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on 2 January 2018
To be honest, I don't usually read this type of book, but I am glad that I did this time. I found the story very well put together & almost believable with our media today!
The 'steamy' bits were not overly explicit nor the bad language excessive, they didn't need to be as the plot & dialog carried the novel along beautifully & kept up a fast paced canter to the very end!
All together I found this a marvelous read!
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on 1 May 2013
Slightly disappointed with Game over after reading About last night (my first Adele Parks book) which I loved from cover to cover this one just wasn't close to being as good. This said I don't think many will come close to be as good.

However and quite importantly I don't wanna say it was bad as have read many that have been so much worse!

I felt that it was longer than it needed to be and slow in some parts and not helped by the dislike I had for the character Cas, the sort if person that id not have in my life and yet the world is sadly full of them.
Also it was too close to a nerve for me with a absent father theme.

However the redeeming parts were the other characters & themes the meaning well mother the good friend & even Josh.

It would have been nice to finish with what happened after the showdown with Cas & Darren. What happened for Josh, did they manage to repair the life long friendship at all?
How did Darren's family react towards her?
To many unanswered bits for me, but reading many other reviews it seems the thoughts are very similar.

It won't deter me from going on and reading more of Adele's books as I think based on my first one, I could miss out on some classics.
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on 16 July 2015
Initially I didn't like story at all ... I really hated the character Cas .. but as it went on I realised I was supposed no to like Cas at first .. because she changes into a better person. Once Darren had arrived in the story I began to enjoy it. It was a bit predictable .. but we all like a happy ending.
so 2 stars for the first 130 pages - enter Darren and then 5 stars .. so I have give it a 4!
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on 31 August 2013
Cas is a clever, competent, 33-year-old TV producer. She's also a slut (her own description), preferring the buzz of once-only liaisons with married or engaged men to any kind of commitment. She has two close friends, Josh and Issie. Josh's modus operandi, as far as women go, is to take them, shake them, and dump them. One can only assume that Parks thought she was creating a typical red-blooded male character but Josh is a male version of Cas - self-obsessed, manipulative, and maybe even border-line psychopathic. Issie (as is Josh) is a friend from university days and is an antidote to the other two. She's supposed to be gentle and kind but comes across as guache and insipid. And Bale, Cas's boss at ITV6, is repugnant, or as Cas calls him, a txxt.

Oh dear, isn't there anyone in this story who's nice? Not really, unless you count Darren, for whom Cas falls, hard. He's `The One.' "He has wide shoulders that taper to slim hips and the cutest bum. His eyes are huge, deep brown and framed with the most stunning Bambi lashes. He has the cheekiest smile. He's a babe." Darren, to Cas's consternation, believes in all the things she doesn't - true love, fidelity and commitment. So when Cas develops a reality TV programme called `Sex with an Ex' that Darren is scheduled to appear in, there are far-reaching consequences. I shan't spoil the ending, but let's just say it's better than Cas deserved.

Those who are made squeamish by constant references to (and descriptions of) sex should not read this book. By page 54 I'd had enough of them and almost gave up. I carried on only because I wanted to give this book a fair review.

I have already read four Adele Parks novels and thoroughly enjoyed them. This is Parks' second novel and I think she may have still been flushed with the success of her first novel, `Playing Away' when she wrote `Game Over.' Normally, she gets right under the skin of her characters. She's terrific at observing human behaviour and can create exquisitely funny dialogue. However, `Game Over' doesn't measure up. Thank goodness the books she has written since 2001 have more than made up for this lapse.

To summarise, I think Parks got this one wrong. Her characterisation was off-beam throughout. We've had enough of brittle-thin, cynical thirty-something women: they're too mean-spirited, spiky, and difficult to warm to. And wide-shouldered, slim-hipped, cute-bummed men are too much of a female fantasy stereotype to be credible.
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on 2 March 2001
Cas is a much more rounded character than Connie from Parks' previous "couldn't put it down" book Playing Away. As a woman of 30 years, it is a pleasure to read of someone successful and beautiful but who still has flaws. I work hard and when I get home I want to read of women who are living a life I sometimes fantasize of having myself. Cas has been hurt in the past by a man who left her - her father - she vows never to be hurt by love again until she meets Darren but she can't be in love with him can she? What I love about Adele Parks is that she writes so convincingly that you feel everything the heroine goes through and even though most of the time you don't agree with them you are still in the thick of the action. I feel she makes me live through all the ups and downs and I can never turn the page quick enough. She writes about love/lust/passion so well I can feel it in my stomach. I for one will look out for wvery book this woman writes - she writes for the "me time" I value so much.
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on 10 December 2007
having read most of adele parks novels and had enjoyed them i was very disappointed in this one. was bored with the story by about 3 chapters and felt the story was silly, didnt like the main character cas and she so didnt deserve darren.

