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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2009
Loved the book - made me laugh out loud and cry too. Simply didn't want to put it down.
I too have worked at Battersea Dogs Home for a short while and did not note the 'gross inaccuracies' noted in the other review. To me, it painted a very real picture of what dog rescue is like and I could truly empathise with the things written about in this book, good and bad. It tells the truth about some difficult situations and doesn't shy away from awkward topics. However a true love of dogs shines through from start to finish which is what makes so readable. Since I read it I have ordered another copy for my mother, who I know is going to love it!
Would definitely recommend this book to all true dog lovers out there!
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on 20 July 2009
Whilst awaiting a copy of this book, I have read the online excerpts and found them both compelling and entertaining reading. The very real highs and lows of being on the sharp end when dealing with our society's problem of disposable companion animals are described with humour, sincerity, poignancy and equanimity.

Like the author, I also worked at Battersea for many years - and for much of the same period - and I recall some of the incidents mentioned. It was such a unique place and virtually every member of staff - whether operational or administrative - were directly involved in the care and rehabilitation of individual dogs and cats. Melissa was an immensely dedicated and popular colleague who was passionate about Battersea's work. I am sure anyone with even a passing interest in dogs will find this account both interesting and charming.
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on 16 July 2009
When you read the book you want to run up to Battersea and rescue a dog.
It is a moving and interesting story that keeps you glued to the book till the last page!
It gives a vivid picture of what must happen at Battersea. The author must have had a truly deep
relation to Battersea Dogs Home to be able to write in the way she did! First read of it in the Mail and I am not disappointed! Couldn't put it down.
A must for every dog lover!
Great book!!!!!!
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on 17 July 2009
Like some others on this page, I worked at the Dogs Home too, and lived through many of the experiences the author describes. I can vouch for the fact that they are truthful and, with a very little artistic licence, accurate. It's disappointing to read "trudoglover"'s comments - if they worked at the Home as they claim, they would surely recognise that this is a wonderful piece of promotion for an often misunderstood institution. Melissa's book goes a long way to dispel some very unsavoury myths about the Home, especially the mistaken belief that it puts dogs to sleep unecessarily, and also provides funny and interesting anecdotes about fifteen years spent loyally working for this fantastic charity.
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on 17 July 2009
`Egotistical dross'? `Endless self importance'? `Patronising tone'? Truedoglover's review reads more like a personal attack than a book review, and as both the author and reviewer worked at the dog's home I suppose it's entirely possible this is the case. Considering truedoglover's review was published within hours of the book's release the motivation for the review seems questionable - it reeks of a premeditated attack rather than based on the contents of the book. A cat in the grass waiting to pounce perhaps? I see the reviewer is also starting to leave comments about other positive reviews so it's apparent he/she has a passion about spreading negative comments about the author. I suggest that, instead of writing poor comments about this book, truedoglover redirects their energy and writes a book about their own experience at the dog's home - this might relieve them of the obvious bitterness they hold for the author.

Now onto the book itself - it is an absolute delight to read and does nothing but support the hard work done by Battersea Dogs Home and its staff. The book is warm and generous in spirit, and Wareham does a great job of recounting her experience with both humor and heartbreak. Does the author take artistic licence with some of the stories? Probably, but with a book as wonderful as this, who cares? Like that great book "My Family and Other Animals" the author brings to life the characters (both human and canine) that she came into contact with during her time at the home, and she provides the general public with an insight into one of London's most famous and beloved institutions. I recommend this book to anyone interested in a warm, funny, heartbreaking but ultimately joyous and touching read.
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on 30 April 2015
This book is an excellent introduction to understanding dog behaviour. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have since bought three more copies to distribute to friends and family; pet owners and a prospective dog owner. I honestly think that anyone contemplating dog ownership should read this book first... The author tells of her experience as a kennel maid and rehomer. The historical references resonate with me because the author is the same age as me. But this book is about dogs and Battersea and how the Battersea community helps so many dogs and cats. The staff are all dedicated animal lovers and it's lovely to hear about their work and individual cases, but sometimes sad when humans don't do the right thing by animals who need to rely on them. Melissa is no softie. She learned the tough way how cruel us humans can be. I can't recommend this book enough, to any of us, prospective pet owners or otherwise. The author teaches us so much re dog behaviour - and people behaviour - whilst she got her hands dirty and looked after her loved canine charges, and dealt with prospective owners. This book is a life lesson to any of us. Somehow the author makes us feel empathy and makes us feel alive as we relive, through her words, the stories of the hounds who needed help to get rehomed. I cried (I don't do that) at Melissa's reporting of a Battersea dog show. 'Trilby dog' will stay with me forever.
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on 19 July 2009
Just great. A warm hearted and amusing read. Melissa has combined the pathos of Battersea with humour and rich anecdotes which reflect the mad yet wonderful world and work of Battersea Dogs' Home perfectly. If you love dogs and understand their true unconditional loving nature, then this book is a must.
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on 18 August 2009
WOW! This is a book that cannot be put down. Melissa Wareham writes in the style of Gervase Phinn so you will be able to imagine the wonderfully funny anecdotes and the highs and lows of life working with rejected, neglected and abused dogs and cats. Melissa is a true ambassador for the homeless dog and this book will hopefully make many more of us prepared to offer a good home to a needy hound rather than buy a puppy. As Melissa says not everyone gets a dog from Battersea however rich and famous they may be so there is hope for us mere mortals. I laughed out loud on many a page and cried on others. My Godmother borrowed the book and also highly recommends it.
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on 10 September 2009
I've just finished reading this book after borrowing it from a friend yesterday. I simply could not put it down.
A heartwarming, at times tear-jerking and utterly delightful look into life in dog rescue.
However, as won't be rushing out to home a Battersea dog (I have three "recycled" hounds already), I've made a donation to Battersea. Although she no longer works at Battersea, Melissa is a fabulous embassador the rescue and her enthusiasm and love of dogs is hard to resist.
(And I've never worked at Battersea.)
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on 15 January 2014
This is an excellent book if you are already a converted dog lover. If you are thinking of getting a dog it is rather a misleading
book as it shows more of the benefits of being a dog owner than the downside.
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