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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 July 2009
GENESIS by Karin Slaughter is a cross-over of her two series - the first being her most known Grant County series starring Sara Linton, the other being the more recent series featuring Will Trent and Faith Mitchell. The story is based in Atlanta where Sara has moved to since the death of her husband three and a half years ago. Women have been kidnapped and brutally tortured before being found either in critical condition or dead. Will and Faith are on the case with the help of Sara to find one of the most vicious and sadistic serial killers that they have ever came across. Two women have been found so far but two more that they know of are now missing so it is a race against time to find them.

If you're a fan of either or both of Slaughter's series (like myself) then there is no doubt at all that you are going to love this book. It is more focussed on Will and Faith than Sara (she isn't in it as much as in the Grant County books) so if you are familiar with TRIPTYCH and FRACTURED it helps but is not essential. The relationship between Will and Faith feels very natural and realistic with regards to how they speak and act around one another, however their relationship with Sara does feel a little forced at times. The case is very graphic and can be quite dark and disturbing for the most part (think in the style of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS). There's quite a few suspects that could be the killer so it will keep you guessing and changing your mind the whole way through. It also gives us small chapters now and again from the perspective of the victims which tells us their fears and emotional trauma that they are going through, which just adds to the disturbing content. As well as the shocking case that the characters are all dealing with, it also touches on a lot of other matters such as Sara's grief for Jeffery (which is quite heartbreaking at times), Will's dyslexia and Faith's pregnancy and newly discovered diabetes.

Overall this is a very enjoyable novel - one of Slaughter's best I may add - and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting and thought-provoking thriller. It's not essential to have read Slaughter's previous books (in both series) but does help and definitely makes you feel more for the main characters if you are familiar with them. I look forward to where she goes with her series now!
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on 1 April 2010
A woman runs out of the woods and is knocked down by a passing car. When the cars occupants get out of the vehicle to help the woman, they discover that she has a lot more injuries, than from being hit by the car. Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, Will Trent arrives at the scene, and he uncovers a man made chamber in the woods, were the woman hed been held captive. It appears, she is not the only person to have been kept in the chamber.

I thought this novel got off to a great start, and was riveting for the first 100 pages or so, as the scene is set. However, like it's predecessor, Fractured, I thought the pace of the story slowed down considerably in the middle part of the book, as Will and his partner Faith piece together their case, with the help of Dr. Sara Linton, (who readers may be familiar with from the 'Grant County' series of novels by this author).

The story does pick up though, towards the end and I thought it was a fairly good book, but very gruesome in places.
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on 7 October 2009
I have purchased and read every book that Karin Slaughter has written She started off just great but after the first few books I was feeling 'let down' and had decided not to buy any more of her books as I felt they were becoming just like any other Amazon offered Genesis at a special discounted price so I half heartedly decided to give the author one more try I am so pleased that I did I enjoyed this book much more than the ones that preceded it though I do not think she will ever be able to recapture the originality of the first few
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on 9 July 2009
After reading the last few Grant County books I was feeling that they had lost their edge, while the Will Trent books where much better. This book brings the main characters from the two series together and is Slaughter back to her best.
The story follows Will Trent trying to find a kidnapper/murderer and when one of the victim's ends up in Sara's hospital she becomes some what involved in the case.
My only comment would be that the ending was too fast; it seemed to hand the killer on a plate with no real detective work being done. Having said that though it was a really enjoyable book and is worth giving a read whether you are a follower of the other books or not.
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on 16 July 2016
As per usual this is a great story.
The two series meet will and Sarah are both in this book and it works great and there's a real chemistry between the two of them.
The story is extremely well written and is very realistic frightening and gripping.
The only thing is the chapters are long and it's just personal preference but I prefer shorter chapters
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on 5 July 2013
...I can not get enough of Karin Slaughter!! Her books are some of the best I've ever read and she's definitely one of my all time favourite author's. This book is no different from the rest in the overlapping stories of Sara Linton and Will Trent.

I honestly can't recommend Karin' s books highly enough, read them you won't be disappointed.
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on 2 January 2011
Most writers give their detectives a quirk, to make them memorable or seem a bit interesting. This book teams a pair of early middle aged detectives, neither of whom would normally even get a decent job in law enforcement, let alone the State Bureau of Investigation.

First - the male detective. He is unnaturally tall, wears a three piece suit and drives a Porsche. He is virtually illiterate and is dyslexic. He cannot tell his left from his right and cannot understand directions. He is an orphan who married a girl from his orphanage. She turns up once every six months for a day of torrid sex before disappearing again. He has a mobile phone that is falling to pieces. It's held together by duct tape and bits of wire. He is almost colour blind and has to set his screens to strange colour combinations so that he has more of a chance of deciphering messages. But as a good point, he is strong and very brave.

The female detective was a teenage mother who is suffering from an insulin deficiency that causes her to faint, go crazy, lose control and be unable to think clearly. She is also pregnant and has brief affairs with very unsuitable partners. Being diabetic you would think she would always have a handy supply of insulin with her. Not so! With their confused private lives, it is unthinkable that this pair of detectives could catch the very clever serial killer who abducts and tortures women victims. They stumble upon the solution in the end, rather than deduce the culprit.

Now this is a cracking read - an enjoyable book. You just have to seriously suspend reality to believe this pair of detectives could find the thief of a library book, let alone the brilliant serial abductor of women.
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on 2 August 2013
I loved Karin Slaughter's style of writing which is basically CSI in book form! The story starts with the discovery of a horrid and disturbing crime scene with victims who are unable to give witness.

The story is slowly uncovered by the detective and police officer characters - when they discover something new, a lead, evidence, whatever, that's when the reader is aware too. So we get no extra insight into the plot or who the villain might be in comparison to the story's characters. Which I relish, as it allows me to speculate and play detective in my own mind.

The writing style is as you would expect for this type of crime thriller - fast paced and constantly throwing up cliff hanging chapter ends, which is precisely why I read the book from cover to cover within a day or two.
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on 5 June 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed this book, loved the characters and the plot. Very interesting reading as I wasn't sure if I would like Karin's books and have been very pleasantly surprised. Will be reading more.
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on 7 May 2015
It's the third book I've read of Karin Slaughter and I'm very impressed with the suspense and the understanding of the characters, I can't wait to read the next one in the series would definitely recommend this book to people who like Mo Hayder and the likes,
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