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on 26 April 2017
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on 10 April 2013
First of all, let's clarify that this book has two main editions: one was printed during the "heroic" years of Fighting Fantasy (Eighties) and one has been re-rinted recently by Arion Games. The differences between the two editions are just cosmetic (page sizes, font sizes, etc.), but the content is EXACTLY the same (i.e. the new edition is a re-print).

This book provides quite a lot of background information (geography, history, pantheons, items or personalities of particular interest, etc.) and glues together the stories of *most* Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.
It is good and explains a lot of mysteries and things otherwise impossible to understand (for example why the Riddling Reaver is behaving that way, giving away to his enemies hints about where they can find him? Why Khul is so underdeveloped while the Old World is better settled? Where some of the ancient ruins that are found come from? etc.).

This book can be of some interest for Fighting Fantasy fans, but most of all is absolutely necessary for all Advanced Fighting Fantasy role play game Directors that want to set their adventires on the world of Titan (I'd say that also the players could / should read this). I can't think about anybody else (for example somebody that knows nothing about Fighting Fantasy gamebooks or Advanced Fighting Fantasy role play game...) who could be genuinely be interested and entertained by this book and this means that this is fundamentally fan material (so, if you are a fan you'll enjoy it, if you are not a fan you'll find it confusing, as if somebody tried to explain you the background of a story that you don't know).

In general, this book is nice and enjoyable for a fan, but it lacks an underlying sense of greatness and purpose, while there are several oddities and a bit shallow points. However, it captures fairly well the atmosphere and soul of early Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, that may sound a bit odd, disjointed and irrational to many newcomers in role play games, but is still very unique and difficult to reproduce.
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on 5 October 2012
The reviewer below me has done a great job already explaining about the book. It IS a very interesting book, and I have enjoyed reading this.
However, at £16+ the quality failed to impress me. The book is fine with its layout, but the quality of some of the illustrations are poor. I said some, not all which is a relief, but the bad quality images, i.e the one of Balthus Dire looked like to me like bad quality JPEGS which does somewhat spoil the book. And that is not all. Some of the text changed in intensity of the print. Some of the text has faded print in random parts.
For £16, you would expect absolute perfect quality, but it isn't. The hiccups are few, but it's still enough to make you feel like you've been ripped off.
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on 12 May 2005
This book acts as a guide to the world of the fighting fantasy books, and tells you about titan, the world in which a majority of the books are set in, aand if you ARE a fan then you'll get alot of enjoyment out of this book.
The book begins with a guided tour around titan and its 3 continents, allansia, the most famous land, the old world, the most civilised place, and the chaotic and barren land of Khul, indeed this section of the book is the most enjoyable as you learn about the various lands and their history.
After his we get a look at the history of titan, starting with its gods, the rise of civilisation and the chaos wars...the first two aspects are a little dull, but the war of chaos is actually quite intresting and explains alot of why khul is in such bad shape.
After this we har about the forces, gods and races oif god, the neutral forces (tricksters and animals)and evil, the book goes into a lo of depth, especially with the races and this is the most enjoyable part.
Alas the book goes off course towards the end as it tries to tie things upwith explenations of things like traviling, currency and the calender.
None the less this is a great read for any fans of the fighting fantasy world.
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on 8 January 2015
The essential guide to Livingstone and Jackson's Fighting Fantasy world.
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on 24 July 2014
Excellent seller. Highly recommended.
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on 9 September 2013
The book introduce the world of Titan, the setting of the Advanced Fantasy Fight RPG and game books. The problems are the maps of the world that are nothing exceptional and could be reworked for a better effect
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