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on 25 March 2017
Love this book. Romantic, thrilling and on the edge of your seat reading!! Read this book many times and I know I will read it many more
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on 21 March 2017
Nice story,didn't get to the end,might finish it one day
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on 20 May 2017
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on 29 April 2008
I love pyshcological thrillers and this one was very disappointing. I couldn't identify with the main character and certainly didn't understand her motivation for leaving her loving boyfriend for a man she passed in the street. Whilst some authors can convince you of such behaviour, I wasn't even remotely convinced by Alice's reasons for her actions. The other characters were a bit dull and one-dimensional, there was little tension to speak of and I saw the end coming a mile off. I might try another book by the same author, but I was bitterly disappointed with this one.
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on 4 June 2017
Read it and you will know.
As always, gripping. I have never read a book by this duo, which has not been a fabulous read that has drawn me into the books world completely.
This is no exception.
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on 19 March 2017
Alice is a ‘by the book’ women with a good job, loving boyfriend and a great group of friends. However, she risks it all by embarking on a passionate, intense affair with Adam-a heroic mountaineer. But does she know what she’s let herself in for?
The best part of this novel is the early parts with how quickly a normal life can turn into a mixture of lies and deceit. The middle is a little overlong and hard going, but it does pick up and the ending is quite satisfying. I do like that the plot is trying to do something a little different with the main event [the disastrous mountain expedition] crucial to the story occurring before the novel’s beginning, and it is intriguing at times as we learn a little more about these events as time goes on from different view points.
The narrator Alice, is an interesting, if not overly complex character. The supporting characters are, bar Klaus and Greg, not that interesting, although I quite liked the group of friends she has at the start of the book and it’s a pity that they drop out of the book towards the middle.
The main problem with the book is Adam. At first, he is not featured too much and is an interesting, enigmatic presence. Unfortunately, his role is soon greatly expanded and while other characters describe him as ‘Mr Wonderful’ I soon found him to be repellent and repulsive. I think French was trying to make him a modern day Heathcliff, but botched the execution. Thus, authors hand is shown too early, making the later developments much less surprising then they should be. It doesn’t help that the text is a little overwritten [With characters clothing described from head to toe] at times with some…rather unpleasant sex scenes thrown in.
Ultimately, if you’ve liked other Nicci French novels, you’ll probably be satisfied, although it’s just an average effort for me, and it’s inferior to other French novels like ‘Land of the living.’ I didn’t find it anywhere near as griping as other people have.
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on 26 July 2005
I was gripped from the very first chapter it was amazingly accurate,gave perfect detail and have likeable interseting characters.
I really loved this book. Although I got a little spooked out reading it alone.
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on 11 May 2000
I'm usually put off by the words 'psychological thriller' and didn't expect to be so gripped by the characters and plot of this novel. I found the end of the first chapter a bit confusing and re-read it a couple of times to see what I'd missed but it all came together in the end. I cared what happened to the characters which meant that I couldn't wait to get on the train to work (very rare indeed!) to find out what happened next. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants something fairly easy to read and engaging at the same time. It was one of those rare occasions where I wasn't disappointed in the ending and the 'taster' of Nicci French's next novel at the back of the book was a very good tactic - I can't wait for it to come out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 January 2010
Alice locks eyes with a beautiful man in the street and her life is overturned. Leaving her comfortable home, her friends, her boyfriend, she immerses herself completely into this new love. But Adam is more than he seems and his refusal to discuss his past holds more secrets than Alice can imagine...

This is an intelligent read which probes the boundaries between overwhelming 'true' love and obsession; between submission and victimisation; and between consensual sex and something much darker.

The idea of 'the One' great love has become such a cliche and yet is still an ideal which underpins so much of contemporary culture. This book takes that idea and pushes it to its logical extremes, exposing the dark underside where both romantic and erotic love shade into madness and violence.

There are elements of this book which don't quite hold together but overall this is a compulsive read, written in a deceptively easy to read style. Excellent, and the more you think about it the more frightening it becomes.
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on 28 April 2001
This book highlights the obsessions that true love can create and how quickly a relationship can turn into a nightmare. I really felt for Alice all the way through and kept thinking about the book for weeks after I finished it. A phantastic read which is romantic and chilling at the same time. In one word: Unmissable - as I'd tell everybody who is interesting in reading psychological thrillers !
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