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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 September 2015
Great Book ! This woman is a genius, my wife and I watched her TV series and she seemed to make a lot of sense. We bought her book to follow her program for getting you children to sleep. We have twins and Kathryn's method was not only easy to follow but her the details she provides help reassure you all is well. Our twins are sleeping in their own beds, all night. As I said she is good. I would high recommend this book to ant toddler parent and we are much better off for buying it. Thank you Kathryn !!
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on 11 September 2015
As a Gandmother need some help with Grandson toddler and new grand daughter! Found book very helpful. Wish I had this
information when our daughter was growing up. Really good practical advice which works. Would recomend these books.Ideal
for first time parents and very useful to grandparents to get them back in the swing of looking after little ones.
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on 19 November 2015
Great ideas, sound advice, interesting now she has a baby of her own she maybe re writing a few things! She does achieve great success with other people's children so her ideas do have merit. Good ideas to try out. As I say will be interesting to see if we get a new version now she has tried things with her own baby!!!
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on 25 November 2015
I love this book! Our lad is 2 now and we used it for him from birth. The information makes sense and is practical. Our lad has been in his big boy bed for almost a month now, read up on all the sleep issues fully expecting him to be getting out of bed and testing us at every turn but Kathryns book has clearly set him up as he hasn't gotten out once (that we know of!) He calls for us in the morning when he is awake and doesn't get out his bed until we are there to get him up. The reward system for potty training has worked a treat. Highly recommend it for any carer of children!
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on 27 October 2015
Don't ever write reviews but felt I had to. Bought after watching prog on TV had a 6 month old that was in sleeping (well not sleeping) in my bed waking countless times through the night I'd had enough, followed the nighttime routine in the book and - ok it took more like 10days than 3 but my baby now naps during the day starts her bedtime routine at 430pm same every night is put in her cot awake at 630pm and sleeps through until 7am the next morning ok she may have the odd whinge but you learn the different cries. This book didn't tell me any amazing secret it just gave me confidence and I would definitely recommend the book you just have to commit to staying strong - short term pain long term gain!!
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on 13 July 2012
I ordered this book after reading one of the other reviews which said "Move Over Gina Ford". From that I assumed mistakenly that there would be a gentle approach to sleep training. In fact it is more akin to a Cry It Out method (even worse than ferberising) as on the first occasion she advises that you do not go in more than twice. In fact you are only supposed to go in if there is a Crescendo Cry i.e. 5 minutes of absolute solid crying with no pauses. If your baby cries for 4 minutes and then pauses for 2 seconds, cries for 3 minutes, pauses for 2 seconds then that is not a Crescendo Cry so you do not go in. For afternoon naps if baby sleeps for less than an hour then you are supposed to leave them to cry it out for FORTY MINUTES to see if they will settle back. I do not have the heart to do this and will be using the gradual retreat method instead. I will however be using her tips on eating plans and behaviour as they seem to be based on sound common sense.
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on 21 October 2013
Particularly liked the tips on what to say to your child, the tone and how to make things sound exciting when trying to get them to visit the loo, try a new food or distract them. Very well written and easy to navigate.
Good for potty training.
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on 20 May 2016
This is the first parenting book I have purchased and I have to say I was rather cynical. However I followed the behaviour advice for my 3 year old and it has worked like magic. I can't believe it. I couldn't get my son to eat at the dinner table and by the third day he was sitting on his chair eating dinner with us. I think it is a fantastic book, with so much advice and hints. You have to be assertive and consistent in order for the plans to work. Next is potty training! This book has given me so much more confidence as a parent and put me in control. It has changed the atmosphere in my home and made parenting enjoyable.
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on 7 June 2012
The 3 day nanny is one of the few books on the market which addresses challenges with slightly older children as well as the under 3s and Kathryn obviously realises that parents are very busy, hence the clear format which makes it easy to find the relevant section and fast to read. I tried her 3 day eating plan for a boy of 7 and it actually worked, surprising both my son and myself in the process! The plans reflect Kathryn's unique manner - a combination of old fashioned structure and discipline implemented with modern day respect and empathy for your child as an individual with their own ideas and opinions. The focus is not on authority and the battling of child versus adult, but instead based on respect and kindness. She guides you with sound practical advice, even anticipating your child's response and how to encourage him/her. Not only that, but we as parents are also encouraged and praised (not nagged and criticised, which is so often the case with parenting books). In hindsight, most of her advice is relatively simple and if you follow the plans, it is easy to carry out and really does get results. It is empowering for both parents and children and is a fast track to success on all fronts - read this, be strong and carry it through and everyone in your family will be a winner!
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on 29 October 2013
If you have a tough time controlling an unruly toddler this book will definitely help. It doesn't work miracles in 3 days but in 3 days things change and the book I found helps give you the methods to deal with any problems you might be having. My 2 year old said no to everything, wouldn't get dressed/undressed/get in bath/get out bath/etc etc which escalated to hitting and even on occasion biting us when her younger sibling arrived on the scene and her feelings were running high. Now she doesn't bite, listens to what we say and says yes. Of course every day she sits in her 'thought space' and every day I have to practise what The Three Day Nanny sets out. Every day my daughter pushes back until I exert control using these methods. I feel more confident, we go out and I know how to deal with her if she has an epic tantrum when soft play is over or whatever else sets her off, and this really helps our sanity!

The book is short, to the point, and easy to reference back again to make sure you are doing it right. I would recommend this book if you're at your wits end, feel a bit lost and need to make a change. It does work, it's not a miracle worker but it does bring about positive changes in the whole family and gives you back and sense of control.
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