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on 31 October 2017
I always read the negative reviews, and I was concerned that this book would not meet my dog's needs but I needn't have worried, it's brilliant.
The book itself is hardback and the pages are beautiful to look at, coloured with backgrounds and little doodles on every page. Then there are the advice sections and recipes.This is a British book, so no problem getting ingredients or understanding quantities.
I have managed to get most of the ingredients from the supermarket, a couple of things I have yet to purchase like ground rosehips, but I can get the capsules from H&B and break them open, I buy them for myself often, haven;t yet cooked the recipes that include them, but if I do and don't have it I will leave it out.
I have three dogs, two are rescues from Cyprus and one of those who was eating the dry dog food combined with the dehydrated pure food that has been so good for my old mini Schnauzer for 6 months, then she started to refuse to eat. I tried giving one or the other food, more top quality food, a choice of food - I just couldn't bear to see her miserably curling up with her back to her bowl, and only eating a little if I put something tempting on top, or if she was hand fed.
She also suffers with ear problems and itching allergy type problems.
So I decided to cook for her, at first scrambled egg for breakfast mixed with some dry dog food which worked for a week or so until she refused it with the dog food. I cooked a load of brown rice with veg and fruit after some research, and a pile of chicken and mixing it together, then cooking salmon when the chicken ran out. She loved it!
I worried that I might be feeding too much, or not the right proportions of protein in the mix so thought a cookery book could help.
I regularly take my dogs along and weigh them on the vet's scales to check if their food needs adjusting, given they also have training treats, and I think this is the way to find out if you are feeding enough or overfeeding.
This book advises on which fruit and veg to feed your dog, as well as herbs and spices. It also has a guide to the calories a dog should consume by weight of dog, and each recipe gives you the calories, protein and fat amounts - so you can work out how much to feed and if I can't get it right by guessing I could sit down and work it out properly - the info is all there despite some of the less positive reviews.
My girl doesn't like raw fruit and veg, unlike the two boys who can't get enough, so I wondered if she would eat cooked fruit in her food - seems that she will.
So far she has loved the savoury porridge, I didn't think she would like the sweet porridge however the note below suggests that meat or fish can be added, so I took the savoury porridge and tonight added frozen blueberries, she had some in her dinner too and ate that so I think she will eat the porridge and next time I will also add grated apple and see how that goes.
She loved the lamb, lentil and veg stew, and the meatloaf despite the grated carrots. She doesn't like raw or cooked chunks of carrot and spits them out but devoured the meatloaf happily.
The Wonderful One Pot is very similar to the meal I was cooking before the book arrived, with maybe less variety of veg than I was adding. I think it is a good guide, and each recipe suggests variants or gives useful tips.
I made fishy treats for training, and all the dogs like them, I tried them too and they are quite good.
I am going to make a lot more of the recipes, everything I have made so far has been very well received and my girl is actually excited about her meals and doesn't need coaxing to eat them any longer.
As well as breakfasts, and a good variety of dinner recipes using meats or fish, and treats there are sections on special occasion cooking including cakes, and a section for dogs who aren't well and need a little tender care and careful feeding, and for elderly dogs.
As for the ear and skin problems, and possibly the car sickness - it will take time to see if these things improve with this food. What I can tell you is she has nice firm poop - well most of the time and when she doesn't it is down to the lunchtime chewy treats I fed her. Only a parent of a toddler and pet owners get excited about firm poop!
For the future I would like to be cooking for all three dogs, at the moment the rescue boy is eating all the foods that my girl has tried and refused, he is a little dustbin eating anything he can. The other dog is an old boy needs a special diet for pancreatitis and bladder stones, so might have to stay on pure dehydrated food - but I think I could probably cook up a batch of food to suit him as well.
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on 29 November 2016
It's just okay. Nit great but not awful either. We have had dogs for a very long time and our Shihtzu Molly is the first fussy eater we have ever had. So as a last resort we decided I had to cook for her. But I had no idea what. So figured I needed a doggy cookbook. Would I buy this again? No way! It is sitting on my dressing table having been glanced at once and never used. Guess I should really send it back.
