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on 11 December 2013
I bought his ebook about 3 years ago and followed it religiously insomuch that I even went off and wrote down my immediate, medium and long term goals down just when it told you to near the beginning of the book! Very whoop whoop American, I know but it really does help. I then kept those in a note on my phone and read them every day or so to just remind me what I was trying to achieve and why.

Tom Venuto is a lovely guy that frequents his own forums and answers questions on his facebook page - very open, honest, no nonsense - DRUG FREE fitness expert.

Onto the concepts of the book. Well, if you're after a magic pill look elsewhere. If you're after a diet that only lets you eat cabbage or {insert ridiculous single food here} only then again, you're not going to get that.

What you're going to get is EDUCATED about how your body works in regards to processing food, losing fat and building muscle. This is offered in an easy to read and easily understood way. You won't need a degree is biology (or even A-level) to understand it.

Once you have the knowledge of how your body works and what it needs to achieve your goals you can apply that to your diet. I can honestly say that I never felt hungry following Tom's principles. I did feel sore however - from the workouts!

What this book WON'T do is help you lose that last little bit of fat if you're already super lean and want to see your abs popping out! For that I recommend his ebook on cyclic carbs but this is getting into detail most people won't need nor want.

I went from 14.5 stone and 25% bf (male 41) to 12 stone and around 12% bodyfat following this book. Basically went from soft, podgy, middle aged gut to looking toned and lean. Took a LOT of hard work in the gym too and a discipline in the kitchen. But the discipline in the kitchen is all about setting yourself life style changes - it's NOT A DIET - it's a change in habits, a change in lifestyle.

If all this sounds like too much hard work then I suggest you eat cabbage soup for 5 weeks, lose a load of weight and then put it back on in 2 weeks when you go back to unheathly ways.

If you are ready to make a change then this book will become your bible - and you too will become a BTFFTM evangelist ;-)

Ps - I have reviewed his ebook by the way here but this is the first time it's in proper paperback and it's a lot cheaper too! There is even more content in the book I believe than was in the ebook.

Anyway - bought this book for a friend who I know wants to make a change too
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on 25 February 2016
This is a terrific book. Whether you have never read a book on fat loss before or have read everything (and are therefore almost certainly confused), and whatever shape you are in, this is for you. It is comprehensive, jargon-free, the advice is fad-free, does not entail any extreme measures, the elimination of any major food groups and nor, despite Mr Venuto being a body builder, does the cardio enthusiasts need fear.

Mr Venuto applies compelling reasoning throughout the book, from: ‘If you want to shed body fat and gain muscle, learn from the leanest, best-built people in the world – bodybuilders…’ to 'What could be better than getting leaner, healthier and fitter? How about getting leaner, healthier, fitter and stronger? Throughout, each section provides explanation of the topic, reasoning for its propositions, alerts to threats and presents the reader with clear action steps. In fact, the reader can often select from a hierarchy of actions from simple rules of thumb (such as simply basing nutrition plans on avoiding the ‘terrible 12’ and eating from ‘the terrific 12’), to making detailed plans via clear, easy to follow step-by-step processes (such as determining precise individual nutritional intake to achieve goals safely and in the optimal time). For the more advanced trainer there is a wealth of information covering nutrition, fat loss, training programmes and exercises.

But another aspect really sets the book apart. It tackles the crucial mental aspects required to make an important, long-term plan succeed. (I found this the most challenging section of the book to apply, probably because it is the area I am weakest and need the most). Mr Venuto details a process that could be applied to any aspect of life or business. He guides the reader through the importance of identifying what they want and harnessing the power of the mind to get it. Once again it is all done in a practical, down-to-earth manner and is presented with persuasive argument.

Finally, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle reads easily. I did not find myself having to re-read passages to understand the meaning. The arguments flow and technical information can be studied or skipped according to your level of interest. So, as well as being a great guide it was a good read. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.
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on 28 April 2014
This guy is a genius...it's like a food bible...nothing else compares...I have followed his methods and have dropped to at 10% body fat at the age of 43!!!...
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on 13 February 2014
I have been working out in the gym for quite some time and I was booking some results before hitting a plateau. I've tried many things, including dieting, extensive cardio sessions, increasing number of visits to the gym, but none of those seems to be a success formula for long-lasting results. Often I felt tired during work-outs and it was hard getting up in the mornings.

