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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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The Second Messiah: Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry

This very readable book commences by ascertaining why nine knights arrived unannounced in Jerusalem 1118CE to defend pilgrims, instead disappearing into the chambers beneath the ruins of the Jerusalem Temple, and this is a fine piece of historical research.

The focus is then switched to British Freemasonry and trys to unravel what happened prior to the foundation of the current Grand Lodge in 1717 following the Jacobite uprising in 1715 that had left Freemasons vulnerable. This has varied success but the discovery of a book containing the details of rituals that have been eliminated from Freemasonry but are still represented by name only is fascinating. The authors claim these rediscovered rituals prove a link between the Knights Templar and Freemasonry.

Their claim to have discovered the true identity of the image on the Turin Shroud seems much less convincing, coming under the heading of "it could have happened this way but there is no proof it did".

Their Jesus bloodline theories seem pretty tenuous as usual.

I can fully see the likelihood of the Templars encoding their secrets into Tarot cards, I am not sure the earliest cards had the design features mentioned, the illustrations are mainly from the Ryder Waite pack designed by the leading occultist and Masonic historian A. E. Waite in 1909.

A really engrossing book.
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on 18 May 2006
I thought this book was bold and well researched. Aware of the scientific set backs (carbon dating) in establishing the Shroud of Turin as the burial shroud of Jesus, this alternative explanation made perfect sense! This book has inspired me to accept more reason in my spirituality. I truly have trouble accepting the biblical miracles as true. (i.e. Immaculate conception, raising the dead, resurrection etc.) It is of some comfort to read a perfectly rational explanation for the politics behind promoting religious myths of miracles and supernatural events. I wish more books debunked the miracles and supernatural events of the bible with learned academic research exposing the reality behind the story. Books by Laurence Gardner come to mind. This is not a good read for the religious apologist or follower of blind faith.

I will never view Friday the 13th the same way again!
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on 22 August 2009
after i've read the extraordinary contovertial book'' holy blood and holy grail'' which was a major source for dan brown's davinci code ; i decided to read another book within the same topic and this one was my first choice.Within this book , espacially in some of its chapters, the writers had been Stumbling through different historical analyses of the knight templars , Jesus ,and the turin Shroud wherein the authors through scientific observations had embarked on establishing a link between the turin and Jack de moley the las master templar as well as the notion that the freemasonry could be a legacy of the poor soldiers of christ had made this book a proficient read and a good reference for many other books such as the brilliant novel book '' the templar legacy'' by steve berry, and ''the templar revelation''by Lynn pickett.

Paradoxically, ''Turin shroud'' by lynn pickett has debunked the notion that the turin shroud ressembles jack de moley and instead , she concluded that it belongs to Michael Angelo.
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on 18 October 2011
The blurb under 'Product Description' has a fatal error. It states that Jacques de Molay was crucified. He was not. He, and other leading Templar Knights, were burnt at the stake on the Ile de la Cite in the middle of the Seine in Paris. His death, and the torture, murder and suppression of the Templar Knights is, without doubt, one of the very blackest pages in French and Papal history.

Just as Henry VIII and Cromwell viewed the Dissolution of the Monasteries and misappropriation of their wealth as being convenient for settling the King's debts and immeasurably improve his financial situation, in France King Philippe IV was deeply indebted to the Templars (who operated a primitive and early form of European banking system). By eradicating the Order (and forcing the Pope to order its dissolution) the way was clear to seize their considerable assets, and to forget the debt he owed them.

As to the Shroud of Turin being the burial cloth of Jacques de Molay, that holds about as much possibility as the Italian who recently claimed it to be the work of Giotto di Bondone, and insists he has found Giotto's signature on the linen. Any sane person need only look at the painter's entire existant oeuvre to see, even with an untrained eye, that the artist, wonderful as his frecoes are, would have been entirely incapable of creating the image on the Shroud. Besides which, the graphically tortured image of 'the Man of the Shroud' is diametrically and stylistically opposed to the work of Giotto and of his contemporaries. Christ on the Cross was generally depicted as serene, and bloodless, His Body unmarked by the scourge and other tortures he underwent. The same goes for Leonardo da Vinci (there are those who have alleged it was made by him), besides the Shroud is historically documented long before Leonardo was an inconvenient bump in the abdomen of his cowherd mother.

If you wish to read a truly well researched and HONEST account of Il Santo Sudario, then buy yourself a copy of Ian Wilson's book. It deals in facts and in possibilities but eschews fiction and folly!
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on 16 January 2000
This is a book that I picked up in hurry whilst in a book-buying frenzy! When I finally read the 'blurb' I wondered what I had let myself in for. One week later, after a second reading of the book I knew. Quite simply I don't recall any other book challenging my seemingly-set-in-stone views as much as this one. It explains the knights templar, the turin shroud, tarot cards; the revelations seemed endless, and yet they were all beautifully explained. I cannot recommend this book enough, read it, it will make you re-think you beliefs
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on 27 October 2003
The Second Messiah is Knight & Lomas' second publication in this field. An expertly written factually based hypothesis on everything movable an imovable under the canopy of heaven! Namely religion, global development or the oppression of it and, yes you guessed it, Freemasonry. Their first book The Hiram Key establishes a link between the ancient Knights Templar and the modern freemason. This is then elaborated on in this wonderfully drafted sequel which challenges the authenticities of the foundations of the Roman Catholic church. Quite a controversial account for many but absolutely undeniable. Even the sternest of christians with a modicum of common sense would have their beliefs strongly challenged by this brace of books. So Christian or not, Freemason or not, this is a must read for anyone seeking truth. WARNING! Not for those who choose faith over knowledge!
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on 1 December 1999
A very educational and inspiring piece of investigative work on the history of The Knights Templar, Freemasonry, The Turin Shroud and certain aspects of the Christian faith.
In my opinion, the authors have done an exceptional job in first underlining the objective of their intellectual quest, and later proving it with logical explanations by rigorous examination of evidences.
Arguments are soundly administered, voids were not left wanting, while giving even the most astute sceptic a chance to do his/her own thinking. The references from which the ideas are sourced are also detailed so that the reader could do any further reading/investigation.
The conclusion part is very helpful in reinforcing the main groundwork on which the following points of the next chapters are based.
A word of advice however, please do not have any predisposition towards either the topic or the authors but instead be open to a new dimension of thinking that this piece of literary work is able to offer. A must read for those wanting to broaden their horizons on the understanding of our debauched past!
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on 18 June 2000
I am a student of history, and have found both ""The Hiram Key"" and ""The Second Messiah"" to be well documented and precise. Beginning in ancient Sumer, and traveling through Egypt and Israel, the story retold is as much for those blinded by the lies of The Church, as for those in a search for The Truth.
Written in the style of a very good mystery, you will slowly realize the depth and magnitude of the information contained there-in. You begin your epic journey blindfolded, and slowly the light filters in as you learn the secrets of The Knights Templar, Hiram Abif, The Pillars of Jachin and Boaz, and The Second Messiah.
I consider this a ""must"" read if you have found yourself somewhat disenchanted with Christianity. Truth will conquer all.
Thank you Mr Knight, and Mr. Lomas. Very much.
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on 9 October 2014
Excellent insight into Freemasonry. Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas are always great and do a superb job of research. Recommended to anyone that is interested in the Masonic code and the Shroud of Turin.
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on 22 April 2015
A very well written and researched book, enlightening the reader to other theories of religious history, it has given myself the proof to what I have always truly believed .
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