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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 September 2015
I bought this book out of desperation for my 16 month old labrador, Annie who had never in her life done a solid poo (sorry!) I had tried her on all sorts of different dried, commercial food - even those recommended by pet shops to be "completely natural". My vet put it down to the fact that she's a very nervous little dog but I wanted to do more for her so I scanned the internet for ideas & solutions & I came across this book. Thank goodness I did. I honestly swear that after just THREE of these meals she had done her very first solid poo!!! Since then we haven't looked back and all 3 of my labs are now absolutely thriving on this diet. Their coats are fantastic, they have nicer smelling breath and they all do solid, milder smelling, more infrequent poo's too! But the best thing is that they are all so much more excited at meal times - it's always a surprise, always fresh and always healthy. Please don't be put off with time restrictions - I can easily knock up a meal for 3 in 15 minutes or less - it's easy and so rewarding to know exactly what your dogs are putting in their tummies and seeing them thrive on a really decent diet that they all deserve. I've also found that it's much cheaper to feed my dogs this way rather than constantly stocking up on overpriced complete food. There are some fab recipes in this book and lots of helpful tips to get you started if you're a complete novice as I was - guides on carbs, fat, protein, fruit, veg, etc., a list of what not to feed your dogs and there's even a chicken broth recipe for upset tummies that I have made for Annie and she loves it!! Buy this book and try it - I promise you will have a very healthy, happy pooch!! PS. My 11 year old lab, Jack, who wasn't too enthusiastic about mealtimes (I thought it was his age...) now jumps up & down, excited & thrilled to see what's in his dish!! What more could you ask for?
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on 3 August 2012
I've never read a recipe book cover to cover before but I did with this one! Who would have thought dog food could be glamorous!? A lucid and compelling account of the scary dog food industry precedes some great nutritional advice, and the recipes are divided into helpful themed chapters. Most importantly, reading this book made me want to cook for my dog, something I've never done (leftover pizza doesn't count). It makes total sense that the long term health of your dog is directly correlated to what you feed him/her, but it took someone bold to spell it out. For so long we've been pretending that those dry grey pellets and the hideous jelly-like tinned food we feed our pets is actually good for them, when in fact what we've been giving our beloved animals is the nutritional equivalent of a Big Mac. The recipes are very simple and make use of interesting herbs like rose hips and supplements like flaxseed oil - particularly loved the lamb muffins and the birthday cake recipes. A must-read for anyone who loves their dog.
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on 6 August 2012
This is a super book for anyone wishing to cook healthy, reasonably priced, meals for their dog. My dogs are already enjoying some of the recipes. Some recipes seem a bit fiddly for something that is going to be "woofed" down in 3 seconds flat e.g the mince pies for dogs- but I will try them when I have the time! My husband keeps thinking I'm cooking for him and indeed he could actually share the dogs' dinners that come from this book.
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on 14 April 2015
A very attractive book full of information on canine nutrition with tasty recipes for dogs - and in some cases humans too! Well researched and vet approved. If you're going to start cooking for your dog you need to know what not to put in their dinner, as some common ingredients are toxic to dogs. Most dog owners know about chocolate, but might not have considered vine fruits, avocados or onions dangerous. Artificial sweeteners can be fatal, and coffee can cause seizures.
Even if you don't follow the recipes to the letter, there are lots of good ideas - but be warned, once your dog gets used to home cooking expect a cold wet nose to be turned up at commercial dog food.
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on 15 October 2012
I recently purchased this book as I am obsessed with my precious dog's diet after she has recently been diagnosed with cancer. All I can say is that my dog has been scoffing the meals with gusto!!! I can especially recommend the sardine bake, she loves it!! If you have the time to prepare these meals in advance then I would say it is definately cheaper than buying good quality pet food, I make huge batches of the stews/casseroles and freeze individual portions. I have no negative comments about this book and have recommended it to all my dog owning friends!
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on 26 February 2014
Loads of tempting recipes. My dog also a border terrier has been diagnosed with allergies and the vet recommended we look at her diet. It's too early to say whether the allergies have been totally eradicated but she's really enjoying the food I'm cooking her and I feel much better knowing what is going into her meals. I doubt in the long run I am spending much more on her food either. I'm not sure I'd buy another recipe book on my kindle mainly because I'm handwriting the recipes into book as I don't like my kindle at risk in the kitchen.
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on 27 August 2012
Ok, so the sails & whales have absolutely no relevance here whatsoever but the puppy dogs tails do!

The very first meal I cooked from this book had both my maltese / shih szu crosses playing 123 red lights with me in the kitchen.
They started at the far end where the door in is, and everytime I looked round they had both moved a little bit closer but were sitting stock still until I could just sense their presence about 6 inches behind my feet where they sat until I had finished.

In fairness if you take the slightest bit interest in what you feed your dog some of these receipes will make you wonder why you bought the book but believe me it is very much worth it. The others in there are superb & the special treat meals like Christmas day and birthday cake for your best friend(s) are brillant ideas - I can't wait to make some of the breakfast ones when I can get a few days off next month. My dogs reactions to meal times have been bliss to watch and with a bit of forthought I imagine you could serve your dogs meals from this book 3/4 times a week
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on 12 September 2015
After buying dog food from the shop - Lilys Kitchen - I bought the book. Its good fun - bizarre that it may sound. Have tried three recipes so far - meatoaf, biscuits and a gravy. Dog adores it all. Its well written and the facts and explanations are very interesting and informative.
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on 11 September 2012
I've always fed my dog on dried dog food but it's good to have some recipes that I can make and will be good for my dog. We'll be sharing some lovely grub now!
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on 15 September 2016
When I first bought this book I didn't realise that it was written by the Lady behind Lily's kitchen. My Puppy loves the Lily's kitchen treats so this was an added bonus.
We were advised that we put our small breed puppy on a wheat free diet, so I wanted to cook from scratch for him.
The book is brilliant it goes through everything about building a balanced diet for a dog. So you can see what nutritional values you get from each foodstuff, recipes for all different needs.
I love this book as it is written for the English market, which many aren't lots of pictures.
If you only buy one book it should be this one
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