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on 5 November 2015
I have always liked John Thaw's acting but in this drama is exceeds to a great height in his career, I enjoyed it the first time I saw it in television that when the DVD came out I had to have it, the story is of a young boy from London who is sent away to the country to get away from the German bombs and how a man who lives on his own has to deal with this boy when he is a signed to look after the boys welfare. The drama also stars the talented and sexy Annabelle Apsion, who is best known for playing Monica Gallagher in the hit television comedy-drama Shameless. One of the most beautiful, moving, thought provoking film worth having in your collection you will not be disappointed.
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on 14 June 2017
I read book "Goodnight Mr Tom" only recently. Being an avid reader where has it been all my life. I just loved it. I laughed and cried all at the same time. The book is so well written if you close your eyes you can picture the scenes being described, Then I purchased the Bluray DVD version of the movie. Again just outstanding. But its a pity the movie was not hours longer as many parts of the book are not included in the movie. But what is included is true to the book. I cannot tell you about the picture quality or sound in this version of the movie as I was so involved in the story I didn't pay much attention to those aspects of the DVD. I wont go into what the story is about as other reviewers have done that. John Thaw is excellent as Mr Tom and the rest of the cast do a great job. This is a must see movie and deserves all the 5 star reviews. Also I would recommend reading the book to get the bits missed in the movie. Both are just outstanding.
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on 5 November 2016
Oh, I love this story. Its a real tear jerker and so well acted and directed. This film has become a classic and you have to watch it right through because it grabs you and wont let you go until you discover how it all works out. Beautiful, enchanting, horrifying, gut wrenching with a wonderful ending.
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on 24 April 2014
Like all blu-rays when compared to watching the DVD version or an old video one watching this film is a clearer, more detailed experience and in many cases it's like looking at the film for the first time as the film stock used to transfer to Blu-Ray is usually "worked on" first to get as good a copy as possible. My taste in films may not be the same as yours so if you want to know about this film I suggest that you use the internet to find 2 or 3 reviews by experienced film reviewers and make your judgment whether or not to buy this film. If you want details of the quality of the blu-ray aswell as a review I suggest [...].I have watched over 640 films in my life and I rate this one 8/10.
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on 3 January 2016
I loved the book, even though it's meant for children, and on the strength of that bought the DVD. John Thaw is excellent as Tom, but even that doesn't save the film from being mediocre. I know people who love this film, but they've never read the book - maybe I too would have liked it more if hadn't been spoilt by the book. It was OK to watch once, but I doubt if I'll view it again.
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on 31 May 2017
A small frightened undernourished boy goes to live with Mister Tom. The boy is Will and he is an evacuee. Having been beaten by his mother it takes him quite a while to realise that living with Uncle Tom is quite different from any thing he has ever known before. This delightful story has sadness in it too but out of unhappiness comes joy.
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on 28 March 2011
'Goodnight Mr Tom' tells the story of 8 year old Willie Beech, a evacuee from London, who has been sent for his safety to Little Weirwold, its September 1939 and Great Britain is on the brink of the Second War World. Willie is housed somewhat reluctantly by Tom Oakley, a widower following the untimely death of his wife and son from scarlet fever 40 years before. Tom is known in the village as being rude and not being part of the community, so his life is changed when Willie arrives, a small, terrified, undernourished boy, who thanks to his abusive mother has a very low opinion of himself and believes the lies his mother has told him about people in general.

Willie and Tom (or 'Mister Tom' as Willie calls him) connect and learn from each other, Willie learns that there are people that care for him as he develops friendships within the village and finds acceptance at school and his talent for drawing is nurtured and encouraged, Tom learns to open his heart again as he accepts Willie (or 'William' or 'Will' as he is now called) into his life, and becomes part of the community and somewhat cautiously begins to ask for help in his care of Willie.

What I thought of 'Goodnight Mr Tom' ~

I first read 'Goodnight Mr Tom' when I was teenager and I decided to read it again when I recently watched the tv adaptation of 'Goodnight Mr Tom' with John Thaw as Mr Tom, which I enjoyed. I also enjoyed the book the second time as much as I did the first time, this time around, I am older (and hopefully wiser) and the book meant more to me, especially the development of Willie from a frightened young boy to a happy, healthy and contented boy who has found the love he deserves and sees himself for what he is worth. Tom Oakley is a brilliant character, as with Willie, you see a change, Tom finds himself when Willie enters his life, he has not been responsible for anyone apart from his himself and then his beloved dog, Sam for 40 years but with Willie he becomes the father he never had the chance to be to his own son (who was also named William). A incredibly powerful read about family, friendships, loss and love, a book that shows that strength can be shown in different ways.

A joy to read, highly recommended.
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on 12 September 2017
I have read the book before but it came up as a suggested purchase on my kindle and I knew I would read it again and again, just as I have watched the DVD over and over again. It's a bit like watching the Waltons! I have all the DVDs of that too. Really heartwarming , feel good tale. Would thoroughly recommend.
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on 3 October 2017
Brilliant book about a young boy evacuated to the countryside in 1939. This book is will probably make you cry with happiness and sadness. The film was good but the book is even better with more development of the characters and some events that were not included in the film. Ideal for adults as well as older children.
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on 12 June 2017
This is a very very good book. ten out of ten. Bought it to replace a well read, well thumbed old tattered copy. A story I can read over and over. Good for anybody who enjoys reading about stuff during the war, Product also came on time too. film is good but not as detailed as the book.
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