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on 10 September 2015
I bought this book out of desperation for my 16 month old labrador, Annie who had never in her life done a solid poo (sorry!) I had tried her on all sorts of different dried, commercial food - even those recommended by pet shops to be "completely natural". My vet put it down to the fact that she's a very nervous little dog but I wanted to do more for her so I scanned the internet for ideas & solutions & I came across this book. Thank goodness I did. I honestly swear that after just THREE of these meals she had done her very first solid poo!!! Since then we haven't looked back and all 3 of my labs are now absolutely thriving on this diet. Their coats are fantastic, they have nicer smelling breath and they all do solid, milder smelling, more infrequent poo's too! But the best thing is that they are all so much more excited at meal times - it's always a surprise, always fresh and always healthy. Please don't be put off with time restrictions - I can easily knock up a meal for 3 in 15 minutes or less - it's easy and so rewarding to know exactly what your dogs are putting in their tummies and seeing them thrive on a really decent diet that they all deserve. I've also found that it's much cheaper to feed my dogs this way rather than constantly stocking up on overpriced complete food. There are some fab recipes in this book and lots of helpful tips to get you started if you're a complete novice as I was - guides on carbs, fat, protein, fruit, veg, etc., a list of what not to feed your dogs and there's even a chicken broth recipe for upset tummies that I have made for Annie and she loves it!! Buy this book and try it - I promise you will have a very healthy, happy pooch!! PS. My 11 year old lab, Jack, who wasn't too enthusiastic about mealtimes (I thought it was his age...) now jumps up & down, excited & thrilled to see what's in his dish!! What more could you ask for?
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on 1 September 2017
This book is amazing!! I've made the meatloaf for my doggy Dutchess and she loves it! Her plates always empty when I make this. There's so many amazing recipes in this book and I can't wait to try each and everyone.
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on 29 July 2015
This is a nice book with a lot of information. I bought this as my Jack Tzu will not eat dog food. I tried many brands with no luck, fed up with wasting money. There are some good recipes in the book good enough to eat myself. Tried some recipes & my dog ate it all up.
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on 13 October 2017
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on 23 February 2017
We have two young cavalier king charles spaniels, aged nine months and seven months, the youngest is a ruby who is very small and was very fussy about his food. He was very reluctant to eat the kibble recommended by the breeder from whom we bought him. Vets advice was to ignore his refusal to eat but we felt unable to do this given his size and his anxiety when faced with food.
I started to give him cooked chicken and this made a big difference, at least he was eating, I then discovered this book and it was a revelation, both dogs are now fed exclusively on recipes from this book and it is a pleasure to watch them both get excited at meal times and chase their bowls around the house after emptying them.
It is obvious that they are healthier evidenced by their stamina and shiny coats and eyes, they particularly love the fish cakes and cannot get enough of them, watching them happily demolishing their food is a pleasure knowing that they are getting a varied and healthy diet,
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on 3 August 2012
I've never read a recipe book cover to cover before but I did with this one! Who would have thought dog food could be glamorous!? A lucid and compelling account of the scary dog food industry precedes some great nutritional advice, and the recipes are divided into helpful themed chapters. Most importantly, reading this book made me want to cook for my dog, something I've never done (leftover pizza doesn't count). It makes total sense that the long term health of your dog is directly correlated to what you feed him/her, but it took someone bold to spell it out. For so long we've been pretending that those dry grey pellets and the hideous jelly-like tinned food we feed our pets is actually good for them, when in fact what we've been giving our beloved animals is the nutritional equivalent of a Big Mac. The recipes are very simple and make use of interesting herbs like rose hips and supplements like flaxseed oil - particularly loved the lamb muffins and the birthday cake recipes. A must-read for anyone who loves their dog.
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on 12 January 2013
I have a food gorging Yellow labrador who is 9 years old. I bought this book to maintain his wellbeing as I wanted to keep his joints supple with the recipies full of fish/olis and vegetables. It made me more aware of what goodness i could bring to my dogs diet to keep him in my life as long as possible.
On the down side, I havent found the ingredients such as flaxseed oil.Salmon in oil as it is always in water in the supermarkets. Apart from that, I recommend it to all my friends who have dogs.
Love it, love it, love it!!!
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on 25 March 2013
Having read a previous reviewers comments about how easy it is to use this just once or twice a week, I ordered this - and think it's excellent. It's informative - re nutrition, helpful - re suggested herbs for good health - and the recipes are easy to follow. The actual recipe contents, following the intro, advice on healthy diets, etc. - include Breakfast Menu, Daily Dinners, Special Meals for Special Days (include a birthday cake!), Tasty Treats, Recovery Recipes, Old Hounds, Herbal Home Pharmacy.
I'm unable to get some of the ingredients needed - ie minced lamb! So, I choose this ingredient in my super natural ready made dog food that I buy, then choose to make a recipe with minced beef, which I can get - or minced turkey, if I'm lucky...
Also, I choose to purchase, thro' Amazon, Lily's Kitchen dried food - which has the recommended herbs for good health included - so I don't have to try to obtain the 17 herbs - hoping that they are 'fresh/dried' too, or gather from the garden what I can - and then dry.
Finally, I choose a recipe according to what I have available, so could be tinned fish 'fishy treats' or meatloaf!
Only problem - must remember to prioritise hubby's tea before doggies!!
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