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on 2 October 2016
I haven't gotten around to reading the book but I really want to as the film completely shook me to the core and evoked such powerful emotions I don't think I am the same person after watching it... Why isn't this book and the film more widely publicized? So many people could (have) benefit(ed) from reading and watching them, especially young members of the LGBTQ community. I was completely devastated and blown away by the movie, I don't know if I have the emotional strength to read the book (as I assume there is even more detail and emotion in it). But this was such a beautiful, heartbreaking and moving true love story, I honestly think this is a must-read/ must-watch for everyone in the LGBTQ community and even those who are not, because it shows the kind of true love two people can share, in this case two young men. The viewer/reader can relate to so many of the themes and it shows such a humane and raw image of what it was like to be gay in the 70s-90s. Still overwhelmed and shocked (in a good way) by what I saw, when I finally muster the courage, I will buy and read this one-of-a-kind memoir by Tim Conigrave. My only wish was that they, both Tim and John, were here to see the impact their love has had and will continue to have on the world.
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on 11 September 2017
You will cry and you will love and you will cry some more and you will love even more and at the end you will be this big heaping ball of crying and loving mess, but it's worth it, trust me.
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on 17 September 2008
I would encourage all Gay men to read this book. Both I and my partner read it whilst on holiday and it is simply stunning. The people who live here could not be made up - they are far too real to have been made up. They love, they are petty, they laugh, they eat too much junk food, they care for each other and they are hated by homophobes. Oh, and their lives are totally ripped apart by the most evil acronym the world has ever known. It's a long time since I cried whilst reading a book but there was nothing I could do stop the tears as these two fragile men lived through a nightmare they should never have had to experience. Read it and I hope you get as much out of it as we did.
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on 14 October 2014
The style of writing took a little getting use to as it is very direct and it took me a while to get into it. However, the based-on-life story line was both heart warming and heart wrenching. A coming-of-age, growing-up story that touched on a number of issues we all may face: finding love, coming out and the various levels of 'acceptance' from family and friends and, ultimately, finding out and testing how strong your love is. All this set in an era with the emergence of HIV/AIDS in the 80's in Oz.

It was a thoroughly satisfying read, but saying that I enjoyed it would not be the right word (I think that is because it is based in fact). The joyous feeling of love and being together, with a tragic yet poignant ending. Although it was written some time ago, it does have relevance today as it touches on partner rights or lack there of as well as HIV/AIDS.The last 50 pages or so had me angry, weeping and I ended feeling frustrated by the sheer waste of life, taken by this disease.

Already a stag play, I have recently read they are making a film based on the book.
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on 19 September 2009
I openly cried at the end - it's so unbelievably moving and sad. Please read it - you'll be glad you did
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on 14 November 2012
I bought this book in 2011, but somehow misplaced and forgot about it. Fortunately I found the book while sorting through boxes after boxes of my junks.

I have just finished the book. And I cried. I am so not one of those reader who cries after a book (no offense!). But I so did, for this book. I am not going to review this book in details because I do not want my clunky words to taint my utmost respect for both Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo - their love reigns supreme.

Their relationship is not perfect, but these imperfections make the story so real and believable. There is such honesty in Tim's writing that I felt utterly absorbed throughout. It is a beautiful piece of work and will be displayed prominently on my bookshelf for many years to come. Highly recommended!
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on 16 January 2014
At the outset, I found this a difficult book to read - not because of the writing style but because I had recently lost my partner to cancer and I knew that its content was likely to reflect my own experiences and tug at still raw emotions. I nearly gave up but I am so glad I didn't. This is an excellent, well written, poignant book, developing as it progresses, three dimensional characters about whom you will care. It is is not exclusively relevant to those who are gay or those whose lives have been troubled by AIDS. Anyone who has cared for a loved one suffering from a life ending condition will be especially moved by this. By the end of this book, you will be moved, whatever your own experiences. You may, as I did, have cried. But you will be glad that you made the time to read it
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on 12 February 1999
Timothy Conigrave has written a beautiful book. This is primarily a love story; John and Tim meet at school and start a relationship that lasts for 15 years. For anyone gay, the story of their shy and blossoming relationship will touch on many of the issues experienced while growing up and exploring one's sexuality. The book is honest - charting the ups-and-downs of the relationship and the difficulties encountered. But through all this, the story of enduring love burns brightly. John and Tim are instantly likeable characters and Tim Conigrave paints a vivid portrait of each. I wish I'd met these two people, they seem to be very special. Finish the book alone. It's terribly sad and utterly moving. A finely crafted book which I would wholeheartedly recommend.
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on 12 January 2008
After living in Melbourne for 6 months then travelling to Sydney for a week I decided to see a play at the Opera house and luckily for me this one was showing. The play was amazing, a small production but it was just superb. As the play was so good I decided to track down the book and after going in every book store up the East Coast I finally found it and read it.

The book is a true account of Tim's life and he actually finished the book shortly before he died. Honestly I both loved and hated the book. The love story at the beginning is great but as the book reads on I disliked Tim so much i had to stop reading from time to time. It really is a fantastic book to read, a real roller coaster and definitely not your average 'love' story.
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on 2 September 2015
Loved this book! Even in the 2000's growing up as gay, i can relate to the things the author went through and experienced and whilst it is a very one sided story (which biography isn't)? i do think it portrays the ups and downs of his relationship. I do wish some parts had been firther explored or elaborated on, and i also struggled to remember who was who later on in the book as new friends, lovers etc were introduced (and some never mentioned again) however i am bearing in mind the book was written as he was dying of HIV and wanted to get as much down on papaer as possible. His story is poignant and timely reminder of how far we have come in terms of HIV treatment, stigma and gay rights as a whole. Bravo!
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