When doing some research on the internet, I learned about "burn the fat, feed the muscle". I was quite curious about the book as it promised not to diet your body down, but to build your body up, getting fitter and getting healthier. I ordered myself a copy and finished it within the next couple of days. The book first learns you about the most common pitfalls almost all people fall into. People tend to fail their long-term objectives not because of a lack in will power, but a lack in focus and understanding on how your body works and its relationship with food and excersice routines. It is not an "one-size-for-all" book as it introduce at an early stage the concept of different body types, requiring a different approach.

The book revolves around 4 main elements: nutrition, resistance training, cardio training and mental training. Nutrition will help you to get leaner and healthier whereas resistance training will help you to build up muscle. The cardio will get you fitter and helps you to get leaner even faster. The mental training will help you to stick to your nutrition and excersice trainings.

In his book, Tom Venuto looks at the secrets of the leanest people in the world, i.e. bodybuilders. Don't be affraid by this approach, this book will not make you a bodybuilder if you don't want too. It simply helps you to reach the ideal body composition you were looking for, and this in a healthy and sustainable way. The book gives you many quick start tips which you can easily apply. The positive results of those tips will help you to stay motivated.

I'm really enthousiastic about the book, that've recommended it to many of my fitness buddies. Thanks Tom!
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on 1 October 2014
I bought this book because I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I knew, from past experience, that reducing calorie intake produces weight loss but, once the body's metabolism adjusts to it, then weight loss comes to a standstill.

This book takes you beyond the usual, healthy eating type publications and gives a more detailed explanation of how weight training, and sensible diet, can be combined, effectively, for weight loss. I don't have any proper gym equipment; just a pair of dumbbells. Following Tom Venuto's program, and recommendations, I've managed to lose 18 lbs in six weeks.

I'm 71 years of age and have just received the results of my recent blood test. My blood sugar is now normal and my doctor told me that all the other elements, ( liver, kidneys, prostate etc) that they test for, are excellent. I feel 20 years younger and would recommend this book to anyone.
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on 10 March 2017
As a personal trainer this book is a great source of information on how to get people lean. Its all stuff I kind of know but they have put it into a great format and made it interesting to read. Also contains a section on the mental attitude towards building muscle and burning fat which is probably the bit most people struggle with. Couldn't recommend this enough to anyone. Very easy to understand and they give you the tools to create your own weight loss/ muscle gain plan.
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on 16 September 2014
This is the best book I've read for awhile. I have about 100 books on health and fitness (mostly bodybuilding ), but this tops them all.
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on 1 December 2016
Some great information, a brilliantly layed out plan, to help get you from A-B-C and keep you there, should you wish to!..
It's all about life choices, at the end of the day if you don't use the information, and train and set yourself goals, nothing will work, short of a magic pill or spell.... We know they don't exist!!..

So read it, follow it, use the knowledge within it and train you will see results!! Remember Rome wasn't built in a day!
Neither was your fat reserves!, but follow this information and I'm sure you can, lose the fat quicker than, going it alone and help you sculpt the body, you've always wanted!.. It's not a diet, it's a way of life :)

Remember, knowledge is nothing unless we utilize it!!...

Happy training
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on 6 May 2015
Brilliant book for those of you wanting to shred the fat and build muscle. I read this before competing in a bikini competition and it certainly helped my progress. It has formulas to test out and workouts to try. Great for those of you that have recently joined a gym but still uncertain of what to do in and out of the gym.
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on 1 June 2015
Very good and very informative book. He really does know what he's taking about - having followed the tips for a few weeks I feel the difference. No more hunger and silly dieting - just learn to feed the muscle :) I keep coming back for a refresher to various chapters. Also great for motivation!
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