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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 18 July 2011
This book is about 4 girls who have been friends for years all go away together to a remote greek island. Whilst they are there they all end up in trouble and find their lives turned upside down. As you can guess men are involved!!!!
There is alot going on in this book but it just did not excite me. The story line was just ok and I forced myself to finish the book but I really got fedup towards half way. The last few chapters were better and read them quite quickly.
Its ok for a holiday book but not the type you cant wait to get home from work for to read with a glass of wine and cosy night in alone.
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on 26 May 2011
I love, love, love, love, love novels set in holiday destinations. Greece, Spain, Italy, I swallow them whole because I've only ever holidayed in Alicante in Spain, Tenerife in the Canary Islands and Florida in the USA. Summer Holiday is set in Liminaki in Greece, I've never heard of the island, but I like the idea of visiting Greece so the setting of the novel made me love the novel immediately. Spencer presents Liminaki is such a wonderful way, sure it doesn't have bars or a huge nightlife presence, but the slow pace of life and quiet of the island sounds wonderful. I've got no idea if it is an actual Greek island but if it is (and even if it isn't) Spencer has very much presented Greece in a very beautiful light. Usually book destinations are a secondary thing when I'm reading novels but I was really impressed by how detailed Liminaki was and it was definitely a massive part of the novel.

Obviously the beautiful setting isn't all that the book is about and we follow four best friends throughout their two week holiday: Beth, Kirsten, Anna and Ginny. They're friends, have been for ages, but because they're dotted about all over the World they rarely have a chance to meet up so take the opportunity to holiday in Liminaki and re-establish their friendships with each other. I liked the plot of the novel and for the most part I thought it was presented very well but there were a few things I had an issue with. All of the girls have their own problems, but rather than sharing them the way regular friends would (if I had a problem, I would certainly discuss it with a friend), instead all four try to tackle their problems in secret. For me that was a bit false. Because surely you just don't do that? I couldn't understand Kirsten's hesitance to tell her best friend her troubles. I also thought the Ginny/Beth tension was horribly obvious. I knew precisely what had gone on there and it was very much as cliched as I expected it to be, sadly. But for the most part I was happy with how the plot went, how it panned out.

Aside from a few minor niggles I found the characters to be delightful. Beth's irrational anger over the fact the guy she meets, Dan, used to work at the bank that killed her business aside, I liked Beth. She was very real, very likeable and as our leading lady it was probably a good thing I liked her so much. Anna was probably my second favourite character, I loved her sweet nature and the slow-burn romance she had with Nick, I would have loved if we could have seen their relationship develop through their eyes rather than Beth who narrates the story. Kirsten was a well-rounded character, although, again I question her need for secrecy. I never really found any love for Ginny; for the entire novel she was just a pain in the proverbial. I couldn't understand why three lovely people like Beth, Kirsten and Anna would be friends with someone like Ginny. As for the male characters, I fell head over heels for both Dan and Nick. I think Nick probably edges it for me, though! He was just so wonderful and dreamy (believe me, I am the type of person who doesn't use the word `dreamy').

I must say, I didn't think Summer Loving was as well written as the other two novels Allie has had published. For starters (and yes, pernickety Leah is alive and kicking right now) there is an absolute deluge of colons in the novel. There are colons where there should be commas or full stops and it took all of my wills not to get a marker pen and smudge them out. Truly, if someone who edited this novel looked through it now and counted up the colons they would cry into their manuscripts. I know I'm picky, and I'm going to resist to point out the editing errors I noticed, for fear of you all hating me (I can't help it! Honest!). Despite my pernickety-ness I did thoroughly enjoy the book. I really and truly hope that Allie is busy writing a new novel that will be out next year, because she is so good at writing an easy holiday read that manages to have it all. Romance, relationships, friendships and, best of all, a sunny destination! I'd definitely suggest packing this one in your suitcase this summer or sitting in the back garden with it on a sunny afternoon, it will transport you all the way to Liminaki and you'll feel as though you've had a holiday yourself once you've finished!
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This is the first book I have read by Allie Spencer and what a great start it was for me. The story is set in Liminaki in Greece, which is a quiet village not quite what the ladies were expecting and although it was a shock to the ladies as this was not the holiday they were planning they gradually started to fall in love with the island and so did I and this is thanks for Allie's creative writing which described the idyllic scene of a perfect holiday destination. The way in which she describes Liminaki makes you feel as if you are there with the girls and makes you feel as if you really get to know the island. It was a similar style of writing to Belinda Jones. This gorgeous setting made a great base for a beautiful book.

