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on 17 August 2015
There's a saying in our house to describe 'defensive driving', it's known as 'Biker's Eye' and this book more or less puts common sense into the written word. I don't think it told us all that much that we (as crumbly parents with thousands of miles of driving behind us) didn't know, but when junior wanted to ride he was young enough to believe that police motorcycle cops were the elite, and this book reinforced what Dad taught him. Buy the crash-helmet and the Kevlar, but buy this book too, it may tell you something you don't know.
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on 15 January 2018
I was put off getting the latest version of the book due to the amount of bad reviews it was getting. I decided to buy the older version as
I had this book previously when I was training and gave it to a friend to use after me

It's an excellent book to start getting my head in the right place for refresher training and I will only get the latest version if I know that all the references to Roadcraft have been ironed out.
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on 21 March 2011
I'm New back to riding after 30 year's and only completed a star rider course then- which wasn't compulsory and many riders did'nt take and aren't around now.
I've read this book and think its a must to all experienced riders especially those returning to biking. It makes you realise how little you know about biking safety and its craft and that it has to be learnt, after talking to a few experienced bikers young and old it was obvious how little they are aware of safety aspects of riding.
I'm 100% certain that this book will save many accidents even from the most experienced riders-if it's no use to you, give it to a biker mate and save them from an accident.
note: I don't think this book is suitable for new bikers just starting out until you've past your test's as it will cloud all the information you've been given to learn.
So you can judge where I'm at (not a proffessional)below:-
My experience: 2 years all weather riding 30 years ago on a 250cc and many accident and rightoff's and 6 months on a 1700cc sports tourer 2010, no accidents (touchwood), and 30 years of everyday 30kmiles+ year car driving no accidents (touchwood).
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on 7 October 2014
OK so the book is great "content-wise" however i bought it used because it was advertised as being in very good condition.
unfortunately someone has gone through it with a highlighter pen and added their own notes and also a training schedule to the inside cover. there is used like new and there is USED like used to death, this is the latter and had i known the condition would have paid an extra three pounds for a new one.
As i say the content of the book is great, well written and easy to understand.
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on 3 March 2013
This is written by someone who knows everything there is to know about riding motorbikes (big and small) on the road. If you're a hooligan-rider then, this is for you as well because it teaches you how to stay out of trouble. If you're a newcomer to biking on a more modest machine, then this is the last word on staying safe and growing vastly more skilful on your transport.
My experience? 48 years on seriously fast bikes. I race them to but ride to work and for pleasure. My lastest machine is limited to 204 mph.
If there's one omission for the very advanced rider, it's taking right-hand bends. You know - the ones with an adverse camber. Almost all riders don't know how to do this and stay safe - they keep well out into the road, which is the exact opposite of what you should do. Imagine doing this when a truck is coming the other way! My additional advice is this: take a Police Advanced Riding Course with your local cops - all Forces run them - and tell them you've read this book. They'll be very impressed.
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on 30 January 2018
This book really goes into the craft of properly riding a motorcycle. However do not read it or apply techniques before taking your DAS as you will be forced to ignore all you've learnt in order to pass the test.
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on 18 March 2017
I'm really pleased with this very informative book and would urge all motorcyclist to give it a read
It came very quickly by post and was at a good price
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on 10 April 2016
I have just returned to motorcycling after a 34 year lay-off. I've still got my 1980 edition of Motorcycle road craft (The Police Rider's Manual) which has served me well. Still, thought I better get an update and this book is truly magnificent. At £2.87 including postage, for a book in very good condition, I am really pleased with this purchase.
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on 24 February 2015
If you're doing the IAM then this book is definitely worth the investment as the IAM course is based on this book. It goes through things very clearly with diagrams. I wouldn't advise you to use this book without any practical guidance though. I read through the book and although I understood most of it in theory, when I went out with a trained instructor, everything clicked into place and it became a lot more clearer what the book was talking about.
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on 3 June 2010
Coming back to motorcycle riding after a few years break, I decided to refresh the information from my StarRider courses (many years ago now) with this police "bible".

It is packed with sensible, life saving advice. No rocket science, no "how to ride really fast" rubbish. Just solid support to help you enjoy riding while staying safe and alive.

Yes, most of it SHOULD be just common sense (and after riding bikes for 28 years, I was very happy to see how much of it fitted in with the way I ride), but there are also a good number of little gems that are great to know - some learned during my courses and forgotten over the years, some very new.

This is a great book for novice riders and re-starters to really understand the road. No it isn't a full replacement for well structured training course, but is fantastic as a reference work. And just as importantly... We all know how many riders there are out there who don't bother using common sense - they are the people who REALLY should be reading this from cover to cover.
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