avoid this one but i would gladly recommend any other adele parks novel.
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on 5 February 2001
Don't get me wrong, i love chick lit. There's something about a woman who can be a complete bitch and still get the guy. But since Bridget Jones hit the scene, that's all we've read about. So Adele Parks has written another book about the wonders of strident women. I have no problem with strong women, hell, I am one but, trollops I have a problem with. Cas is not a strong woman, she's little short of a whore. The only flaw being she doesn't get paid. She'd make a lot of money if she did. But she still gets the guy. The excuse that Parks comes up with is that she was left by her father at the age of seven and therefore doesn't trust anyone long enough to let them have a relationship with her. Please, in this day and age that excuse is wearing a little thin. and it is an excuse. Cas is a 2-D character with no emotional depth and no fashion sense from what i remember of the book. I did read it all in one sitting just to get it finished and out the way. All i have to say is it's not clever and it's not funny. Shagging your way through London is nothing to be proud of, Cas would do well to remember that. Not everyone gets their man and if I'd done what Cas did to Darren, wittingly or otherwise, I would steer clear, for his sake if not for my own. And if Darren had half the self respect he claims to have then he wouldn't touch her with a ten foot barge pole. As for Ms Parks, please don't write anything else. The plot is thin to the point of non-existence, the characters are 2-d on a good page and the language is mundane and boring. All in all,just don't bother. Trash is fine. Don't try to disguise it as anything else.
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VINE VOICEon 13 July 2013
Cas is a character within this book which you are either going to love or hate in probably equal measure. Cas works in the television industry, she is a producer on a tv channel that is losing audience figures by the day and needs to find a programme to make it stand out from anything else.

Cas hits upon an idea, an idea that will solve everything - a programme which relies on the general public turning up and watching a couple on the brink of marriage and whether they would ever be tempted one last time with an ex. It has elements of every reality tv show you can think of in there - and I think this book reflects the sudden fascination we have sitting on our sofas at home and watching other people's lives fall apart. Cas thinks she is onto a winner, and this will enhance her career even further - it's all she wants because she knows that no one can resist.

But then Cas, who uses men as a hobby and manipulates them purely for her own need suddenly meets Darren and she cannot convince him to be part of the television show which is sweeping the nation, and causing the wedding industry to take a financial hit.

Darren has something that Cas does not - morals and principles.

Cas is convinced that Darren will be easily swayed and sets out to prove something to everyone and herself.

How wrong Cas is!

And finally just when you think that actually you could hate Cas no more, she suddenly has a side to her that makes you think that all that hurt and bottled up anger and bitterness about the male sex, is just a front, is a protection against the one thing she cannot control - falling in love.

Sorry Cas, it looks like it is Game Over for you in this instance.

This is a great escapism read, that actually might hit on a reflection of they type of television programmes we watch and actually fill our schedules night after night. It was that which made me cringe slightly, and think how low can the entertainment business go to get viewing figures and reputations. This novel I think reflects that very well, under a basic girl and boy fall in love story, she just makes it that little bit more difficult for Cas but not for Darren, who I happily fell in love, because of his morals and his principles!
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on 4 October 2005
This book was fantastic. I usually only read books on holiday and find it difficult to settle down to a book at home with so much going on around me but it took me 2 days to read this book, I laughed and cringed all the way through. I think Sex with and Ex should be made into a real TV show it would break heart but attract loads of attention. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic
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on 9 March 2012
Easy to read, great story line, kept me gripped and unexpected ending. I felt like I was part of the book and felt everything that it was going through. Sometimes the day to day detail was a little too much but overall thoroughly enjoyed it, would recommend to others and can't wait to read more of Adeles books
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