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on 4 March 2013
these are continuing tales following on from one another dating back all the way to the last film return of the jedi , a must read for any Star Wars fan !!!!
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on 23 October 2013
This is a very good read and flows well through all story lines etc The saga is unfolding at a good enjoyable pace!
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on 20 August 2015
Good book.
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on 13 August 2000
As Stackpole's series revolved almost entirely around the Jedi, it is refreshing to see that the tables have been turned. This time, Han Solo takes centre stage. And the improvement is incredible.
This time, there's no standing around playing around with words; rather, it is all-out action, which, let's face it, has always been what "Star Wars" has been best at.
A refreshing aspect of this book is the return of characters from the Correlian trilogy and the Black Fleet trilogy; characters who were ignored by most writers. Another refreshing aspect is the style of writing; it is far better than Stackpole's. It is unpretentious, neat, and far less meandering. It shows the Yuuzhan Vong savagery in a far more effective way.
In conlusion, this book has served to restore my faith in these books, and brought about a fresh style. Long may it continue.
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on 1 December 2000
The best aspects of these books is that each book or duology features on a different set of characters, and we see the invasion through their eyes.
Here, we see the latest events of the continuing Yuuzhan Vong invasion through the eyes of Han Solo, who was conspicuous by his absence up until this point.
It's great to see Han back as the hero we know he is, back to his best and taking on the galaxy again. Even better is that Luceno makes plenty of references to the 70's Han Solo book trilogy, bringing characters into the expanded universe that some thought were gone forever.
It's not the best book of the New Jedi Order series, I'd like to see more Jedi, and more non-human characters involved, but the series is fast paced and exciting and always leaves you wondering how the heroes of old are going to cope.
Now all I need is a duology based on Lando Calrissian and i'll be really happy!
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on 4 August 2000
As James Luceno had never written a star wars book before, i did't know if he'd be any good. He was. The story is excellent and some question from the previous books start to be answered. Also their is the welcome return of Han Solo to the action as he and his old friend Roa go off on an adventure. Mara also gets a step closer to curing her disease. I thought it was great that luceno brought back lots old characters like Belindi Kalenda from the Correlian trilogy and also lowbacca. An excellent book.
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on 26 June 2008
Han Solo's back :D, yet you almost want him to go away again, hmm... strange book. Struggling to come to terms with the death of his friend Han "becomes the loner he once was", seeking to bring an old friend to justice Han uncovers a plot much larger plot then what previously seemed to be a simple traitor. A fairly humorous book yet also emotionally deep, exploring the feelings of Han after the death of his long time friend. Great writing that seems impossible to get bored of, one of the best books in the NJO series and almost up to the standard of Traitor. Plus, it's got the best name in the whole series.
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on 22 August 2000
Well, I read it in a day, it is a good story but it is too inconsistent with the other books, for me anyway. On the good side there is a lot of depth and it is good to see Han Solo almost back to normal but it just didn't impress me the way the other books have.
On the bad side, the tactics used against the YV are different, no mention of the flicker shots, suddenly Krefey is no longer really mentioned and the Jedi play a very small part. No real mention of Corran Horn and the events of Ruin. I know every book does not have to be about the Jedi but it just doesn't flow from the other books in the series.
This book is a must if you follow the New Jedi Order series but it didn't work for me. Buy it and enjoy.
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on 24 September 2000
Hero's Trial shows the deep emotional trouble faced by Han Solo caused by the death of his longtime partner, the wookie Chewbacca. James Luceno continues the story of the Yuuzhan Vong crusade - with a possible cure for Mara's mysterious illness...
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on 14 April 2001
Some old characters return wich is cool, but i wanted Danni Qui(from Salvatore's Vector Prime) to return and do something. Still there is this new character (i think) Droma, he may be a well companiom for Han, not as good as Chewie but wich can?.
Its greatly told.
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