Alyce and Bethany.
But it isn't Cal thats back form the dead, it's Selene and she is in the shape of a hawke, and she is trying to distroy Hunter and Morgan by killing her-but by using the temptation of Cal!

If anyone has read the Cate Tiernan books, you will know that they are excelent. I truely recomemnd this book to anyone.
Love, magick, thrillers and intense moments....what more could you want from a book?
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on 5 October 2003
Cate has come up trumps with yet again another gripping book, by far the best so far. I too have been one of the people captivated by this series of books that leaves us crying for more, and thats exactly what i was doing at the end of this book.
Apparently, Cate is not writing any more wicca books after the special edition a nights child, and if this is so, the end of book 14 is a nice place to leave it, Morgan is the woman she always wanted to be- there is not much more Cate could write about without it becoming repetitive and boring.
Book 14 in a nutshell, is from both morgan and hunter's pov, which is a nice twist to the usual morgan side of things. Morgan has strange nightmares, and in one ends up out of bed on the edge of a cliff, i wont give too much away, but somebody from the past comes back for a terrifying final battle, and morgan and hunter get round to the thing they have been talking about.i seriously reccomend this book to any previous wicca readers- its a great book happy reading!
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on 25 June 2005
A thousand words isn't enough to describe the beauty, love, and intensity of the Wicca/Sweep series, twined with seventeen-year-old Morgan Rowlands, her family, her magick, her love for soulmate Hunter who she once hated with a vengeance. Full Circle is a sad, but ultimately beautiful work of art by Cate Tiernan, completely addictive. What bewilders me is that Sweep and Wicca are exactly the same series, but with obviously differnt titles.
This book combines the hope and love in all teh series. It is epic and brilliant and so, so, tearfully sad.
Go, cate! Go Morgan!
Just... breathtaking stuff.
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on 7 May 2012
Morgan has battled great evil and found great joy since discovering Wicca and her own inner magick. She's come to terms with her heritage and learnt to balance the magickal aspects of her life with the mundane. Now she is looking forward to a bright future. So when Morgan begins having nightmares she ignores them at first. But when Morgan realises that she has been sleepwalking she realises that some dangers from her past aren't as defeated as she thought.

This is the fourteenth book in the Wicca series (which began with Book of Shadows) and returns to Morgan as a narrator although this role is once again shared, this time with Hunter. It is interesting that the narrative is shared by a couple as it gives additional insight into the romance angle, but also Morgan and Hunter are beginning to formulate their future plans which gives the book a sense of movement.

Morgan's nightmares are an ideal way to build the tension in the book, of which there is a steadly building amount from the start through to the shocking conclusion. There are many twists and turns and it is interesting to see just how deadly something so mundane as a nightmare can become when magick is introduced. Even Morgan herself initially dismisses the danger as just another nightmare. Instead the danger grows out of sight until lives are threatened and life-altering choices must be made.

I liked how Morgan and Hunter are looking to the future. This is the last book before a large time jump and so it is great to see them deciding what their individual paths will be. It also impacts their relationship in a realistic way as most couples will eventually have to deal with the possibility of separate futures and whether their relationship is strong enough to survive. As it is, it is fascinating to see how Hunter brings Morgan to an unusual situation and helps further both their life plans.

All in all this was another great read and I'm looking forward to Night's Child.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 47/50
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on 25 September 2003
Cate Tiernan has done it again! I have read many many books and series in the past, and Wicca is beginning to become close to my favorite! My only critismn towards the last book, is how it leads to more questions and curiosity. the end mentions that morgan will become the great powerful witch shes always wanted to be, but that just bugs me more and i wana know how. After all, she is the sgurs dan to change the ocurse of good woodbanes, so i wana know how she does it. PLEASE COME OUT WITH MORE BOOKS CATE TIERNAN!!!
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on 14 September 2003
This book is yet again another brilliantly written book by Cate Tiernan. It is portrayed in two points of view Morgans + hunters. Morgan is getting weird + scary nightmares and does not know what is happening to her. This book is about how morgan + hunter get rid of these nightmares + how Hunter quits being a seeker.
It is an amazing book and i fully recomend that you read it.
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on 11 June 2007
All 15 books in this series are fantasic, once you pick them up you won't want to put them down until you have read every last one. I recommended them to my husbands younger sister (she is 12) and a very 'reluctant reader'. Upon reading the first one she was hooked and sped through the rest of the series in a matter of weeks.

These books on the whole portray an accurate depiction as what being wiccan is about. There is abviously some artisic license, as what work of fiction would be complete without it. I myself have lived as a practicing witch for 9 years and found the descriptions of the festivals ect to be very accurate.
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on 16 May 2003
All fans of Cate Tiernan have to read this book, i thought it was definitely one of the best i've read so far. All is not as it seems, Morgan is still having trouble with Cal and Hunter is still by her side helping her. Amazing read and leading onto to something bigger and better i think. YOU have to read it - you will love that Hunter has his own adventures too!
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