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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2012
I love this book and I have read it several times.

The book is a nice and easy read, nothing complicated or difficult about the book. The book starts of with the main Caracter going to Scotland as on a job for her Boss which she have never meet as she is a Virtual Assistance. She goes to Scotland to see to one of his businesses and to report back as to what is going on. When she arrives at the place she warms to the people and suddently get involved in saving the business instead of just reporting back that best option is to close down the Business.

She becomes very friendly with some of the locals and also helps out in a "cafe" on wheels, which is not appreciated by some of the family she is staying with as they think of them selves as Posh.

She is in a relation ship when she goes to Scotland, however, she starts questioning if it is the right one when she starts thinking of another man.

The story is funny and laughable, the people and situations the main caracter suddently is in, are described so well that you can imagine very well what is going on. The book is written in Katies usual relaxed style and there is funny sides to all the caracters but also they are described so we can imagine them.

What I love about the book is that it doesn't require any thinking it is just a lovely relaxed story and nothing complicated. At times it is predictable however this in my opinion is what I want of a Chick lit story. I want to be able to imagine and just enjoy the story, I want to be able to put away the book and come straight back into it again no matter if I'm tired/travelling or on a bus or train.
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on 26 January 2015
Good story but reading it second tine around i couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed with the main character. She was far too easily angered by things and didn't wait to get the whole story before shouting at someone. I understand what it's like to feel strongly about something but that sort of behaviour would normally get someone fired and is, in my opinion, unacceptable. She also took on extra responsibilities without hours of arriving (who does that?) and seemed to have no common sense when it came to going out in the snow. A decent book from Katie Fforde, perfectly acceptable if you are on a plane or train journey but not one of her best.
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on 30 April 2017
My wife ordered this book on my account without any explanation. Her kindle is permanently linked to my account so that I can monitor her activities. She has now read it at least 3 times which is a good indicator that she loves it. I'm not allowed to read it because it has a few moments of sex in it. I'm guessing that it deserves the 5 stars..... You're welcome!
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on 25 March 2017
I first read this book many years ago when it was released and it as just as good today. Katie Fforde's work doesn't age and has always been a great way to escape the world for a while!
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on 19 July 2017
Love katie Fforde books. Chill out reading with lovely stories
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on 23 May 2017
As always Katie Fforde did not disappoint. Very enjoyable read.
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VINE VOICEon 20 August 2003
Highland Fling was the first of Katie Fforde's stories that I have read and so I have no comparison to make against her previous novels. However, I found this book to be well written and a fun read.
I thought the characters to be both likeable and realistic and felt that the interacted well with each other throughout the story. The hero was someone any girl would love to fall in love with - a mixture of both dedicated businessman and rugged, handsome mountainman, while the heroine was feisty yet kind - a nice normal girl. The plot of saving the mill was also interesting and new, and luckily the author didn't weigh the book down with over-the-top detail about mills in general!
I did however have a few problems with the book. Firstly I did find that the 2 main characters didn't have enough interaction for me to truly believe that they had fallen in love with each other. Secondly, I was very disappointed that the story was wrapped up so quickly. It was as if the author had decided on a page limit and as it was fast approaching decided to conclude everything in one fell swoop. Everything was finished off so conveniently that it did feel that the characters became contrived in order to get to the end of the book.
Despite these points I did find the book a fun and light read which I would recommend it for reading on a holiday or just to pass a few hours.
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on 23 May 2002
Katie Fforde has mastered the art of writing novels that, while wildly improbable, are so loaded with charm that the reader ceases to care that the sequence of events is so unlikely. Highland Fling is no exception.
Our heroine takes on superhero status as she transforms an industry and enables the various personalities surrounding her to turn their lives around and become better people, even as she becomes more assertive and vigorous in perceiving and furthering her own best chance for a happy future. As with the other novels, the plot, while enjoyable, is more than equalled by the skill of Ms Fforde's characterizations. In Highland Fling, as in her other works, the reader suspends her disbelief in the engrossing tale that unfolds as everyone finds where their hearts lie.
Ms Fforde's novels are light reading, but never try to be anything else. As an American completely in love with Scotland, I was delighted with the journey to Scotland that this book allowed me to take.
One minor complaint: the number of typographical errors in this book was truly astounding. Words were frequently in the wrong order or omitted altogether. Perhaps a better copy editing job should be done for future printings. Ms Fforde deserves better!
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on 4 July 2017
As described
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on 6 December 2012
I really enjoy Katie Fforde books so when I saw this in my local bookshop at a bargain price I couldn't resist.

The pace was comfortable and I quickly fell into the storyline, not wanting to put the book down. Unfortunately this did take me rather a long time to read but it wasn't at all because of the book - I had so much going on in my real life that I just didn't have time to sit and read as much as usual .

Jenny was a sweet character who seemed unable to say no to people but I loved how feisty she became whenever Ross was around, he really brought out the worst in her but they definitely had an exciting spark. Ross was one of those powerful male characters who didn't say much, but didn't need to because he was so confident and sexy. He had a mysterious side and I got the feeling that he was keeping something from Jenny.

I actually felt nervous when Jenny was meeting Lady Dalmain for the first time, her daughter-in-law called her `the matriarch' so I envisioned a scary woman who took no prisoners. I was, in fact, fascinated by her traditional values and old-fashioned ways.

As the book progressed there were many hurdles to cross and it was all systems go, Jenny worked very hard but often found herself distracted by her love life and it was at those times she seemed to struggle to hold it all together. Personally I was hoping that the inevitable would happen and she would succumb to her feelings.

There were a few moments that were particularly enjoyable for me - Jenny's first meeting with her virtual boss, a hectic dinner party, a tense business meeting and a snowy walk that ended up hotter than it should have been!

This was a cosy read with a lovely ending, a perfect snuggle on the sofa book.
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