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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2002
For a book titled the Shark "Mutiny". The actual mutiny seemed to be a very shallow and incidental plot line that could have easily been dispensed with. Thus streamlining the story greatly and perhaps resulting in a slightly more satisfying conclusion.
I'm afraid that, despite the undoubted intensive research the author has put in, that this book does not quite match up to the benchmark works of Clancy or Larry Bond.
The lack of comprehension on basic naval concepts such as employment of minefields and a seeming ignorance of strategic matters specifically in the USN/Taiwan theatre, went a long way to ruining the story for me. With a Naval Advisor of the stature of Adm. Woodward (whom it seems Robinson must make some sycophantic reference to in every volume he produces) such mistakes are both suprising and disappointing.
All told probably an entertaining read for the uninitiated, but, certainly is not as good as it could, or perhaps should, have been with just a little more attention to detail.
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on 29 October 2006
I was looking forward to reading this book as it is a favourite genre of mine. The author is well renowned for such works although sadly on this occasion he has let himself down.

The story unfolds rather well and throughout the book he enters into some details as far as is possible given the nature of the story and its characters. Unfortunately as it progresses it become somewhat complex, the story seems to drift of on a tangent and it rather looses its way.

The ending is seemingly very abrupt and as the story progressed equally it seems bizarre to have an ending climax in just a few short pages.

I would unfortunately not recommend this title to anyone, which is a shame coming from such a good author.

Try another tile and save the disappointment, it is not a book I intend keeping within my eclectic collection!
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on 7 April 2001
Once again the American military are portrayed as virtually invincible gung ho superheroes and the Chinese as the bad guys whom sneakily outwit the good ole boys.
The ultimate outcome in both the military actions and the court marshal are pretty much predictable from almost the very beginning of the book.
Mr Robinson seems to have lost the edge he had with "Nimitz Class" and "HMS Seawolf" both of which are more like thrillers, though more because of the villain than the heros.
This book helps fill a few hours if you don't really want to use your brain. (useful sometimes)
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on 1 December 2016
If you like realistic and readable books about submarines and proper people, you will love this book, and indeed all the books by this author. I have read all of his output, some twice. Still brilliant.
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on 25 August 2001
Patrick Robinson has created a series of characters so one-dimensional there can only be one outcome in the novel, thus removing any suspense or sense that the novel is a 'thriller'.
The idea of mines in the Strait of Hormuz harnesses the threat of an aggressive Chinese state. This provides a basis for what could be a thoughtful storyline, but unfortunately Robinson dismisses the opportunity and instead allows his comic book characters to carry out feats of ever-more ridiculous magnitude. The images presented of certain Navy SEALs is perhaps over-the-top and Robinson has seemingly included the deaths of some characters simply to keep a slender grip on reality.
However, it is the over-the-top heroism of the infallible central characters that is so unbelievable as to take away from the possibility that he is in any way a pretender to Clancy's throne as the top military thriller writer around today, despite Clancy's sychophantic tendencies towards Jack Ryan in his recent novels.
I enjoy the submarine genre, but unfortunately I enjoy good characterisation as well, and Robinson's offering here is no more than a straightforward action story with no real surprise in the end, no matter that Robinson tries to keep us on tenterhooks with the court martial.
His earlier novels were a lot better and had more depth in explanation and character, and it is possible publisher's deadlines have dulled his earlier edge.
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on 24 October 2001
I looked forward to reading this book - I have read all the others in the series and enjoyed them very much.
They have a good cast, continuity and interesting concepts and plots not so far removed from reality.
The Shark Mutiny, however, is less good than it should have been. I got an impression of a book that started well, but might have been hurriedly finished due to pressure from publishers.
There are too many plot strands left unfollowed. Just for example, Dan Headley was put on the USS Shark as XO specifically because the USN thought her CO was "a bit wierd". When he turns out to be just that, no mention of this former command opinion is made at Headley's Court Martial.
There is no reaction at all from the Chinese naval characters to the SEAL's last action - but they would have been livid!
Worth a read, but hope the next one is better!
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on 15 March 2014
Having just read Kilo Class and enjoyed it immensely I had high expectations for this book. It started well but became increasingly irksome and eventually became irritating such that when I finished the book the main pleasure experienced was that it was at last over! On a small technical note, and it may be that it's just because I'm British, but I found it very difficult to believe that any SEAL would refer to his fins as flippers. Towards the end the actions and the outcome of both a number of the characters and the events all just seemed to be unlikely with whad had previously been built up and they just seemed to drift away with unsatisfactory conclusions. If I were to be cynical I would suggest that the author was trying to deliberately set up a number of open scenarios that would lead the way to future sequels.
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on 24 May 2001
Patrick Robinson's rather gung-ho books seem to descend further and further into the bombastic and ridiculous. What, in this case, starts well rapidly descends into a ridiculous display of American aggression and posturing. The plot loses all touch with reality and is full unbelievably macho characters with limited intelligence. However, the action is fast paced and entertaining if you can suspend your belief for a while. Worth a try if you are desparate for a holiday read.
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on 16 April 2006
The story was quite entertaining, although I think that the author is in love with a SEAL. Unfortunately, in my copy, there were forty pages duplicated and fifty pages missing, so I didn't get all the story. The title is Shark Mutiny; the actual mutiny didn't seem to me to be the main feature of the book, and was somewhat glossed over, to the detriment of the tale.
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on 17 June 2001
After the excellent Nimitz Class and Kilo Class, I had high hopes of Mr Robinson's latest book. Unfortunately it is very formulaic, predictable, portays an incredibly xenophobic US and is embarrasingly pro-American, to the extent I wondered if it was a parody at some points. If you enjoyed the earlier books, give this one a miss and hope for better.
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