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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2014
I really should have learnt my lesson from Death Star - another novel co- authored by Reaves. One of the main problem with both novels is simply that the pacing is so slow. Even the action (and there isn't that much of it) seems sluggish most of the time. The title is also deceptive. Rather than being a stand-alone novel as the title suggests, this should really be titled Coruscant Nights 4; and in fact originally was until an inexplicable name change. If, like myself, you haven't read the previous books, you will feel lost when it references many previous events. The characters are not all that likable either, & while the idea of someone who believes himself to be the last Jedi constantly on the run from the Empire might seem to be an exciting story, it really doesn't come across well here.

If you really want to read this, make sure you read the Coruscant Nights Trilogy first, although based on this I wouldn't bother.
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on 31 October 2013
I read this book in the first quarter of the year, and at the time I thought: It starts excellently, but the climax just felt... weak.
Its a decent book overall, Reaves can write good characters, but as I said above, the climax disappointed me.
Should you read this if you followed the Coruscant nights books? If you found nothing in those books particularly compelling, or just didn't enjoy them, I'd say no. Personally, I thought the first volume of the Coruscant nights books was quite good. I remember enjoying the story quite a bit. The other two... Not so much. There were some nice EU things co-opted into the plots of the second and third CN's books, like Vader arranging for the release of Aurra Sing from Oovo IV, but the plots in those books themselves, meh. It wasn't exactly riveting reading for me. I suppose there was an interesting subplot in the second CN's book with Captain Gregor Typho investigating Padme Amidala's death from ROTS, but it wasn't enough to save the overall feeling of lacklustre disappointment I felt.
And the absolute nonsense concerning a certain droid being force-sensitive, actually being able to be sensed in the force... Its just, no. Just no. Droids are machines, they shouldn't be able to be sensed in the force. At ALL. Period.
Anyway, just a disclaimer: None of those details above are spoilers from 'The Last Jedi'. They are spoilers from the Coruscant Nights books. Books that came out 5-6 years ago. Which brings me on to the next part of this review... Should you read this if you DIDNT read the CN's books? I'd say no. I mean you could, it decent standalone book. But Its a complete experience if you read the past books following Jax Pavan, then read 'The Last Jedi'.
Is it a good 'Dark Times' novel on the level of Dark Lord? No, but there are a few references from past stories in the Dark Times period that captures the feel of the era of the Dark Times for this book.
I'd probably give this book an 8/10.
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on 19 March 2013
I loved this book just like Reaves other books. A great book with a epic ending. I also liked Pol Haus and Sacha in this book and thought they where great characters. A must read for all star wars fans.
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on 30 March 2013
An interesting and enjoyable story that seeks to bridge some of the time from the end of the prequels and the start of the original trilogy.
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on 30 October 2013
an enjoyable read new adventure jedi and caractors that works well alone, but if want read mre suggest read corusant knight trilogy 1st (soz spelt wrong)this is well worth the read...
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I'm a huge fan of the Star Wars Universe so when I get chance to delve into the dark times when the Jedi were in hiding and Vader was at his pinnacle, I really can't wait to see what happens. This book by Michael and Maya hits a lot of my expectations with a cracking lead character, some wonderful illusion and brings to the fore a sleight of hand so much so that you're left wondering how its going to continue so much so that when I hit about half way through and was left for a while in the doldrums until it picked up again a little later, almost as if the story had been expanded from a very sharp novella to reach novel length.

This of course left me feeling a little cheated and to be blunt I'd rather have cut out a lot of the unnecessary bumf that was added purely so I could keep to the meat of the tale. That said it is still a cracking story but for me, the editing could have been tighter to keep the reader on the edge of their seats.
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on 7 February 2014
good bokk oved along nicely, main character a little morose at times but as the last jedi and having lost moist of his pals along the way he's entitled to, I just don't want to readd those bits, but thats just me. has good roll call, xizor, vader, hidden bases, rebels, suped up death droids, all thie sort of things a good star wars book should have. I'd like more action and less maudling at times though.
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on 22 April 2013
In my opinion this is one of the worst star wars books. Not as bad a Children of the Jedi but a long way down the line from the Timothy Zahn and James Luceno novels.

The story is slow and plodding. I brought this because I've enjoyed Michael Reeves other star wars novels to varying degrees. Death Star and Darth Maul Shadow Hunter being his best, this his worst. I think his partnership with Maya Kaathrn Bohnhoff is the problem here. I can pick out the different styles of writing and his is definitely better.

In conclusion: A rambling tale that often bores, but nevertheless includes some good characterization.
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on 14 November 2014
Not a bad book enjoyable and easy to get into ,but you may want to read the other books in this series so you will know the characters better,than if you just buy this one.
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VINE VOICEon 13 October 2013
17 BBY. When a leading member of the resistance to the Empire is captured by Darth Vader, Jedi survivor Jax Pavan and his allies must attempt a rescue or risk the exposure of all their resistance allies.

I liked how much of this book features the structure of organisations like Whiplash, showing the seeds of what would later become the Rebel Alliance.
I also enjoyed the section where, without it ever being specifically highlighted, we start to see Jax sliding towards the dark side - to the point that you genuinely wonder if he'll sacrifice the life of an ally for the sake of expedience. He reminded me of a less-insufferable Legacy era Jacen Solo.
Overall, the tone of the book nicely captures the desperate feeling of the seemingly-hopeless fight against the Empire.

Jax's closest allies are two characters who have become increasingly annoying with every appearance. Here Den Dhur's role is little more than to worry out loud about everything everyone is doing all the time.
I-Five on the opposite end of the scale, but actually more irritating, continues on his ridiculous path to... well, it seems Michael Reaves will only be happy when his creation becomes the God of the Star Wars universe. A droid which has already achieved sentience and is an overpowered war machine, here I-Five effectively becomes immortal, develops Force-sensitivity and becomes a real boy (no, seriously). It's ridiculous.
The other irritation for me was how shoe-horned in the appearances of Mandalore and Dathomir are. It's basically little more than name-dropping to no discernible purpose. Jax's trip to Dathomir is prompted literally by a random impulse, taking him away from the main storyline for a bit, only to return him a bit later. Inexplicable.

Some good elements, but altogether too many bad ones. I hope this is the end of the line for the Casualties of Drongar/Coruscant Nights characters.
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