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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2014
"Crime" is somehow very different from Irvine Welsh's other books. It has his feel and style, but it is very touching and ultimately more heartfelt than other Welsh novels I have read.

The main character Ray is a Scottish policeman who is painfully flawed, but you grow to like him and when you learn why he is like he is you grow to love him, very rarely does a character in a book hit me like Ray managed to, he is a very broken hero who has an uncomfortable path to follow to gain some redemption in his life. This book deals with a very difficult subject matter and is hard reading at times, its a subject that not many authors would have the courage to tackle, but its real and it happens. Welsh has an uncanny way of making you feel part of the story and I for one, really routed for Ray in the end. I was touched and amazed by how "powerful" this story became as I turned the pages. The ending brought a tear to my eye and this surprised me no end as I am a grown man and not usually susceptible to this kind of thing...

Beautifully written and I "truly" hope people read this brief review and buy this book... Irvine Welsh can often be amazing and this novel is up there with the best I have ever read - a very special story for me at least.

Thank you Mr Welsh.
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on 20 January 2009
Irvine has produced an uncomfortable read this time. Crime is a book that makes you think and confront some issues you'd rather not know about. It suffered, in my opinion, from it's setting. As a fan of gritty British fiction I was immediately switched off by a book set in America (no reflection on Americans by the way - I do like the place!) however, I found the back story on Ray Lennox and his development as a character fascinating.

In a nutshell, it's for grown ups and should be read as a standalone book rather than suffering comparisons with 'Trainspotting' or 'Glue'.
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on 26 May 2011
Did somebody say drugs, profanity, and a Scottish accent... it must be Irvine Welsh. I must admit I am usually put off Welsh's books due to these three things (or the over-use of them), but Crime offers the reader something else; although the language in this novel does get 'colourful' at times and there is drug use within the pages of this book, this isn't just shock for shocks sake. This is a novel thats gritty, thought provoking and powerful.
It tells the tale of Ray Lennox a Scottish police officer in Miami due to having a stress related breakdown and while there stumbles upon a young girl who is the target of a paedophile ring.
The main narative is alternated with chapters detailing the events that happened prior to his breakdown, these chapters are written from an intense second-person perspective that really drags the reader into the novel and doesn't allow them to leave.
This novel is extremely hard to put down, and a must-read for enyone wanting to read a satisfying and deep novel.
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on 6 April 2011
I started reading Crime straight after Room by Emma Donoghue. With a similar subject matter but much grittier approach, I found both books equally compelling reads. Crime is a fast paced thriller with believable central characters. Told mostly through the central character, Ray Lennox (an Edinburgh detective with huge personal issues on holiday in Miami), I felt that I could relate to his perception of America; the standard stereotypes and hidden undercurrents of sleaze that appear in all US cities. The over-sexualisation of children is an interesting recurrent theme also. The sly cunning and inter-connectedness of the child molesters ring was trully disturbing. I liked the counterpoise between Lennox's Edinburgh child sex-murder case and the unfolding US one.

I am a fan of Irvine's work and wasn't disappointed. I grew to like the hero and his ward, even though he's a Jambo! (clever casting there!).

Anyone who likes US writing including the contemporary crime writers (Haisen, McCarthy) and Scottish crime writing (Rankin, et al.) would enjoy this novel.
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on 28 May 2013
'Crime' is a bizarre work for Irvine Welsh for a few reasons. Firstly, it feels very restrained compared to his other novels; ironic considering the subject matter and surprising when it is the sequel to the harsh and disturbing masterpiece 'Filth' (though feels more like a spin-off). Secondly, Welsh has held back on his sweary characters and ditched the heroin and ecstasy for cocaine, though this time it is merely there for the development of the disturbed 'wounded mammal' that is Ray Lennox rather than the central plot device.

Anyone hoping for 'Filth 2' will be disappointed as, like I mentioned, the book is more of a spin-off following Lennox (with cameos from Robert Toal and Amanda Drummond, among others), but even so, DO NOT READ until you have finished 'Filth' as it gives away a VERY important spoiler, and is (in ways) set in the aftermath of its 'prequel'.

Thirdly, it is a bizarre change for Welsh in that it is set in Miami and is (mostly) inhabited by sleazy and offbeat characters who for once AREN'T speaking in the Scots dialect. Pleasingly, Welsh has avoided a Miami Vice/Scarface rip-off and gives a realistic insight in to the culture, area and crime that inhabits the state.

Ray Lennox, though not as strong a central character as Bruce Robertson from 'Filth' or Renton from 'Trainspotting' is still very memorable, and in ways more engaging as he battles to clear up his damaged psyche, (the novel being an effective psychological story) and get over his disgrace with failing to save a victim of a child killer back in Scotland. He takes it upon himself to rescue Tianna, a target of a paedophile ring in Miami and it is fascinating to watch their relationship develop, the characters always feeling rich. 'Crime' is seen as a thriller, though not a conventional one, and moves at a breakneck pace, it is often hard to put down.

Lastly, something else that is very different about this novel is that it sometimes does not seem like it was written by Welsh at all, and instead feels more like a Thomas Harris novel (best known for 'Silence of the lambs') due to his overly descriptive prose and characters wracked in paranoia and unsettling thoughts and desires.

This is definitely a recommended novel, and though not as strong as Welsh's masterpiece 'Trainspotting', it feels very fresh and often moving.
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on 11 March 2014
Crime picks up after Filth, taking up the reins of one of the supporting cast members, Ray Lennox (Bruce Robertson's sidekick). The absence of the Scottish dialect in favour of more conventional narration makes this a far less engaging and original read. The plot is exciting enough and pretty well paced, and there are the usual array of unsavoury characters and ideas, but Crime lacks a certain something. It feels a bit like it was written with a view to it being made into a film, with all of the negative connotations you might imagine. That's not to say it wasn't enjoyable, just a bit ordinary.
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on 13 July 2015
Great follow up to Filth as we follow Ray Lennox on from the events of the first book and the death of his mentor and the shocking events that lead him to Miami - another fantastic novel from Irvine Welsh
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on 24 February 2010
What with him being a writer an all that young Mr Welsh does seem to have a way with words. I thoroughly enjoyed this bit of fiction, it draws a little bit from the frame of reference drawn up in Filth although this time the copper is goodie (despite his fondnes for the Bolivian Bicarb) who goes on holiday to Florida with his bride to be, only to get himself caught up in child sex ring.

Irivine has a clever knack of addressing challenging issues while still keeping them entertaining. He sits comfortably in the hinterlnd between Andy McNab and Proust, neither embarassingly low brow or pretentiously high brow. If I hadn't already bought "Crime" I'd be happy to buy it again. The only downer on reading Irvine Welsh's books is that as an author I know I'll never be as good as him. Makes you sick doesn't he !

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on 16 July 2008
Welsh has never let me down with a novel or short story, and he kept up the great work here. Any other author right now that seems to be putting out a lot of work has chucked out glorified novellas and called them novels. I really can't say a single bad thing about this book. It is a true mature novel. The character development was great. The writing itself was brilliant. Welsh created scenes that made you feel exactly how he wanted you to. If you want Trainspotting part 47 or Filth part 2 don't bother with this because it is completely different. I am not a guy who gives you the entire synopsis in a review, all I can say is that if you want a great, great book to spend some uncomfortable time with, this is one to get.
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on 1 March 2014
before reading this book I thought it would be similar to Filth. but after, I feel that this is a stronger book with more of a message behind it rather than the disgust triggered in filth. Unlike a lot of Welsh, is set mostly in Florida so those looking for Edinburgh name drops May be disappointed.
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