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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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The first thing that drew me to this particular book was the title. I'm a huge believer in Angels, I love everything about them and it is not often that I read a story with angels in. I'd LOVE to read more fiction that features Angels, and after reading this one, I'm now on the look out for more!! I must also say that the cover of this book is GORGEOUS. It is very warm and invites you in before you have even opened the first page!

Mercy, Goodness and Shirley are Angels. They are Prayer Ambassadors, working under the direction of Gabriel and helping the humans on Earth by answering their prayers and guiding the humans. But one rule they find hard to follow is that they must not interfere too much! When they take a new apprentice under their wing, the trio get so caught up in showing Will the excitement of Earth on New Year's Eve that they all get a bit carried away!

Lucie is in Times Square waiting for the New Year to come in, and after she is separated from her friends, she finds herself alone as everyone around her hugs and kisses in celebration. Next to her is Aren, he too finds himself alone, and when Will accidentally nudges them in his anticipation to be amongst the crowd of humans, sparks fly and there is an instant attraction. However, the passion and romance is short-lived as a twist of fate tears them apart. Will Aren and Lucie find each other? And can the Angels lend a helping hand?

I cannot describe how much I enjoyed this book! I finished it in a few hours and I could not put it down! Immediately I was drawn in by the story of the Angels in Heaven looking down at the exciting events happening on Earth. It made me smile to read about the Angels enthusiasm for Earth and how much they enjoyed their time with humans and their visits to Earth!

I loved reading about the two separate worlds and how they interlinked, coming together as one. I loved that the Angels followed humans around and tried their very best to help, even if sometimes it did have disastrous consequences! I was laughing out loud at the mischief they got themselves into, and I enjoyed picturing the scenes in my head, wondering how things would appear to the humans who could not see them! Mercy and Will were my favourite Angels - I loved how Mercy had a fun side and although she meant well, it was her influence which always landed the others in hilarious situations. I think Will was brilliantly written as an apprentice, I enjoyed reading about his progress and his love and care for the humans touched my heart. I liked how he tried his very best to behave, and how all he wanted throughout the story was for things to go right. I absolutely adored the Angels, I could not stop laughing at their antics and I am already looking forward to reading the other stories that Debbie has written about them!

Lucie and Aren were very well-written as characters. I LOVED their initial meeting at the beginning of the book, I was actually squealing with excitement at how well their relationship hit off at the start! It has to be one of the most romantic scenes I've read this year, something about it pulled me in and I felt so much happiness for them! As sad as i was when fate intervened and tore them apart, it compelled me to read on to see how their individual journeys progressed and I willed them all throughout the book to find each other. Lucie was a character that I very much got behind and supported, I warmed to her straight away and wanted her to have huge success in all areas of her life and achieve everything that she wanted to. Lucie's mum Wendy deserves a mention too - She was fantastic and always made me smile.

Angels At The Table is an enchanting book filled with magic. There is the perfect balance of love, kindness, and a lot of humorous moments thrown in to brighten your day. It is a warm story set amongst Christmas and New Year, and it is by far the most comforting story I have read in a while. There is a very special message in this book: We are never alone. And sometimes, if we ask for help, then Angels might visit Earth, cause a bit of mischief along the way, but ultimately, they will try to help you and answer your prayers.
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on 8 December 2012
I enjoyed the way the book was written but it took me a few pages to get into the book as this was a follow on book and i had not read the first one. You can imagine the angels and there differing personalities as they plough ahead with trying to get things to go the way they want with the humans they meet and not realising that each action takes the humans lives in a slightly different direction than what was intended in the grand scheme of things. A book i could not put down.
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on 22 November 2013
l don't write reviews as l feel people should make their own decision and not be influenced by others points of view but as a fan of Debbie Macomber's books l would be bias l will say though that if you believe in Angels then you will really enjoy this book and if you don't then give it a try you may change your mind............
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on 17 January 2014
I have read some brilliant books by Debbie Macomber but I couldn't get into this one.I couldn't get past the first few pages because it just didnt hold my interest.So love the author - just not this particular book.
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on 28 June 2013
I have read Debbie Macomber and always enjoyed her books. When I started this one I thought I had the wrong book to her earlier ones but it was funny, entertaining, and so different from her other books and I enjoyed it very much.
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on 3 January 2013
A very enjoyable read with the help of angels and an apprentice angel, help humans find all that is destined for them.As you'd expect the best laid plans of God,Angels,humans and their hopes and feelings don't go to plan.Well not immediately....I
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on 24 June 2013
I just love Debbie Macomber, but her Angel's are so wonderful, if you haven't read her, you must, so much happens when her three christmas angels arrive on earth for their prayer assignments, you laugh and cry your way through them.
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Sometimes love needs a helping hand

Lucia Farrara and Aren Fairchild meet after bumping into each other - seemingly by accident - in Times Square on New Year's Eve. They immediately hit it off and find they have a lot in common: Lucie is a chef and Aren is a respected food critic. But just as quickly as they're brought together, another twist of fate tears them apart.

It's going to take a miracle to bring these two together again. But everyone knows that Chirstmas is a time for love and miracles...

As you all know by now i a big fan of Debbie books i read them all now i think . I like the cover of this book i really did enjoy this book it just hooked me from the first page .
I just loved the angles Mercy, Shirley , Goodness and will .They help the human on earth they help are prayers and they try to guide us the best they can
Will a new angle on new year eve he gets a bit carried away
Lucie in Time square waiting to see the new year in she get separated from her friends She find Aren next to her will nudges them together and there seem to be a instant attraction but a few things go wrong and things spot them from being together
Can the angels lend a hand
Luice and aren characters were so good to read about it was so sad that fate intervene and torn them apart then we get to see how fate pulls them back together later on
I have to say if you believe in angels then this book so fun if you do not you will still enjoy it may make you laugh and the humour that goes on is so good it a great read
You do get to feel like you know all the characters personally in the story

Debbie just s great storyteller each of the angles had very different personalities you could see that as they all help to get Lacie and Aren back together sometimes there plans when so wrong then sometimes there when so well when you read you see what they do it was just great fun to read the restaurant mishap the best it a very unusual story but great fun to read
It will make you think how we do take things for granted and sometime we should work harder on a relationship
Lucie mum was great she wanted her daughter to be happy just like we all do i like how she play her part in it to both work so hard to make the new restaurant a success can the angel help there too ?
To me Debbie books are my most read books i just love the cedar cove series She seem to interlink the story together by the character you can read in any order i just love her xmas books they are so warm and fun to read
You should all check out her book my mum loves them too please read any and make up your own decision my mum did not like this one but i enjoy it we are all so different
4 dolls
a great book can be read any time of year
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on 10 March 2014
I have read the Cedar Cove series which I enjoyed very much but I think Debbie Macomber was having a bad day when she wrote this or maybe had to produce a book fast. It is sad that having written some lovely books that a book of this poor quality follows. I do not write reviews as a rule but felt I just had to about this particular book.
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on 29 November 2012
Absolutely brilliant book!
I so love these stories they are totally feel good - once I start reading Debbie Macomber stories I really do find them hard to put down.
I even re-read them - which is something else I find you can only do with a well written book. You can see the characters clearly.
Love it!!
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