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In this book, first published in 2000, veteran researcher Tim Good focuses on a small number of little-known but complex and (mostly) compelling cases he personally investigated in the late 1990s. This deeper discussion of a few cases enables the adoption of a narrative style easier to read than the one-case-after-another cataloguing format of his landmark books "Above Top Secret" and "Need to Know" which, although unimpeachable works of reference, can be a difficult read.

The introductory chapter discusses attitudes to government disclosure of the ET issue and focuses on the 90-page COMETA report, released to the public by the French Government in 1999 and declaring, effectively, that the UFO phenomenon is extraterrestrial in origin and that the US Government is almost certainly concealing alien-derived technologies. Many other vital issues are examined in this important and neglected official French document and it is worthwhile getting an original copy for study.

Tim Good shares the conviction of Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 Astronaut and moon-walker) and many other senior figures in the aerospace and military fields that information about the ET presence is held in the US by organizations that have "spun off from the military intelligence agencies of the past" which now operate under black budgets. In this regard, he is on the same track as Richard Dolan whose excellent two-volume (eventually planned to be three) history of the phenomenon expounds this controversial thesis.

To quote the author, "All manner of strange creatures associated with the alien phenomenon are featured in `Unearthly Disclosure'. I have also included stories involving quasi-human beings. Although seemingly ludicrous in many respects and often involving confabulation, deception or delusion...it is my contention that important elements of truth are contained in the stories I have selected." There you have it: that's the book, in a nutshell.

The one really controversial case discussed at great length (60 pages or so, including photos and drawings) is that of the creature allegedly photographed by Filiberto Caponi in Pretare, which caused a media sensation in Italy in November 1993 but was soon forgotten. It is generally seen as a hoax, but the author spent a great deal of time investigating the case and interviewing the alleged witnesses, and is convinced to this day (April 2010) it is genuine: I know, because he confirmed this to me recently in person. If you are not familiar with this case, then read this book, do some investigation and make up your own mind. You'll understand why "hoax" is the majority view, even if you find it credible.

Tim Good's curiosity and thoroughness often bring new and hitherto unknown cases into the public domain. This is always refreshing, when so many writers in the field do no more than re-hash old cases. He personally investigated the strange events in 1996 in Varginha and the evidence that something truly extraordinary happened is now so strong, with so many witnesses, that it is recognised throughout Brazil as real. Here he writes up the details of the investigation. He then presents a range of extraordinary reports from Puerto Rico, a centre of ET activity possibly like no other on Earth, backed up by onsite experience and interviews. These accounts are really fascinating and even if they do stretch the prevailing paradigm the evidence presented is compelling.

If you have an interest in the ET presence on Earth or just in the UFO phenomenon, you should read all Tim Good's books and have original hardback copies on your bookshelf. They are a gold mine of unique and valuable reference. "Unearthly Disclosure" is interesting, well-written and easy to read with a good narrative style - though not all the cases discussed are free from controversy.
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on 28 October 2013
I would recommend this book but it loses a star because personally I would have preferred more of Timothy Good's own ideas and conclusions about Aliens - that section was very small. I know he is mainly reporting on evidence but as an expert I really want to know what he thinks and the conclusions he has drawn from his years of research - even if it is just speculation it would still interest me. That said, this is a great book with so much fascinating information some of it truly creepy! (if true)
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on 9 September 2016
Have really got fed up with Good because he relies on the least plausible and less reliable sources eg: Adamski.
Mr Good, you have milked the cow dry!
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on 24 March 2017
This book was excellent. Extremeley well written and researched. A real eye opener.
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on 19 April 2017
Very interesting but actual hard evidence is thin on the ground - mainly because it was systematically removed.
You have to be very courageous to tell the truth in any European country.
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on 7 March 2017
If you have not clued up on Tmothy Good, you are not good.
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on 23 October 2009
From the safety of your own armchair travel through time and space with the perspective of a UFO detective. Discover bizarre meteorological conditions, travel onboard alien craft powered by forcefields harnessing natural resources, witness a phenomenal physical displacement with an experienced airline pilot, encounter and see photographic evidence of unusual beings from beyond our realm.

Whether you are a "believer" in these phenomena or a sceptic, "Unearthly Disclosure" is a terrific read. Eloquently written with a gripping narrative, this book by respected researcher Timothy Good combines intrigue, mystery and science presenting it in an objective manner. We are left to re-evaluate our own somewhat limited concepts of physical matter and energy as technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, perhaps with the help of reverse engineering from recovered craft.

On this consciousness-expanding journey we are guided by scientific experts and high-ranking military personnel who lend credence to the accounts.
So, just when you are puzzling over the material contained in this exciting book, remember that at that crucial moment it is often the men in black who turn up, not men in white coats...
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on 13 October 2000
I have a keen interest in this subject and always look forward to the work of Timothy Good. This book certainly follows on from his previous Alien Base book, but brings the whole subject up to date.
There are in depth studies on numerous cases of Alien contact including Enrique Castillos' claims and Julio Fernandez to name but two. Good gives ample space to all the cases and never over indulges in his own views but gives the reader the facts per se. The amazing Puerto Rico reports including the 'goatsuckers' or Chupacabras are also brought up to speed in this book. His fact based studies are always well received by Ufologists and although some of the investigations are quite strange all are given due consideration. The Varginha incident is one off the most important Alien contact cases for years.
This is first class UFOLOGY - for the first time reader I would suggest reading Beyond Top Secret first but really most open minded readers will find some topic of conversation from this book. Superb!
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on 19 February 2002
I have read every book Tim good has written on this subject and this one was no disappointment.
He is once again consistent with his attention to detail regarding witnesses, air traffic, weather,documentation etc. and by no means tries to infuence your opinions with his own.
The book is packed with accounts which will hold you spellbound right up to the last page.
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on 15 December 2014
The start was what you expected but it then went into massive detail about some reported ET close encounters which Tim was not sure were authentic. Very gripping stories but I think his other books deal with the in depth revelations from credible people in positions of authority to a greater extent. I am going to read `Earth: An Alien Enterprise' next and I'm hoping for more details of what he's found out. I was a bit perturbed by his expressed hostility towards Dr Steven Greer in interviews he's done but the nature of Steven's revelations and beliefs are both backed up by inside contacts at the highest level, whilst being incredible to the human perception at the same time. Maybe it is a competitive rivalry causing the distrust. With mainstream UK newspapers reporting high suspicious casualty rates amongst UFOlogists it's no wonder those practicing it are cautious in the extreme. The mainstream population in general can't handle the truth and most are too distracted and busy to care.
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