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on 16 October 2005
Molly Clearwater is a young woman who'd never managed to find her way out of her hometown until she got a job with a pharmaceutical company in London. Now, after a year of hard work and long hours, she is offered the opportunity of a lifetime to accompany her boss to a weekend conference in Paris! Molly is thrilled that she has been chosen for this opportunity until she learns of her boss's plan to seduce her during their trip. After confronting her boss Molly resigns from her position and finds herself jobless and even worse out of a free trip to Paris.
Impulsively Molly decides to hop on a train and spend the weekend in Paris after all. Once in Paris Molly meets a host of people who will change her outlook on life forever, there is Alicia, a carefree Australian girl with no inhibitions, a gorgeous young French artist, and as she sneaks into her boss's hotel in disguise she meets the most unlikely person of all.
For Molly her `WEEKEND IN PARIS' was a life changing experience, for me...it was just OK. There were parts of this book where I found myself laughing out loud while there were other parts where I found my mind completely wandering. I give this book 3 ½ stars because it is very funny in some areas and the descriptions of Paris were very vivid, however, in my opinion Sisman's `JUST FRIENDS' is a much better book.
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on 1 June 2005
I loved this book... I simply couldn't put it down... which surprised me immensely - usually I don't go for chick lit, preferring Sci Fi and Fantasy books, but I picked this up as it was a bargain and had a good deal on a Paris travel guide and I'm so so glad that I did.... I spent the entire weekend with it in front of my nose dying to know what happened next.
OK, as it's been said by other reviewers, it's completely unrealistic, our lead character (Molly)competely throws caution to the wind and gets extremely close with a number of different people over 48 hours, but that's half the fun... it's fast paced because of the time frame and the slight lack of realism makes it good fiction with a fairytale feel to it... which is exactly what it is - it never claimed to be a 'guide to what to do on a weekend in Paris'.
In summary... extremely enjoyable... fun, gripping, sometimes emotional and bought back those feelings of reading a story when I was little - like an adult fairytale. Can't wait to try out some of her other books.
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on 11 February 2004
Molly Clearwater is quite unlike Robyn Sisman's previous heroines, less sophisticated than her predecessors, but nobody's fool and a believeable and rounded character. A torrent of emotions and events pours through this delightful and enjoyable story. The pace never slackens and the sustained narrative drive keeps you turning the pages and wanting to know how it will all end and how will Molly emerge from all the personal and family turmoils. Unexpected twists of the plot surprise the reader on almost every page. In the background there is Paris and Sisman's love of that place comes through loud and clear in the brilliant evocations of places, buildings, parks and food markets. Then there are the Parisians themselves, their slang, their attitudes, their clubbing, so different from what Molly has been used to. The love story is strong, but Molly's involvement with other characters and her wry take on their foibles, not excepting her own relatives, provide a rich skein of plot. A wonderful read.
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on 9 March 2005
I'm on the last chapter of this book and am really sad its coming to an end. i was given this book as a present and am not a big reader but i absolutely loved it, so much so that i've ordered the authors' previous books, hoping they're as good! Yes its escapism and people are not like that in real life but who cares.
Molly has a boring job and leering boss who has promised her a business trip to paris but has more planned on the weekend for molly than just taking down shorthand!!!before she has time to think she has told the lecherus malcom where to stick his job and is sitting on the eurostar pulling into paris, let the adventures begin.. The way paris is discribed is amazing and for anybody whose been there and loved the city it will tugg at your heart strings making you wish you were back. A really enjoyable and easy read!!
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on 9 August 2004
Liked the book in general - was very good! Molly was a bit too silly for me though. She turned everything into a terrible,horrible thing - what a drama queen! Despite this Fabrice sounded gorgeous, loved the mum/ Fabrice's father bits and loved the whole Alicia and Jannine story. Absolutely hilarious!
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on 4 February 2005
Molly is a secretary who flounces out of her job with a ticket to Paris after her slimy boss has made his amorous intentions all too clear. Naively believing that her first-class degree in English make her a cut above the rest, she's in for a wild weekend with a French boy while her new Australian best friend sorts out the boss, and her mildly eccentric mother turns out to be the one to find true romantic happiness. The forty-eight hour scheme does make it a bit breathless, but the romantic nature of Paris and the light touch of a witty and intelligent writer make it an ideal Valentine's Day read. Molly returns, a little wiser, but much happier, in an unconventional ending that's more satisfying than the usual clinch.
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on 1 May 2004
No one could call this book a meaty read, but it's great fun and cunningly plotted. Sisman has always been great at describing places (such as Oxford in Special Relationship)and Paris comes glowingly to life in this book, seen through distinctly rose-tinted glasses.
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VINE VOICEon 4 August 2012
Molly has worked hard at her job, but she gets no thanks for it. Despite going above and beyond her role for her boss by even buying his coffee and collecting his dry cleaning. It all seems worth it for Molly; she is being allowed to accompany him to Paris for a conference. Perhaps now her hard work will be acknowledged. But overhearing a conversation about his real intention of getting her to Paris , Molly resigns in a fit of pique.

Continuing on this rather un-Molly like behaviour she decides to go to Paris , and ends up with a weekend completely different from any she has had before. Gorgeous food, wine, dancing and men in one of the most romantic cities of the world where your life can change. Perhaps not for Molly, but certainly her outlook changes and the past she has hankered after suddenly becomes the present.

I picked up this book because I wanted something light and easy to read. However I got a book which was too light and boring to read. I know you suspended disbelief when you read, with this book it is more apparent than normal. I did not believe in the characters, for me they were one dimensional and had no substance in them that I could feel any sort of empathy. Some of the scenarios were amusing but simply that. The one saving grace for the book is the descriptions of Paris . The author captures the city at night, during the day and the whole atmosphere; a veritable travel guide. For me it felt like I was in Paris, experiencing so much, it was just a shame the actual plot and characters made it seem like a seedy backstreet of Paris, not a glorious avenue which it could have been.

For me this book was disappointing. For others they loved it. That is the joy of reading.
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on 17 June 2005
I cant believe the rants! I found this book quite gripping actually, very fast-paced, and as for the "contrived, unrealistic, beyond fictitious" snarls, let me assure you that things like that DO happen! What's so unbelievable about a frustrated pretty young woman flying over to Paris alone for a weekend and immediately meets and befriends a couple of party animals plus a French hunk and hit it off?!
However, I do agree with the reviewer who dubbed a couple of other characters, especially the mother, caricatures. Nevertheless, it makes a very pleasant and quick read.
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on 17 February 2005
The book is all flash (the cover) and no bang (the story). The main character, Molly, fails to generate any feelings of empathy whatsoever; her nasty boss, Malcolm, is a composite of every lecherous male that has ever existed - and then some; and the other main protagonists (Alicia, Fabrice, Fabrice pere, and Molly mere) are so stereotyped that they are reduced to mere caricatures. While works of fiction are exactly that - fiction - this one stretches credibility beyond belief. A most disappointing read from an author I have previously enjoyed.
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