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on 26 August 2017
Lots of ideas for sewing goodies
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This is a truly lovely book: the pictures are fresh & inspiring. I love the use of modern colours & fabrics, they all feel very "now" in terms of what I think of as gorgeous "handmade chic." I would say the book is definitely geared more toward the beginner and for those looking to start getting a bit more creative with their sewing machine. I am not sure much will benefit the seasoned sewer though. Let me explain further...

The book covers basics things like hand-sewing a button, sewing on motifs (ready-made embroidery/embellishments) and adding ribbons onto clothes. There's a whole section on altering clothes which provides general tips as well as specifics like shortening & lengthening a hemline, elasticating a waist, adding box pleats and doing alterations to sleeves. If you haven't done these things before, the instructions are easy enough to follow although a few more step-by-step pictures would have made it even better.

I like that there are useful ideas on using up small bits of fabric (e.g create your own strip of pleated ribbon and sew it on to jazz up a skirt; or plait the strips and make a fabric necklace). If you're looking for specific projects though, i.e making something from scratch, rather than altering/jazzing up existing items, there are only 9 projects, which appear in the final part of the book. These include very simple things like a headband and a corsage, as well as things that will take a quite bit longer and a bit more confidence, like a reversible bag and a very pretty tulle skirt.

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with the book in terms of what I could actually learn from it - it covers lots of basic info, which I already know and apart from the tulle skirt, the projects are all things I've seen done before in other books. I do have a lot of sewing books though, so there's bound to be some overlap.

Funnily enough, despite my comments, I DO still think the book is fabulous: the style of it is very "me." If you normally find the idea of sewing to be quite daunting, this book could be for you: it looks very creative in the way it's presented with all its pretty photography and it will inspire you to maybe start jazzing up clothes you already own, without ever having to follow a pattern or make something from scratch, if u don't want to! I also think if you don't already own lots of other sewing books, this one might be a good place to start. For me personally, the book is a bit limited - I don't have a whole load of sewing experience but I do have enough to find this book has limited application for me. A very pretty, useful and stylish book for the right person though.
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on 22 September 2012
I got this book a couple of days ago and I absolutely love it. I already have a couple of projects in the way, and I'm finding it very inspiring. I attended some classes at the Sew over it cafe in London and were really really good and the book is keeping the high standards. Really worth getting it.
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on 11 August 2017
TBH very disappointed. Received today. My advice would be to find the book in a library or bookshop and see if it's your kind of thing. The first part consists of customising clothes e.g. sew on motifs, sewing a folded ribbon around a neckline which looked like a child had done it, then there were rows of elasticated ribbon which (I thought) looked awful. To my mind it makes clothes look over done and cheap rather than chic. Couple of handy hints in altering clothes but nothing that a cursory free search on google wouldn't tell you. The projects are pretty much non existent - there are a couple of skirts - elasticated waist - fine if you're 16, size 8 and have a flat stomach. Nothing that an adult could wear. In making accessories - covered fabric buttons (which you can use as earrings) fabric necklace, headband.

Mine's going up for sale.
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on 26 July 2013
I love the Sew Over It school, and have attended classes there repeatedly. This book doesn't do them justice. It reads like a beginner sewer hasn't proof-read it, rather only experts who were too blinded by their knowledge to see that it is unintelligible to a beginner.
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on 15 January 2017
Absolute waste of money. No sewing advice whatsoever, no useful information as to how to commence sewing and essential techniques, a library book could have supplied more information for no money. It's just an expensive company brochure for her shops in Islington and Clapham. Considering how out of touch with average retail customers Lisa is, it's no surprise that this book reflects this; there's just the bare minimum regarding how to thread a needle, (doesn't justify the price) how to cover buttons and pointless "challenges" for advanced seamstresses who probably wouldn't bother buying a book to learn how to make something already in their repertoires. This is just a book of "crafts," You can only learn how to make accessories but not actual clothing, there are no patterns, so you can't learn basic pattern reading skills or fabric discrimination information. The "fitting section" includes nothing on bust measurements, full bust adjustments or darts. There is also nothing on disseminating information on reading pattern envelopes.The instructions for the projects are accompanied by the barest minimum of small pictures. It's also not thoroughly proofread, so there are lots of typographical errors present. (Funnily enough, she thanks her copy editor for "fine tooth-combing copy-editing." ) The only thing that I found useful was the list of her favourite fabric and haberdashery stockists in the UK.
Her "sections" on needles and threads are woefully threadbare. (See what I did there?) There is no detailed textual or visual information regarding the different types of needles in accordance with fabric types. I would have expected to see for example photographs of denim along with the corresponding denim needle, likewise for help in discerning sharps, betweens, darning, tapestry and other needles. It's just "There are lots of needle varieties, some are for heavy fabrics, others aren't. Some people favour a long needle, and others short." Wow, groundbreaking. As regards threads, it's equally dead. I only picked up that 100% polyester is best for hand and machine sewing and it's advisable to buy the best that you can possibly afford. I already knew that. I recommend doing exactly the latter by not buying this book and instead investing the money into high-quality haberdashery and reputable sewing courses. There should also have been a comprehensive section on haberdashery, what tools to use and how to use them etc.

I'm also disappointed that there is no guidance or introduction to the overlocker/serger. Instead, readers are presented with the bloody obvious: "You get better at using a machine by attending a class/use a thread that matches your fabric/always practise first." Not forgetting: "Always ensure that you select and purchase a high-quality iron, the more expensive the better." I could have had that information for free from my local sewing machine retailer.
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on 30 April 2013
Discovered Lisa Comfort after undertaking projects in Kirsty's Vintage Home book. This book has now been put to one side & the sewing machine has come out! The projects in Sew Over It are easy to follow with lovely results. Treat yourself to it or give as a gift to a creative friend - they'll love you for it!
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on 5 November 2012
Bought this book and started reading it on the tube journey home and by the end of my journey there were 3 beginners projects I just couldn't wait to get back to my flat to get started on.
It provides:
- a very easy step by step guide, including how to thread a machine (which was a much needed reminder for me!)
- beautiful pictures showing you what to do at each stage
- unique ideas for customising tired old outfits to make them into 'one of a kind' pieces.

My favourite pieces I've made from the book are: customised a plain black dress with buttons on the shoulders and waist to give it a military style and sewing beautiful beads around the neckline of an old boring work top -I've had so many compliments on this top! Also great book for a Christmas pressie as looks fab on the coffee table too!
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on 12 December 2013
This book is a very comprehensive,informative manual.Lisa Comfort explains very simply how to make and alter clothes.
She explains the importance of needle sizes and thread quality.
There are excellent pictorial references as well as easy to understand instructions.I am delighted with the book and think that it is very good value for money
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on 9 February 2014
I bought this Book for my Grabd-daughter who enjoyed reading it and has made use of the ideas contained in it. She is interested in sewing and so this is an ideal gift for her. I saw the Author interviewed on TV and that is why I bought it.
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