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on 16 March 2010
This is the most fabulous book of baking! With so many cupcake or cookie recipes the proportions don't actually work, the finished result bears no resemblance to the photo you're staring at in bemusment and the taste is either over sweet or under developed! These recipes are so easy to follow, rewarded by the most gorgeous results and the joie de vivre in the writing is such that you know Cookie Girl loves what she does. So I'd say buy and then buy another for a friend. Nothing says love more than this type of sugar!
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on 15 March 2010
After seeing Xanthe Milton demonstrate her BeetRose cupcakes on TV, I rushed to the laptop and purchased this book straight-away.

The first thing I have to comment on is how beautiful this book looks, from the shocking pink cover to the photos inside (including 'Cookie Girl' dressed in various guises: Red Riding Hood, Alice, Snow White); it's a real piece of eye-candy. The cakes and biscuits look both delicious and tempting and will have you heading towards the kitchen in no time.

The second thing are the recipes. The book is divided into seasons and finishes with a Parties section. You think you've seen every flavour of cupcake until you pick up this book; it's filled with original creations such as French Toast cupcakes, Jack Daniels cupcakes and 99 Cones with Flakes. The recipes are clear and concise and with a section dedicated to Baking Basics at the front of this book, even the most novice of baker can confidently make these gorgeous treats. Most importantly of all, the recipes work! Sounds stupid, but I purchased the Hummingbird Bakery book and the recipes obviously hadn't been tested in a domestic oven or the quanitites were just scaled down from their commercial recipes, they just didn't translate well for the home cook. Xanthe Milton has obviously pain-stakingly made sure that these recipes work and they do,they are completely achievable.

Overall this book has been a real delight. I have tried some of the recipes and they were not only a joy to make (the smells wafting threw the house certainly had my husband wandering into the kitchen to investigate!) but they were so well received by my friends and family. Xanthe Milton obviously has a true passion and love for the art of baking and her style of writing is evocative and up there with the likes of Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater. This book is no shrinking violet, it has a cheeky and wicked personality; it would make the perfect gift but more importantly it will become a batter-splattered, trusted friend in the kitchen for years to come.
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on 19 March 2010
I was so excited when this book arrived- like the other reviewer, having seen Xanthe on TV and being impressed by her 'beetrose cupcakes' I could hardly wait to try some of her ideas out in my own kitchen and had high hopes that this book would be a hit in my house.

This book has most certainly exceeded all my expectations and is what a cupcake cookbook should be (try saying that really fast!). Until now I've been fairly used to struggling (somewhat) with the Hummingbird Bakery book, which has somewhat wonky measurements, despite the overall results being fairly impressive- but I'm pleased to report that the 'Eat Me' recipes that I've tried so far have all turned out *perfectly.* They actually make me look like an acomplished baker, despite my inaptitude with the general cake decorating overall!

My favourite? It's a hard choice between the beetrose cupcakes (wonderfully inventive and just so pretty, despite my icing disaster) and the blueberry clouds, which are just so deliciously moreish.

The instructions are all easy to follow and there's scrumptious, beautiful pictures throughout to demonstrate the end result, not to mention charming, whimsical depictions of Xanthe's childhood and where her love of baking stems from. The pages just ooze girlish sophistication and are split into 'seasons' with cakes and cookies for every occaision from christmas to halloween- but never fear, it isn't too gimmicky, it just comes across as well thought out and charming.

I think this would make a really wonderful present for a friend, mum, sister or auntie that has an interest in dabbling in the kitchen, or even for a novice baker who would like somewhere simple and pretty to start. Some recipes are basic, some are slightly more complicated but you get the impression that by the time you finish them, either way you'll have a real sense of accomplishment. I know I certainly felt a sense of triumph pulling cakes out of the oven and seeing them cooked to perfection.

Go and buy 'Eat Me' right now! You won't be sorry you did.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2010
Lovely book with really sumptuous photographs in a sort of ethereal 'Midsummer Nights Dream' vein, of Dita Von-Teese lookalike author, Xanthe, and her delightful culinary creations.

Alongside the standard fare of vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cookies are more imaginative recipes such as toffee apple cupcakes and 99-flake cakes. If you like more refined baking, see also the exquisite pastel macarooons and lemon buttercream fingers.

