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on 11 October 2012
I am a new fan of Tina Turner, i only started listening to her music recently.
I was born in the late 90s, when i saw her music videos on the television, i only saw Tina Turner as a big haired woman with a "manly" voice back when i was a kid.

Now a year ago, after searching "Proud Mary" on Youtube, i came across a video of another Tina Turner, one with long hair, wearing a purple mini dress and singing as a duet with a man called Ike. I was so hooked up on that performance, i looked at more of her performances as "Ike and Tina Turner. Ike is no doubt a talented musician, he really kicks some ass on that guitar, but then Tina is like a "hurricane" on stage along with the Ikettes.
It was only i started to read the comments underneath the videos that people were bad mouthing Ike Turner, calling him a "coward" etc. It was after i watched the VH1 documentary on Tina Turner, that i found out that Ike was abusing her all these years. I could not believe it, i mean when i watched them performing on stage together, i would not think that there was something going on behind the scenes.

I also saw the movie adaptation of this book; "What's Love Got To Do With It" starring Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne, great performances by both actors. Now i have just finished reading the whole book "I, Tina". I must say that, if you saw the movie, you need to read this book, as the movie only tells a small proportion of what went on behind the scenes.
Although i could not believe what i was reading, this book is also inspiring... well Tina is inspiring!
At the beginning of the book it tells about her childhood, back when she was Anna Mae Bullock from a small town called Nutbush, Tennessee. She mentioned about her parents relationship which was also quite a rocky one, and also that she was a loner when growing up, so she was more independent and went out to find her own happiness. Tina says childhood experience helped her through her time with Ike Turner, and found her happiness in chanting.

She also has taught me some valuable things in the book, but four things i learnt that stuck with me; 1) That there is a "God" inside all of us. We just need to find it. 2) Do not depend on drugs to help you get through the tough times, just depend on yourself. 3) (this one is so true to me) "If you are unhappy with anything - your mother, your father, your husband, your wife, your job, your boss, your car - whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you will find that when you're free, your true creativity, your true self comes out."
4) Patience!. During her time with Ike, a reader told her "You will be among the biggest of stars, and the person with you will fall away like a leaf from a tree" I could not respect and admire her enough for being so patient, and i am so happy that she did become one of the biggest stars on the planet, and still is.
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on 7 August 2002
This has to be one of the most interesting books of all time.
Its done in style, not only do you get Kurts side but all the way through the book you get write ups from Tina herself , and many other people involved in tina's life.
I myself have read this book more than once, it is one you can read time and time again and not get fedup with.
The film is nothing really like the book, between book and film i would say that the book gives much more of an insight into Tina's life and how she deals with things.
When you have read this book you can not help but feel total addmeration for this woman, she comes over as a very strong willed person who has the faith to believe that anything in life is up for the taking.
This is one book i could never part with.
Thankyou Tina and kurt for a book well worth reading.
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on 30 December 2014
Loved it ! I usually read and donate books to charity after reading but if I really enjoy them I keep them and this is a keeper ! What a lady, what she has gone through in her life especially with Ike it just amazes me she is not bitter about any of it and doesn't dwell on the awful things she has gone through. I knew Ike was mean to her but i never realized how much until I read this and even the film doesn't touch on the real horror of this man. At the end of this book I ended up loving and admiring Tina so much for being strong and courageous and equally hating Ike so much.
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on 28 August 2003
After following Tina Turner for over 20 years, I bought this book a few years ago. I would recommend fans of Tina's and anyone else for that matter to buy this book. It is entertaining, moving and truely amazing. In fact it is 'Simply the Best'!
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on 20 December 2012
Although the jumping between voices - not just Tina and Kurt but snippets from minor characters too - was a bit annoying, the overall story was raw, dramatic and inspiring. A real role model.
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on 5 March 2002
I love Tina Turner's music and I love her as a person now that I know the story behind her incredible life and career. I wish I had found this sooner. I was also surprised to find out she is a practicing Buddhist. Very cool! No wonder she seems like such a centered human being in all of her interviews. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Tina Turner. Since learning more about Tina's spirituality, I also highly recommend a book by Taro Gold called "Open Your Mind, Open Your Life" which contains many inspirational thoughts based on the Buddhism Tina metions in her autobiography.
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on 1 May 2015
when I saw the size of the book,i did not think it would tell anything more than was already known,but it managed to ,the abuse went deeper than the film conveyed,and I was shocked at the films level of abuse,i did not mind the switch from one person to another in the telling of events,so good little book sueb
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on 19 June 1999
Tinas life is portrayed in a flowing easy to read way, with the un folding story of her life, more elaborate than a hollywood production. Humour, fear and morality issues are major elements leading up to Tinas triumph and no 1 single -whats love got to do with it - quite simply inspirational - read it!
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on 5 August 2010
A very good biography/autobiography about this vrilliant singer. It makes you realise what life was like for her during her early career with Ike Turner and you wonder where she got the strength to stay and then eventually leave.
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on 1 September 2010
i watched the film, and had to get the book. i had me taken only 3 days to read this book. it was an emotional rollercoster. it was one of the deepest books i have ever read, and i will read it again.
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