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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars

on 29 February 2004
'Jake's an only kid.
He's the only kid in his family.
He's the only kid on his island.
Or that's what he thinks...'
Jake lives on a remote island with his parents, a getaway spot for adults, and only adults. He has no friends, expect a scruffy teddy called Crusher, and he has to stay out of the way of the guests, so its no wonder he feels lonely. He feels like he is unwanted, why else would his parents have an adult only island. Then, some reviewers come to the island. Jake tries to help, wishing that they could leave the island, but instead ends up creating complete and utter chaos. He thinks its unfair, but them discovers the islands true history, and why his parents say 'adults only' hotel.
Morris Gleitzman as always has written a book that puts the character in a painful and emotional position, and as with most of his books it shows the stormy relationship between a child and their parents. It is amazing how Morris Gleitzman can show such deep emotion, yet still make it so funny, it still leaves you holding your sides with laughter. This is a great book for all ages and is a star buy.
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on 15 September 2015
Jake's parents had an adults only island resort hotel, the only contact Jake had with the mainland was his school friends on the radio and the internet, mum thought he needed to be more grown up, Jake had to be hidden from the guests so he decided to be hidden guest activities organiser but just got into more trouble so had to give it up

Looking down at the beach one day he saw a girl but by the time he got there she was gone, mum told Jake the hotel was in trouble so Jake decided to invite all his school friends for a free holiday hoping they would like it so much they would pay to come again, for three days Jake looked for the girl but nothing, mum found out about the emails they had actually gone to everyone on the computer and a magazine was sending two reporters to come and look at the hotel, because it was adults only Jake was told he could not come out of his room while they were here

Jake was looking for a chance to cancel his email, the computer was now in the reporters room, Jake was about to send it when they came in and he dived under the bed, the two were on honeymoon and Jake tried not to look as two naked people got on the bed, after a lot of bouncing and sqeaking of the bed they went to sleep and Jake escaped, later the two were headed for the cave, Jake knew the tide would cut them off, how to rescue them without being seen, Jake blew up a dinghy and threw it into the cave and they managed to escape

Jake was having dinner in his parents room when he saw the family photo album, there were the usual pictures of mum and dad and the nudey photos of Jake as a baby but underneath it said our little accident, Jake realised he was the accident 12yrs ago, on the radio Jake heard a girls voice, Jake went to the kitchen because he was hungry, the kitchen was a disaster zone, a trail of flour went to the pink room, inside was the girl with a plate piled with food she said she was looking for her sister, a moment later she was gone, Jake cleaned up the kitchen but could not find Gwen anywhere, his mother had given away his boyhood teddy to the magazine people and Jake searched their room to get it back, in the wardrobe was a young girl, her name was Mabel and she was looking for Alfonse

A Loud banging was heard from Jake's room, rushing up there with Mabel he found Gwen puling up his floorboards, under the floor hidden was a cellar and all three went down, they walked through the very dark cellar until they reached a door and daylight, Mr Goff was standing there, Mr Goff told Jake this was a secret and he should not be there, Jake noticed in the room loads of beds with chains and wooden desks, there were also wooden frames with straps attached, Mr Goff said this used to be a childrens home but a very unhappy one Mr Goff Had lived her from 2 to 15yrs

The rest of the story continues with Jake seeing Gwen again at the cave, Jake nearly losing his life, an encounter with lots of children but these children were dead, Mabel hovering over Jake's bed, Jake's bears real name is Alfonse and very old, the magazine people find Jake's toys on the beach, Jake confronts his parents over the photo's

What happens when the magazine people leave, would they continue to stay on the island, Jake's mum has some exciting news to tell him, what happens to all the ghost children, does Jake manage to help them,

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on 18 August 2004
Although I am an adult, I found this book etremely compelling and hard to put down. Not only is it hilarious, but also had some more serious elements to it. It is a story that teaches morals to young children in a fun an exciting way. Jake is a loveable character and it is so interesting seeeing how he gets himself out of the sticky situations he constantly finds himself in. I could read this book again and again.The things that supposedly come out of 'Crusher's' (the teddy bear's) mouth are just hilarious. A very good book and I recommend it strongly for middle and upper primary level readers.
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