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on 11 December 2017
Mark Sisson is the author of the Mark’s Daily Apple blog, which has gained a huge popularity and large fan base over the last several years. The Primal Blueprint covers Mark’s core approach to health in a condensed form. In 300 or so pages, he talks about broad and diverse aspects of life such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, sun exposure, play, footwear and more. In a nutshell, the Primal Blueprint takes a step back and take a good look at our lifestyle from both common sense & evolutionary perspectives.

Who will find this book interesting?
Probably just about everybody with an interest in their own health I would think.

Why you should read it:
- Mark has an easily accessible & humorous writing style, despite entering sometime very technical subjects.
- The whole book is strongly anchored in science.
- It is a blueprint. A set of guidelines and principles. It is not a diet, not a strongly regimented programme. It doesn’t tell you what to do on a 30 days plan, and therefore is adaptable to whatever your circumstances are.
- Although many people use this approach for “weight loss”, it is so much more! It offers a coherent approach to health and can be used effectively by just anybody with chronic conditions or general poor health. Following the Primal Blueprint promises to improve your hormone balance, energy levels, physical & mental fitness and cardio-vascular health.

What can be improved on, from my point of view?
- A minor complaint: I generally don’t like when the references are at the end of the book, it generally means they’re never looked up. At least they are numbered.
- Most of the material can be read for free of Mark’s huge website… if you have the time to sift through the ton of material on there.
- … and here is the biggest blind spot and unanswered question, which many in the so-called "paleo diet" community seem to ignore: if agriculture got us into this mess in the first place, is it conceivable to get better without questioning he fundamentals of our society? In other words, if one wishes to go back to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, how can it be achieved in world where most of the land is “private property” and where wilderness is persona non-grata? History has demonstrated with concerning consistency that, from the advent of agriculture to this very day, hunter-gatherers are on the losing side of the forced march towards “progress”. I appreciate this subject would need a few more books to get into, but ignoring the question completely is burying one’s head in the sand.
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on 25 October 2015
I'm writing this review a year since I bought the book and started eating Primal. I had been steadily gaining weight and although I was not eating a lot of bread or pasta, I was still eating oats, grains and legumes, so something just wasn't adding up. I wasn't feeling that great and still found it very difficult to control cravings, especially after eating oat cakes!?!
So a year down the line, and it has been a great move for me, yes I have fallen off the wagon a few times and when I have, I have really noticed it! My mood will be lower if I eat a lot of sugar or processed foods. For me there have been so many benefits of eating primal, I have lost weight, been able to maintain my weight easier, I rarely get ill and I no longer fight the dreaded bloat. Oh, and my skin got so much better, I think some of my wrinkles actually went away! Not only that but the book is really easy to read and the principles include more than just food changes. It's a real lifestyle change, which includes barefoot, crossfit, sprinting every now and then and walking more, getting out in the sun. I have studied sports science and have always known that walking is great for burning fat. It's a brilliant read and it provides real solutions, they may not all be that easy to integrate into your life, it might take a little effort, but it's worth it.
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on 30 November 2016
I am so so so frustrated. I bought this then the NEW primal blueprint came out 2 days later!!!!!!!! Not sure if Kindle edition is the best, I found that it made it difficult to read, especially with the pyramids etc. However that is a comment on the useability of the book, the content however is fantastic. I am partly primal, I want to go full but it is just difficult at the minute (not due to holidays, however going away with work, ever tried asking a curry house how it is made? Nightmare. However sensible choices are still made!!). There is some stuff in there which is not of interest to me, 23 and cholesterol is something that I just find dull, sure future me will disagree. However if looking for a LIFESTYLE change, NOT a diet (diets don't really work anyway) that is surprisingly easy (by the time you have eaten all the veg and then meat you cannot believe that you would have previously been eating carbs) BUY THE NEW BOOK. Not Kindle though.
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on 16 October 2015
I tried many ways of eating. i've gone vegetarian, raw, vegan etc...but nothing made me feel more energetic or feel full for long periods of time. i've been primal diet for a few weeks now and it really made a difference. i have no crazy cravings for sweet stuff ( and i could eat sweets all day), i don't feel exhausted by mid day. another plus. i had those 6 kg i couldn't shed after last pregnancy.no matter what i did( exercising 4 times a week)they just stuck. and finally a shift. i started to lose weight. so only positives so far
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on 18 August 2016
5 stars because it is a great price for the health advice the will last you a lifetime! I'm travelling and bought this book 1 month in, easing into eating primal (with limited options where I am) but certainly feeling less bloated, a lot happier and healthier and loosing weight even though I don't feel like I'm trying too hard ! Plus not feeling peckish 24 hrs a day like I'm accustomed too, means I've wasted less money on stodge and have more to spend on travelling! I doubt help ever know I've written this but thanks Mark sisson for the advice. Genuinely
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on 10 March 2015
I have only just (accidentally) discovered Paleo in the last month. I had never heard of it, probably because I zone out when I hear or read "Diet X", but this is different and Mark's approach and style is superb. Getting back to eating and moving as our Paleolithic ancestors did, and as we are evolved to do, is compelling. Modern processed food, grains and sugary drinks were not available to them and they were healthier for it. The book guides us through the mine field of the so called healthy foods that are hurting our health and backs up what he is saying with authoratative research. It's also written in a very intelligent but easy to read way that helps us digest (sorry) the message. If you are looking for an introduction to Paleo living with practical advice, look no further. Check out Mark's blog "Mark's Daily Apple" for an insight.
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on 4 June 2012
If you are already aware of the caveman or paleo principles toward diet and lifestyle this is not going to tell you anything you don't already know.

If not and you want to find out about the diet principles and indeed the lifestyle changes this particular ideology encompasses then buy this book.

Mr Sissons is a great author on the subject and his book is comprehensive and covers all areas with sound explanation.

Even in the UK I now notice some of the medical profession are publicly voicing support for the principles of the primal lifestyle in promoting better health.

And yes it does work and yes I do feel benefit from following it.

So if your looking for a sound introduction to the caveman lifestyle principles and how to adapt them to modern living this is a great introduction.
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on 11 September 2017
Agree with most of it, Sisson has blind spots though and some of his theory is flawed.
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on 21 October 2016
Bought for husband, who is into the Paleo diet. the change in diet, going more natural really does make a different in body shape change and general good health. I would recommend it. Mark Sisson really knows his stuff, good buy, arrived quickly, thanks.
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on 1 April 2015
There is a lot to be said about the Paleo diet and I really feel this is something doctors and dietritians should be recommending to patients who are obese or overweight and even people who are depressed or unhappy. I adopted the Paleo lifestyle around a year and a half ago and have lost 3 stone. My moods have really improved as well as my sleep patterns. I never realised how much foods could actually affect you mentally. Would recommend this along with "it starts with food" (my favourite) and would also recommend everyone try a whole 30.
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