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on 1 July 2017
Really interesting book and a decent social history of the time. As a millwall fan I enjoyed it, although it's certainly not necessary to be a millwall supporter to appreciate the story. A page turner.
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on 6 March 2017
Ok found it a bit far fetched and hard to believe, having been around Millwall during that period and previous, the credibility is not there for me. Some of the language and general conversations sounded all wrong. So in essence I couldn't have it!!
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on 16 February 2015
Brought for husband who is no bookstore and he read it in a day. Good read.
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on 7 August 2014
Perfect just what we wanted
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on 14 December 2015
Running With the Firm isn't quite an accurate description of this book. O.K. so Bannon got to know a few Millwall "Top Boys" during his 2 years undercover but even towards the end of that time he wasn't close enough to claim to have actually infiltrated the inner circle or indeed to have achieved much,2 years with no arrests is hardly a result.
It is however interesting as an insight into the early days of covert policing and these days undercover cops have far more support and back up than Bannon and his crew. Good to see the reality of football violence back then for once,the police were often the instigators and a kicking from the plod because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time as well as often being the aggressors in football violence was all part of life for young bucks back in the day. I remember people being "accidentally" pushed into walls and my cousin nearly ended up in a wheelchair at the age of 18 after a severe beating after an Arsenal game by a group of policemen for no apparent reason. Supporters back then were treated like rubbish,wound up and bullied by idiots in uniform then blamed if they had a go back.
I found the first half of the book pretty dire,not least the unconvincing dialogue which sounded just like a policeman reading out his notes giving evidence. Thankfully it picks up until sputtering out like a dud firework as the anti-climactic ending leaves the reader feeling a little cheated. Of course this is a true story and the author could only relate what actually happened...not that much did.
I enjoyed it,mostly as a bit of nostalgia and a reminder of how dire things were back then for football fans from the rattly old soccer specials to endemic police brutality as it would be called now,coppers being coppers as it was then.
Good but far from great.
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on 6 July 2017
Me and my brother were addicted to the film ID. It was a small production but brilliant to watch. As soon as I heard it was made from a book I had to read it. It's about an officer who goes undercover to infiltrate some football hooligans and ends up enjoying the new status more than he should. The book is similar to the film and there are many characters that grow on you and you feel for.

If you liked the film ID or if you like any book that get's down and gritty to the workings of football hooliganism a few years ago you'll love this. It's a great story and a bit of a shock when you discover it's a true story!
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on 26 January 2014
In the saturated hoolie book market one which links the infamous Millwall Bushwhackers and an undercover police operation should make for a rollercoaster of a read. Unfortunately this book is duller than a whack on the head with a Millwall brick.

The reason for this is that contrary to the blurb the author didn't infiltrate Millwalls main firm. He "infiltrated" guys who were, at best, on the periphery of the scene. Consequently this slim book is hugely padded out with tedious descriptions of Met "office politics",the authors lovelife , countless run of the mill conversations in South London boozers, and trips to games where nothing happens !

The fact that the two year operation ended with no arrests shows , that like the time spent reading this book, it was a wasted exercise. The authors assertion that after the operation ended he has continued to attend Millwall matches over the subsequent twenty five years stretches the tales credibility even further. Its naïve to believe that he would have been able to continue to turn up at the Den / new Den if he had infiltrated the clubs hooligan element to the extent he suggests.

Most tellingly the book contains a prominent disclaimer that names, places, dates, sequences or the details of events have been changed. Cynics might suggest that this gave the author carte blanche to make up whatever he wanted and avoid any consequences?

I cant believe that this book would be of interest to any current serving police officers, except perhaps the fraud squad.
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on 5 August 2014
After already seeing the film Id years ago the book has made me want to watch the film again the book is well written a few differences to the film but that's not surprising a must read
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on 8 October 2014
Intersting concept and also rather heartwarming! Story line gets you fully involved and gives different approach to hooliganism,definitely a must read whatever your background :-)
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on 31 March 2016
I travelled with Millwall everywhere from years back and none of the real Firm have a clue what this joker is on about, even Inspector Clayton would have wept !! Absolute bulls*** in the same league as Dave Courtneys fantasy life.!!

Mad Jack
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