The book is also full of nostalgia - Xanthe's recollections of visiting the Norfolk show as a child (having raised the entrance fee from a cake stall!), and sitting on the aga watching her mum cook. Mouthwatering and memorable.
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on 3 April 2010
I bought this book when it first came out and couldn't wait to get started, the recipes are very innovative with lots of creative recipes I haven't seen before from other cupcake recipes; such as Jack Daniel's and Pina Colada cupcakes!! I made the French toast cupcakes which were absolutely wonderful but the quantities were overstated and they overflowed a little, also for the icing I thought again the quantities were a bit much so instead followed the quantities from the hummingbird bakery book which I feel gave a better result. Also, tried the easter cupcakes where again the quantities were wrong and I in fact made almost double of the initial 12, and again the icing needed tweaking(340g of butter seemed excessive I would suggest using between 50-100g instead.
Overall if you love baking cakes I would definitely recommend this book, just be prepared to trial and error with the ingredients.
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on 24 March 2010
Oh, what a fab, fab book!

I bought a copy of this on impulse after lusting after it in a bookshop, partly because of the luscious presentation (and extremely kitsch photography which made my partner howl with laughter) and partly because the recipes looked good and imaginative.

Cup cakes that look like 99 cones? I can't wait to try them on my partner's kids; I'm sure they will raise my street cred immensely. I was reading this book on the bus a couple of days ago and another passenger asked me where I'd got it from as it looked so fab.

For me, Eat Me has got some of the key ingredients of a good baking book - enough "differentness" about the recipes without them being downright weird, lush pictures (although if I'm being hyper-picky, I would have liked a picture for each item) and a bit of reasonable prose to go with them.

Xanthe Milton comes across as delightfully eccentric through the pages of this book and if this is her first offering, I can't wait to see how she develops further. I can foresee a lot of baking for me in the near future...
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on 23 September 2012
I have just discovered the joys of making cupcakes and bought this book having watched CookieGirl doing a demo' on Utube.
I have just made the courgette cupcakes which look lovely. They aren't iced yet as the icing went horribly wrong, it didn't hold it's shape at all and could have been poured out of the bowl, and that was before I added the lime juice!!! This may be because I used low-fat cream cheese instead of the full fat one. Anyway I will go out later for more cheese, fingers crossed that it works ok.
There are many recipes that I intend to try as they do look delicious.
With regard to the presentation, I have knocked a star off for this. There are some nauseatingly kitch photographs of CookieGirl in various poses not the mention her excruciatingly sentimental writing "I remember snuggling up on Granny's damask sofa", get real CookieGirl I'm not interested in the fact that your Gran had a posh sofa!!!
In my opinion the photo's of CookieGirl and the pages of sentimental flowery writing could have been replaced with more pictures of the finished cakes and a couple of pages on piping techniques etc.
For all that, I am glad I bought the book and will probably try most of the recipes.
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on 24 March 2011
I was very excited about starting the recipes in this book as they all looked amazing. However, I made the vanilla cupcakes last night and the quantity is way off! Even after I had made the batter I could tell it wasn't going to fill 12 muffin cases - I just about got 8. The icing was far too thick to pipe as well. I'm hoping this was a one off but the book seems to me more focussed on looking good than ensuring accuracy in the recipes. I wonder how many people who posted glowing, 5 star reviews have actually made anything from the book or were just blinded by how it looks?? This is the first cookbook I've bought (and I have a lot!) that I've been so disappointed with.
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on 31 March 2010
Where do i start ?

Well i was looking for icing tips on youtube and came across Miss Miltons cupcake icing video demo, after being mesmerised by the colours she was using and then doing some research (you see she looked familiar and turns out i'd spied her on master chef) I discovered she had released Eat me! recently then after seeing a write up in OK! about the book launch i delved in and bought one.

EaT Me! is a collection of delightful recipies that are seperated into seasons and are a complete delight easy to follow, high gloss photos to inspire, and most of all delicious !!!!!!!!!

Me and my 3 yr old daughter spend a lot of time baking and after spying this book with its 'pretty colours and lots of sparkles' review courtesy of cj 3 and 1/2 we haven't stopped and wont for a long time

so thank you Xanthe your jack daniels cup cakes will be debuting at my mum s birthday bash on saturday

Eat Me!: The Stupendous, Self-raising World of Cupcakes and Bakes According to Cookie Girl
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on 2 September 2012
The recipes in this book are divided into the four seasons, plus a 'Parties' section including alcoholic cupcakes such as the Pina Colada (scrummy), Margarita, White Russian and Jack Daniels cupcakes.

The seasonal cupcakes are really lovely and have interesting combinations such as lemon and elderflower, French toast, pistachio rose, orange rasperry and yoghurt, black forest, tiramisu and toffee apple. There are also interesting ingredients and methods used such as courgette cupcakes, beetroot rose cupcakes, cupcakes with biscuit bases and a range of different icings.

There are seasonal bakes for Easter, Halloween and Christmas, and as well as cupcakes there are recipes for cookies, lemon fingers, biscotti and macaroons.

The pictures are gorgeous and give a lot of inspiration for decorations. A lovely book for anyone who likes baking.
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