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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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This is typical James Patterson and co-author. We have bodiless heads ,victims associated with hoodlums. What a start.Wealthy Chaz Smith murdered, linked to a criminal fraternity. The weapon has it's mysteries. His own family are not safe. Lindsay Boxer is perplexed as she arrives with partner Rich Conklin. Lindsay is pregnant but not shy of continuing her detective work and marriage to ex-FBI Joe. More deaths and heads follow. Emotional and professional conflicts do not interefere. Her longstanding colleagues are involved again. Claire the pathologist,Cindy the news reporter and Yuki the attorney. They add to the familiarity, continuity and the spice. Even these close friends are under scrutiny. The narrative is typically Patterson. Short paragraphs and chapters. The story keeps our attention and is not a lengthy read, but interesting. Easy to be critical of the formula but it still makes a grand read. The finale is as unpredictably as expected. Nothing particularly different as the formula works, but still quality and enyoyable. We may look forward to a different composition in the future but the ratings tell the publishers the success stories. This is another one.
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on 6 March 2012
Detective Lindsay Boxer and partner Rich Conklin have two cases to solve in this latest ( Womens Murder Club) James Patterson novel.
Millionaire and criminal Chaz Smith is killed in cold blood, and it soon transpires that not only is his murder connected to other deplorable characters who have also been executed, but also the added possibility that the murderer is someone Lindsay may know. On top of this another dilemma presents itself when bodiless heads are found in the garden of a famous actor. While attempting to unravel both of these mysteries, Lindsay who is now expecting is having personal problems of her own.
A reasonably good storyline, but felt it was quite a slow start, preferred the second half of the book.
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on 29 April 2013
I'm not one to usually write reviews but this book was so dreadful it was worth a mention! James Patterson has sadly fallen into the same trap as Patricia Cornwall and is too interested in the money than producing good reads. His earlier books were fantastic and whilst 11th Hour continues with the short paragraphs, that usually hold your attention, this time it was sadly lacking. The writing was disjointed. I believe my two year daugther could have produced a more entertaining read. Concentrate on writing, not churning out the books for the pay cheque.
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on 9 January 2013
Outstanding continuation of the Women's Murder Club. Keep them coming Mr Patterson. Highly recommended. Can't wait for the next addition.
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on 6 January 2013
Continuing the series. It took me no time at all to read this. The storyline is great. Cliffhangers galore. Cannot wait for the next book.
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First off I need to say that if you haven't read previous books in this series and you intend to read them in order please don't continue reading the review as some of the storyline will inevitably contain spoilers.

In my ongoing love/hate relationship with James Patterson; I once again pre-ordered this book (even after convincing myself I shouldn't) and set about catching up with the ladies from the Women's Murder Club. I have read each book in this series and probably like many others feel like you have a history with these women. Lindsay Boxer, a detective, Claire who is a medical examiner, Cindy the reporter and Yuki a District Attorney have been friends for a long time and their tight knit circle will never change. In the 9th book in the series I thought I would give up as some of the characters seemed to have lost their edge; however the tenth book gained some ground as the ladies seemed back to their present form. This current book also showed the ladies back to form and it was a pleasure to see them in their usual roles.

The major difference now is that Lindsay Boxer is pregnant but she certainly doesn't allow this to stop her working at her usual pace. When she and her partner Rich Conklin get called to the first murder scene they find millionaire Chaz Smith gunned down in a school. As usual, this case turns out to be one that has many elements, especially as the murder weapon was stolen from the department's evidence locker.

Shortly after both Lindsay and Rich are called to another murder scene where two heads are discovered. Being pregnant and trying to run two murder cases see Lindsay at her most vulnerable, and for a change it really suited her. The story is the typical Patterson style with short and sharp chapters keeping your interest as the story picks up pace as the two investigations take on their own leads.

This book features Lindsay as the main lady and we see a little more of her personal life creeping into her work life as she tries to manage pending motherhood, along with maintaining her marriage to ex-FBI agent Joe. We also see a lot of Cindy as she does her usual trick of trying to get the lead on a story, whilst also battling her own issues surrounding her relationship with Lindsay's partner Rich. We see less of Yuki and Claire although they still feature in the story as the ladies try to close both cases. We see Warren Jacobi, Lindsay's boss feature in the story which for me was a welcome return.

