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on 2 May 2017
Very useful if not vital pack. Passed first time. Yay! Result!
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on 29 April 2017
Past test first time
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on 16 September 2014
The books are very easy to read and understand.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2013
I bought this for my son who had booked his driver's theory test: he skimmed through it and failed. For his second test, he sat down and went through the book methodically, using the information and practice tests provided. I can't say that he was inspired, but he passed, the second time, with ease. This is, evidently, a useful aid to learning and gaining knowledge in order to pass a test: it served that purpose well and was worth every penny of the purchase price.
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on 26 July 2010
The Complete Learner Revision Pack provided by DSA is not so different from other similar electronic revision aids for learner and post test drivers alike; it features three disks covering each hurdle you will have to overcome in order to secure that lifetime pass of pure freedom. These consist of: A hazard perception kit, theory test practice and advice and guidance for the practical test. I will cover each of these in turn and attempt to convince you that this all in one set is actually worth the slightly heftier price tag given, as for me having just passed both my tests I have found it an indispensible tool right the way through the suprisingly short process.

I - The Theory Test Disk

The theory test disk covers as you would expect; the complete question set specified by DSA, an invaluable tool combined with the use of the new case-style questions for convenience. This is relatively unique compared to other software available which too often just displays the preset questions, although useful doesn't in my view guarantee success in the theory. The ability to take the multiple choice test as many times as you like is another common feature, yet in this version your results are analysed in greater scrutiny providing a consistent and coherent methodological process to aid and secure your expanding knowledge. On the night before my test I did a solid run through of the mock's provided on the disk, after about ten repeats (with different questions) securing 45/50 as the worst I convinced myself I was set, it worked! On my actual theory test I scored 49/50 in the theory, purely from this disk.

II - The Hazard Perception Disk

The second part of this triple pack concerns the other half of the theory, and provides a step by step process to identifying, anticipating, recognising and responding to various hazards narrated by Suzi Perry. Apart from her nice physique, the videos are very satisfying to watch, and in a way help you to articulate your thoughts through the mouse clicks. There are over 15 video's to watch and you can opt to pause and look at information and advice provided by the creators of the test about when to click. In addition the software provides you with regular feedback, and importantly for me a guide to the day of your test. On the night before to ease your nerves it has a video guide to the theory test included as an extra to ensure there are no nasty surprises awaiting you. It runs smoothly and efficiently; although in my opinion they could have included more videos and allowed more interaction in the actual guide, it does get the job done; and definately helped me to secure my pass of 65/75 in the hazard. Oh, and it includes the most up to date highway code.

III - Preparation for Practical Test

In my view the most useful as it covers a range of areas relating to the practical test including; advice, how to practice, recommended skills and time needed, spot test questions that an examiner may ask and most importantly of all, a mock driving test in action. As usual the disks run smoothly and is easy to navigate, advice is displayed clearly and really helps bring to life whats expected and required on the big day. As it is produced by the actual guys who set the driving tests it gives it extra weight and re-affirms that you are not wasting your time.


Overall a great three disk set, covers EVERYTHING you need to know and goes above and beyond other software by giving you additional links, advice to stay calm and revise, detailed analysis of how you cope to the various tests thrown at you and further reinforced by the knowledge that it was produced officially by the people who wrote the tests. Alongside loads of extra's like constant updates, the highway code, FAQ's and case study questions and THE ONLY software to give you full official explanations and guidance its well worth the extra few bucks. Of course it has its down sides in that it is much longer then other disks and of course more expensive, ultimately you can always ebay or of course (amazon) it, to get some money back, but there is really no need as you can keep it for the near future when you first set out on your own giving you complete confidence, as it has done for me!

A solid 10/10
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on 12 March 2007
Step 1 - consign the DVD to the bin (it's tedious in the extreme). Then get on with revising for your driving test. Both the Hazard Perception and Theory test revision CDs are excellent. They follow the test closely and the questions are the actual ones that you will encounter so if you practice enough the likelihood that you will fail is very low. In particular the hazard perception test seems to catch people out. In practice it's clear that they aren't tryig to trick anyone. Running the videos quickly shows that the DSA is expecting you to spot rudimentary things such as cars braking, pedestrians walking in the middle of the road, cars reversing across the road, oncoming traffic, etc. Essentially all those things that would cause you to brake or stop. Having seen it I think that I wouldn't want anyone on the road who could not spot the things they are testing for. The theory test CD has a voiceover for anyone who has difficulty reading. All in all an excellent purchase.
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on 5 December 2006
I bought this set in October for my wife to revise for her theory test, she sat her test last week and gained 100%. I would recommed this set to anybody who is attempting to learn to drive, or wishing to brush up on their highway code, even I re-learnt a few things!!
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on 4 May 2007
It doesn't work on mac OS X as it claims. I am so frustrated having to go through the whole process of searching, buying and waiting to recieve-only to find out it's not for mac. You will only know this after reciving it because if you look at the top of this page, it clearly says, it's mac compatible but in real it's not. my first hick up in amazon sadly. i hope, i can return it.
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on 6 December 2008
The Official DSA Complete Learner Driver Pack 2008/09 EditionThe complete learner driver pack does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak, Three books packed with lots of information on how to pass your theory and practical tests and ideal for people on a intensive driving course, and ADIs teaching people to drive, giving intensive driving lessons or a intensive driving course.

The theory test book gives every question that you might be asked and gives each with an answer and explanation located on the other side of the page. Practice elsewhere is needed to pass the hazard perception test, the full Highway Code is also provided. Which is a must for any one having driving lessons London or else where.

The other two books are part of the DSA series on teaching people how to drive. The first presents itself as a logbook helping you to get up to the standard required to pass the practical test. Which includes automatic driving lessons, in auto cars, This is good if you are being taught by a parent, as it will answer questions that they do not know and outline the standard you need to reach. Cheap driving lessons will still get you to test standard quicker, The third book provides more details of each part of driving with examples, used throughout to keep it interesting, so it will not be a driving crash course a great buy. Have a good driving week.
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on 20 December 2013
I bought this for my son who was not interested in motoring and was reluctant to take driving lessons. The clear and concise way that this pack is put together helped me persuade him to take the plunge and after a course of professional tuition is now a qualified driver,
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