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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Girl in High Heels: Intimate Confessions of a London Stripper
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on 17 September 2017
Having read 'Confessions of a London call girl' I thought this book would be similar but it wasn't. It was an interesting book and you get a real insight into the life of Ellouise. However some parts got me a little mad. As she presumes what certain men are like and makes it out like she is the only stripper in the world who doesn't go on dates with her clients, sleeps with them, etc.

Prefer the books by Belle De Jour.
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on 20 February 2016
Really enjoyed reading this book. I understand that perhaps it is a better read for women. A saw a review where a guy said it was too boring for him. I found it interesting to read how these girls found their way to digg money out of men, basically everything was based on leading on and lies. Ellouise- the main character claims she is different. Perhaps different on a occassion or two- but in general I did not find her too different. The book also shows how high price you can pay for being in this profession. Seems like only her first place was fairly decent, the rest of the venues where she worked seem to be getting worse and worse. Looks like it is only astonishing how much these women can earn. No wonder why they find it so hard to get out, and few eveny manage to marry their regular. Still, it was somehow eye opening but not really a profession I could ever consider. High money but very high price for it and in my opinion it is not so worth it.
I think though that some elements from the book were removed to make the character look crystal clear. She is not really mentioning much on relationships front. I guess we can conclude she never had sex with a customer? Could this really be? ...
But in general the book took me 4 days to read, I could not really put it down. It was easy, relaxing read.
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on 23 March 2015
As a man this book was not for me. The author tends to give her opinions on what she thought men were about and tended to pigeon hole them into categories how she saw fit. Fair enough, everyone's entitled to their opinion but for me it felt like far to often she had got hold of the wrong end of the stick, I mean most men just don't think in the way she assumed they they were thinking I'm afraid. Anyway I got about half way through and had had enough. I think this book may be more suited for women readers, it wasn't for me sorry.
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on 25 November 2011
I agree with the review that says this is a quick holiday read and definately full of home truths about London stripping . Why didnt I give it more , firstly I think that the need for pseudonims and composite characters to protect the not so innncent of the east end , have this story a rather false feel , so that it was more Martina Cole at times . Also i didnt really like Ellouise , she seemed so perfect at the end of the story , saving all her money etc etc and i decided that being a stripper was yht only interesting thing about her . Maybe alittle better ghost writing would have helped , as this story didnt really touch me. i wanted to feel her emotions yet it seemed as cold as a stripper up on the stage.
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on 2 October 2014
I was expecting, fun kinky sex and more, was disappointed it had none of this.
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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2008
Elloise Moore was a stripper at Stringfellows in London as well as a couple of dodgy sounding pubs. This is the story of her stripping career, with some brief details of her life at home, when she was young. It is a fine, easy read and would be great for light beach-type reading.

I think I had something of a problem with this book because I had read others which told a similar story and yet, were more candid and revealing: Lily Burana's `Strip City' and Diablo Cody's `Candy Girl.' Burana and Cody had far more extensive experience of the stripping world and weren't afraid to tell you about it. There was something about Moore's book that made me feel she was holding back.

Ok, just not brilliant.
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on 6 July 2011
This book was an amazing read, how Ellouise Moore , writer got into the stipping game to make money, how she got into Stringfellows and how on several occassions before stripping, she had to go round with an empty jug to collect extra money before she went on stag, its a fab book, one you wont be able to stop reading.
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on 20 April 2010
The author reveals a harrowing story of her upbringing in a violent, alcoholic household which she escaped early, only to pick up a series of violent, abusive boyfriends. In danger of falling into the abyss of prostitution and drug abuse, she turns her life around by getting into lap-dancing at Stringfellows. She moves on to a series of other establishments, most of them far less salubrious than Stringfellows, and this certainly is no whitewash job of the industry, she meets some unsavoury characters along the way, male and (mainly) female. Ends on an upbeat note with her saying goodbye to stripping and moving on with her life. Good luck to her, she deserves it.
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on 29 June 2010
Being for a short while in the dance industry, and then working after as an escort, this book was of great interest to me. It certainly did not disappoint!

I found many similarities between Ellouise and myself, and when ones reading, to be able to relate to the person really makes a difference, because you feel to a certain extent that you know them. This is a warts and all autobiography about a strong, independent woman who chooses stripping to earn a living and change her life around in a positive way.

It's very endearing when you read her first stripping audition. This book has it all - the bitchiness, abuse, the prostitution and the seedy side, but the best thing about the book it is that Ellouise comes across as such a genuine and likeable girl.

Elloise had a shocking upbringing, but managed to turn her life around. She chose to make her own money and not rely on anyone for anything. I relate to her drive and independence. Reading autobiographies like this always make me proud to be a woman! Girl power rar! :-p

Dancing is another industry like escorting where girls can get trapped in a surreal world; enjoying a certain lifestyle of partying, late nights, drinking and material things, which makes it difficult to get out. It becomes a way of life and all you know, so I take my hat off to Ellouise for finally turning her back on stripping. As an ex escort I know stopping was one of the hardest things I've had to do, because there's always a bit of temptation to go back when money gets low.

Ellouise did things her way, was head strong, and kept her head above water in an industry (like with escorting) where a lot of girls end up damaged mentally, on drugs, alcoholics and men haters.

Definitely a great holiday read, I couldn't put this down! Although take a few more books if you're on your jollies because you'll get through this one quickly :)
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VINE VOICEon 4 July 2008
There seems to be a revival of 'confession' style books coming out just now, so much so that you may worry that they're all the same. Perhaps so, but Girl in High Heels is different enough to stand out. For starters, it's not been published anonymously. Ellouise Moore has put her name to the book, but has changed the names of the vast majority of the people she mentions in the book, to protect their identities, and her kneecaps, by the sounds of it!

I'm sure many people have the opinion that strippers are somehow beneath people with 'normal' jobs - but this book will definitely change your mind. It proves that these girls aren't 'dirty' or prostitutes (according to Ellouise, some are, but by no means every one!), they're simply normal girls, albeit more attractive ones with nice figures, trying to make money. And once they see how much money is up for grabs, they tend to get hooked. And it's completely understandable - the amounts of money involved are phenomenal.

Ellouise Moore was dealt a crappy hand in life, a difficult upbringing which meant she had to start fending for herself from a very early age. She could have become a down-and-out, taking drugs, selling her body, etc. But she got into the world of stripping and gradually turned her life around. She's now a successful businesswoman, owning several properties and using her situation to help other young women.

I found this a really endearing book, which probably sounds like a weird thing to say. However, although stripping is often seen as seedy, Moore proves that it's not all bad. Yes, there is prostitution and drug-taking going on behind the scenes, but not everyone is involved. I just found this a pretty heart-warming tale about a girl who dragged herself up from nothing, took advantage of a lucrative industry and can now walk with her head held high, displaying incredible strength. I say fair play to her. A really easy read, and also an eye-opener!
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