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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2006
I was in a fever of excitement waiting for this book to come out as I enjoy India's style of writing tremendously and could only imagine the potential inspirational zap of her encouragement combined with a low-carb diet approach. I was not disappointed.

The diet is basically an Atkins/Zone type approach (as a they freely admit) but modified to allow you to have a life while you're following it. As someone who has, in the past, lost 4.5 stone on Atkins I *know* this approach works - plus the clear but lighthearted instructions around supplements, exercise (just walking initially-doesn't sound too scary or unrealistic) make me want to include these in my regime where I didn't before. Also the overall approach - handy web links to beauty treats and useful info the back, the hot pink cover, amusing photos, very simple but yummy-sounding occasional recipes - add up to an inspiring package. Can't wait to get started! Thanks for the inspiration India and Neris!
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on 13 March 2007
Love this book so much, I have lost nearly two stone since starting this diet. They speak nothing but common sense and are real women in the real world who plan their eating around busy schedules and there are even kids involved. They are super women with super personalities. As far away from that pinched up gal on TV as you can get with her green slime and tables groaning with chips and desserts. Why does she have to make people feel so bad about themselves? (you know who I mean, Dr Who?). On a more positive note, the girls in this book give a running commentary which helps as you shed the pounds and your self esteem remains intact. Love it with a capitla L and am sticking to the plan rigidly. Only one more stone to go. Thanks girls.
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on 28 February 2008
I don't respond well to bully boy tactics as used by some diet leaders so I was very relieved to read about two normal ladies who were greedy and fed up with being fat, and who understand how otherwise intelligent people can find themselves in similar circumstances.
The book is easy to read, is peppered with anecdotes which make you laugh out oud, and has a warm and gentle style.
The paperback version has not the best quality paper, but I guess that's to keep the cost down, and the photos would have been better in colour, but hey, it's not the end of the world.
The recipes are very easy to follow, and the personal recommendations about non food treats make you feel like part of an exclusive club!
I've followed the advice in the book for the last six weeks and have lost about 6lbs, many inches from all over my body, have (for the first time in my life) long and strong fingernails, have managed to break my alcohol cravings, and have, mercifully, all but stopped any embarrassment in the botty cough department. My skin is much better too, and I have found immense support and friendliness on the associated forum.
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on 1 November 2010
Couple of points of warning and guidance:

- Read the whole book before you start the diet. There are certain things you must do and the importance of these aren't stressed quite enough at the start. You my find yourself fighting a loosing battle with your own body chemistry.

- Be CREATIVE! In fact buy the recipe book that you can get because after 2 week of eggs and bacon for breakfast you will start to resent the diet. It's not the diet's fault. Really try to mis things up. Picnic foods for breakfast are brilliant.

- Try alternatives to the walking as well because walking for half an hour in the rain will not make you feel good. Swimming is another light aerobic exercise for example!

Enjoy. The diet is a very creative version of the Atkins. The science they apply is easy to understand and the rules are simple. You can eat out, you can eat with friends and you can cook for other people. It will enlighten you to a way of cooking for flavour and not for sweetness.
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on 10 January 2007
Not only packed full of useful diet ideas, it's funny, not at all patronising and addresses the issues behind overeating. It's great to find a book that's written by the people who've been there and done that (with the photos to prove it), and who know about the temptations and pitfalls of modern life. Does it work? Well it did for them, and I hope it will for me.
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on 22 February 2008
I bought this after reading a magazine review and because the authors had obviously researched the way of eating carefully before starting out. Another important decider was that the authors had actually lived the diet and not just devised it as a commercial enterprise.
Reading through it's a revelation for me-and I speak as a veteran of Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley and any number of magazine diets. The authors speak to me on my level, as an intelligent adult and give a warts-and-all account of their experiences. But the most inspiring aspect is the online forum where there is endless support from other people just like me-wanting to lose weight for lots of reasons, with different backgrounds and of different ages, but all grateful to these two women for speaking out honestly about how they did it and how they struggled. And at last I have addressed the "head stuff"-for me a crucial part of why I got fat in the first place.
Of course, it won't be for everyone, but I would urge you to make your own mind up-borrow the book from the library if you must, but then buy your own copy, read and re-read it, laugh and cry, write in it, and keep it close for ongoing support and inspiration.
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on 5 August 2007
Loosing weight is not about making one decision to do the right thing, but 1000s of decisions that all finally result in wieght loss. This book has been invaluable to me in the last few months to keep me on track, motivated, and slimmer. I have been roughly following this diet for 4 months and I have just bought my first size 16 jeans after coming down from size 22. Two more sizes to go.

This is not a particularly prescriptive diet, more a set of sensible guidelines, and a whole lot of very good head stuff. As the authors say, most diets work, it is a matter of finding a way of eating that sits well with you. The first two weeks menus are set out for you as a way of re calibrating yourself off sugar, booze, caffeine. The menues are just suggestions, there is nothing stopping anyone taking the guidelines and running in their own prefered direction.

A few months in an I have happily tweaked things more in my direction. I eat out a lot, so a way of eating that takes this into account is very welcome. I keep an eye on portions, stay absolutley away from junk, I am starting to enjoy exercise.

It is not the cheapest way to be. But some advice has been crucial. In getting a new stash of make up, some better flattering clothes, a better haircut, treating yourself makes you feel special enough to warrant loosing wieght. "you might be fat, but you could also do with a new hair cut and some fresh mascara" Basically love yourself a bit more, value your body, and you will be less tempted to feed yourself crap. It might sound silly and obvious to the casual reader going through the reviews, but it was like an epifany to me.

Anyway, super stuff.
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on 28 April 2008
I have been doing diets on and off for the past 15 years. Then I came across this one - it so easily slipped into my lifestyle - I didn't have to weigh anything - could eat supper with the family without feeling deprived. This book is a pink bible of hope - it is not written by supermodels or starved actresses - it is written by real people who have the same cravings that you do - people who fall down but get right on up again - just like normal human beings - and once you have read it you realise "if they can do it - so can I"!
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on 7 January 2008
This book essentially documents how the two authors lost about 10 stone between them on a high protein/ low carbohydrate diet.

High protein diets have fallen somewhat out of fashion, but this book is worth buying if only because of the supportive tone and honest insights of the authors. No haranguing or making you feel like you are the greediest, vilest scum of the earth because you are fat.

The diet works and is easy to stick to, after the first couple of weeks. The recipes are delicious, but this is not a recipe book - instead it is a day by day, or week by week, companion to keep you on track, often by suggesting little shopping sprees, haircuts or some new moisturiser to celebrate having lost some weight. An expensive strategy, but one that works.

The advice is funny, empowering and full of common-sense.

The book has been re-edited since the hardback version came out, with some of the irritating errors in that version now corrected.

The downside is that a high protein diet is always going to be difficult to achieve on a budget and this is definitely not a cheap way to eat. Whether it is healthy or not, is not for me to say. It is not balanced from the outset, but is by the end.

I would recommend it
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on 25 June 2017
Very enjoyable, funny read. But tried the diet twice, was miserable both times, and I didn't lose any weight. Now it's going in the bin as I wouldn't even give it to a charity shop, because I'd feel guilty putting anyone through the same misery. I'm going back to my old fashioned calorie counting as it's the only thing that works for me.
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