Our main character in this book is Beth who I found to be a very likeable character and it didn't take long to warm to her. Although I did love Beth my favourite female character in this book was Anna and I really wish we got to read more about her as she seemed like such a warm gentle and genuine character who never sees the bad in anyone. My one down point to this book is the character Ginny. I didn't like her from the moment she arrived in the book and I didn't enjoy any part of her in the book I don't think her presence was really needed in this little gem of a book. Allie got the male characters of this book spot on having both a true English gentle man and a gorgeous Greek piece of eye candy to keep us ladies entertained. I enjoyed both of their characters but I have to say that Bick the Greek guy had the slight edge for me as I always find Greek and Italian men a bit mysterious and charming!

I found with this book rather than there being one main story line there were many different things going on as each of the girls seem to have their own problems going on which all come to light in the book. I did find that the book was predictable but this didn't ruin the book for me I still flowed along with the story.
This is defiantly one to take on holiday with you as it really gets you in the holiday mood. You do get lost in the story which was a bit of a shock for me when I finished the book then looked out the window to see the rain and realised I am not in sunny Greece!! I would defiantly recommend this book and I eagerly await the next novel which I hope Allie has already made a start on!
Book review also on my book blog (...)
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on 22 October 2011
Enjoyable book. If you love reading about summer romances and reunions then you will enjoy this.

I found the book very entertaining at the start then i got a bit lost mid way. I felt there was some bits in the book that was not relevent ie The Mask some other people might think otherwise. I could not see where that part of the story was going and a bit pointless really. That was the only part of the book that I found that i wanted to skip.

The book is based on 4 friends from school Beth, Anna (Banana), Kirsten and Ginny having a summer holiday in Greece. They are expecting Bars, clubs, sunny beaches and crazy nights. But an unexpected phone call changes all that.

They become friendly with the local Tavern waiter Nick who Anna starts to fall but worries if he does not feel the same. Beth very unsure about her future with her boyfriend and feels that the two week holiday will help her decided especially when she bumps (literally) in to Dan the Evil yacht man. Kirsten has got hidden secrets but will she be able to confide in her friends. And Ginny announces that she is getting married.
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on 21 August 2012
read this last year on my hols......stumbled across it in Asda as I was trying to find a holiday read..........and what a stumble it was.......LOVED IT ....so here i go again takin allie spencer with me on my hols.....THIS COULD BECOME A TREND...LOL........FINGERS CROSSED FOR SUMMER NIGHTS..X
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on 4 August 2011
What a delightful book! Allie Spencer has done it again, creating compelling characters and an absorbing world, this time on a luscious Greek island. While bursting with laugh-out-loud lines and situations, the story is also full of depth and even some poignancy as the four friends on holiday use the time to better get to know each other and, more importantly, themselves. And, oh yes, there is romance! Beth, the heroine, is a highly recognizable, charming, engaging character with whom anyone would want to be friends. All the characters, even the most minor, pop as fully fledged people with whom it's wonderful to spend time. This is of course a great book to take on your own summer holiday, but it's perfect for diving into any time of year and adding a dash of summer to your day!
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on 2 February 2013
I read this book in the winter, it made me want to go on holiday so badly! It would be a brilliant read go by the pool. Th story line had m hooked from start to finish.
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on 11 July 2011
I really enjoyed this book. I liked Beth and enjoyed her adventures. It is funny and engaging and fits the genre perfectly. If you are looking for something challenging and high brow then pick a different shelf to peruse but if you want something witty to make you giggle when you're lying on the sunbed or sitting on the train then look no further. Good twists and turns and always the hope of a happy ending. Hope there's another one from Allie Spencer soon!
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on 28 December 2013
Really Big page turner, made me laugh and almost cry. Great book. Really liked it. Bought all sorts of emotions
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on 27 May 2011
I love this book!!! I could not put it down. The plot develops with subtle twist and turns all the way through and you end up wanting to read just a little bit more (nothing else got done once I started it). The characters are believable; they have hopes, aspirations and flaws. Following them as the sometimes struggle to keep hold of what made them firm friends in the first place, whilst looking to their individual futures. A fabulous read! Would def. recommend
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