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on 7 August 2017
did not read this book due to poor quality it arrived in
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on 27 April 2017
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on 11 March 2016
George certainly is not the only one..

Reading this i could clearly imagine George Galloway orating, he write as he speaks, with passion and power and reasoned calculation. He rarely holds back, instead wishing to speak a truth into an arena which is more and more so becoming saturated with lies and misdirection. I respect him for standing almost alone against the powers that sought to and did bully, lie and misdirect the public and indeed many other MP's into an illegal, murderous and unnecessary war against Iraq which has been and is one of the most disgusting and brazen acts of treachery by the UK and US governments of their people and the people of the world.

He covers the last 30 years of the Labour party in its move away from old Labour values to what is now New Labour. It is interesting hearing his personal insights into some of the MP's actions and inactions, as opposed to hearing only what they and the mainstream media were to deign to tell us.

He was of course expelled from the Labour party for "bringing the party into disrepute". The reality is his voice could no longer be tolerated because he went directly and consistently against the Labour stance of being pro war. Because, among other things, he had the balls to rightly accuse Blair and Bush of acting "like wolves" in invading Iraq. I fully agree in his understanding that the Iraqi people should resist the illegal and unjust invaders. I fully agree in the call that British troops should defy illegal orders from an illegal war. I fully agree that no nation should attack another nation (unless there was a genuine UN type agreement, in which case it is not a nation, but a huge agreement and joint action, not this pathetic and dastardly "Coalition of the Willing").

Prominent in the book is information about the terrible war upon Iraq by the UK and US governments. He tells of his side of the story with honesty and openness. It is heartening to know that the media are not able to smear him at least in this book.

He talks about his love affair with Iraq and indeed the Arab world, and his (much more limited than propaganda led us to believe) contacts with Saddamn Hussein.

He also talks briefly about his political party, Respect, and plants seeds of hope for political change, at least for me. I have been utterly disheartened with the political landscape. Realising that "democracy" should be much more than a practically meaningless vote once every four years. Denouncing the sham of the "War on Terror" which is in fact a war of terror by the governments of the US and the UK amongst others. Our personal liberties are being eroded rapidly, wrapped up in a veil of fear being promoted and actioned by those in power. Respect is a real alternative to what has been on offer, and worth a reflection upon.

I would recommend anyone to read this, if they are anti-war and pro justice for all, and especially if you have taken the propaganda bait and think that George Galloway is a "traitor" as he has been branded by those whose interest it was in to silence him. Sadly i expect that those who most need to read a book like this will simply sneer at it and walk away with their propaganda filled biases, fears and ignorance intact.

George Galloway's "crime" is that he respects human life above the flag of his country. I can say that I and millions of others are proudly "guilty" also.
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on 31 May 2017
My political world view was changed by this book. An incredibly interesting read.
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on 23 August 2005
If like me you register a protest vote at election time because your fed up with the deceptive nature of politics, then this read is a must. I urge all readers to approach this book with an open mind and check the facts on the UN site, Amnesty International, The Charity Commission etc. You will find that Galloway has been telling the truth about Iraq, the truth about politicians in Britain and by and large the truth about the charity set-up to help an Iraqi girl. Once you read this you will want to read more of the same and will come to understand just how effective the British establishment is (and this includes the media) at keeping the British public under control. Before long you will realise the left and right of British politics is in a diabolic state, and requires urgent reform. But like I said, don't take my word for it, check the facts with independent organisations.
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on 6 March 2014
I bought this book to try and understand a "character" that is very articulate but seems to court controversy. George has a fine understanding of life, politics and politicians. Its a very interesting read but my only criticism is that his links to what he thinks and events is not always right (in my opinion - sorry George) but I think we need more politicians like him, people that stand up for their beliefs and people, especially the minorities in the world. He doesn't tow the party line which is refreshing and makes most other politicians seem bland but then of course they are as they try to find favour in the party to climb the ladder of power, far better to blend in than stand out with your own beliefs which don't meet the standard "recipe" of the party. The world would be a better place with more people like George and more colourful. I guess from what I have written I like the book and George so will now finish the book!
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on 2 December 2015
If you're trying to get a grasp of George Galloway's perspective on the Middle East, this book is definitely for you.

Galloway's book is a symbol, a token of hope, providing physical evidence that there remains political figures who recognise their responsibility of speaking the truth and standing up for justice, regardless of which foes or obstacles may get in their way.

I wish I read this years ago.
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on 29 April 2014
Look, he may not mean everything but it is a good read and it gives a good alternative view on life and borders, nations and the lot. Sadly others want to own their piece of territory so as John Lennon may question, is it just a dream...
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on 24 October 2004
George Galloway comes over as that most endangered of rare creatures, a British politician with integrity ! More power to his elbow ! My politics are not the same as George Galloway's, however I find myself in agreement with almost (but not quite !) everything he says in, "I'm Not The Only One". While I am more of the right than the left, I have said for a long time that the biggest dangers to world peace at this time are the USA and Israel. That the war in Iraq is more to do with International oil companies and Israel's security, and that if Iraq was invaded for ignoring United Nations directives, then why is Israel not being invaded for regime change as it has ignored many more UN directives than Saddam Hussain ever did ! Geoge Galloway makes these points, and many more, far more eloquently than I ever could. He has a way with words which commands interest, engendering raucous laughter one minute and reducing to tears of rage another. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see behind the sham and deceit of mainstream British politics. Many people have shown that the British public are tired of the duplicity and arrogance of our political Masters, but few have managed to come up with a credible alternative. One who has is George Galloway. This book is compulsive reading and should be at the top of the reading list of any British person who is not brain dead enough to think the mainstream political parties can still represent the British people.
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on 10 January 2006
George will always be hated by the goverment and corporate media. And because of this the general public will have their views tarnished by their influence forever. George will never be popular and will more than likely always be seen as an ally to Sadam. But, George is a truly good man and good men are bad to have around when your policies carry atrocity and injustices to people around the world. George gives those people a voice and so the character assasination against him will continue until he's no longer a threat.
It's a great book and very enlightening. But at the same time I find myself disheartened by the insight George gives the reader. Bush and Blair and their media have the populations eating out of their hand and it's a sad knowing they can make the masses believe whatever they want them to so easily.
You will be sickened by the way our goverments treat other people. Do yourself a favour and buy this book and then try to get someone else to read it.
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