The book was written well as usual and the story itself held my interest but after finishing it, I felt like there was no real progress with the ladies. I think maybe I was expecting something major to happen with one of them to keep this series from going stale. Having said that; I still think that Patterson will keep his fans happy with this latest release.

I enjoyed the book and would certainly say it's a good one for the series. I am actually really looking forward to the next one, as I think with Lindsay having a baby and Yuki dating Lindsay's boss things may heat up for the next book. It would also be nice to see the return of Jacobi more frequently as I always thought he spiced things up. Like I say, a winning formula but would like to see something to shock in the next one.
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on 29 January 2014
Totally boring and very badly written Gave up after 6th chapter as it's just a load of rubbish What's happened to Hames Patterson Stop giving us this rubbish every couple of months We'd rather have 1 good book a year instead of all this garbage
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on 23 May 2016
Book 11, in the Women’s Murder Club

It has been years since I started the Women’s Murder Club and since most series tend to get stale after a while, I needed to put the series on hold take a break and step away for some time before getting back to it in order the get the utmost and enjoy the mysteries once again. I did this and happy having done so. I enjoyed “11th Hour” and I am now ready to continue with book 12.

In “11th Hour” we have two cases going on at the same time: one involving a shooter taking down drug dealers and the second unearthed heads in the back yards of a well-known actor’s home. Lindsay along with her partner works both cases. Of course all member of the Club play parts, using their expertise and thinking outside the box to solve the crimes. On the personal side, Lindsay is pregnant, is having trouble in her marriage and this is only a start of her troubles…..

It was nice to come back to good, comfortable and familiar characters and be entertained following each one as they act their parts. The mystery kept my attention all through first of all there are many secondary story lines to follow and keeping everything straight is a must. The action is fast paced and thanks goodness to short chapters and simple narration making “11th Hour” an easy and enjoyable read. We do have some twists although each move is basic and may not be totally original. Reading novels written by Mr. Patterson or his collaborator (Maxine Paetro) fans know what to expect from this awesome writing team. When one needs a break and be away from taxing literature, “11th Hour” could be the answer. It did the trick for me.
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on 25 May 2012
Two weeks ago, as I returned from an expedition searching for alien life deep within the earth's crust, I sensed a disturbance in the natural order of things. Three hundred yards from the relative safety of Vogelhausen Towers, I paused, and lay down my trowel and mixing bowl. Something was up. I looked into the sky, but there was no sign of the invading hordes of the Overlords, a force created both to terrorise and befuddle with internal rhyming. That only left one possibility - Captain Patterson must have set the sails of Story, to navigate the briny depths of Book. And so it was, and is (and shall be, if the Overlords are kind). I gathered my tools to myself and began the lonely ascent of the marshmallow steps that lead to home, and Amazon.

What was the subject of the book? It was called "11th Hour". Ah, I thought. A book about morning breaks, tea and snackification. But I was wrong, so wrong, I was the driver of a broken taxi whose passengers were mistake and error (and Jurgen Klinsmann). As ever Emperor James of Pattersonia has shifted the goalposts - and camouflaged them, creating surprise (and a collision hazard in many playing fields). No, this book is about murder.

In the misty morning fields of Imaginationland I glimpsed the hunched shapes of figures slowly stalking me - his characters. As ever, we have Detective Lindsay Boxer, inspiration for the Simon & Garfunkel song (and the rebellion), valiantly searching for the murderer. She is also seeking a haunted diamond which confers eternal life on its owner but renders him or her unable to appreciate cubism, although this quest is an unspoken one in the book, one need only read between the lines to see it drives her, as a weeping man might drive a tractor while shouting out random lines from "X Men Origins: Wolverine". Also featured in the book are several recurring visible and invisible characters - the members of the women's murder club, of course; the all-seeing narrator; Eddie Van Halen; and the digitally recreated voice of Celine Dion, from the future. I was caught up in the plot, say aye, and finished it while pinned down by machine gun fire outside the Presidential Palace in Chalfont St. Giles.

So whether you are interested in plot-sugar, character-icing, or description-jam, this book is the doughnut for you. Happy read-eating! (And beware the coming of the Overlords!)
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on 19 March 2012
I love this series, really was looking forward to new book, half way through and not as gripped as usual, not sure why, will finish it but think something is missing or writing style is different maybe, can't quite put my finger on it!
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