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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2015
This cookbook is so amazing i can honestly say it has single handedley restored my faith in buying cookbooks. I've bought so many duds over the years where i've used one or two recipes per book with the rest being unimpressive that i gave up buying them, instead relying on the net which has many limitations, one of which is trying to come up with an idea of what you'd like to cook in the first place!

As it happened i had seen a few ads for Madhur Jaffrey's cooking show when my mother in law asked me what i'd like for my birthday and thought mmmm, Indian food, and Curry Easy is what i ended up with and i'm so thankful! The recipes really are well balanced both nutritionally and flavour wise (the fish/ chicken/ lamb dishes pair perfectly with the numerous dal/ vegetable dishes, no more steamed veggies on the side for me!) and the ingredients, though short compared to many curry recipes i'm used to, all come together to create beautiful flavour combinations that belie the recipe's simplicity. This must be a testament to Madhur's incomparable knowledge and experience, only a person who has exhaustive knowledge of a style of cooking could reduce and simplify recipes for a busy working week without sacrificing flavour and authenticity.

I also find her annotations at the start of the recipe really interesting, for example, her 'chicken with apricots' is a dish that we are told comes from Parsi Indian cuisine (the Parsi's fled Iran in the 10th century and settled on India's west coast) perhaps explaining the interesting use of apricots in an otherwise Indian curry. This led to a conversation with my husband about Freddie Mercury's Parsi descent, and well, you get the picture, interesting info, not mindless drivel like this review..... just buy it, trust me, you won't be sorry!

Oh and most of the ingredients are dead easy to find (i'm in Australia), at the most you"ll need to find three to four fresh ingredients, the rest will be in your cupboard.....
And lastly, thankyou Madhur, i really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us with this book!
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on 18 January 2011
I have never submitted a review before, but felt I had to feedback on this book. I bought this on an impulse after needing some new inspiration. My husband and I cook a lot but need books from which we can find recipes that are delicious but don't take hours after work. We had been put off other Madhur Jaffrey books as they appeared to need lots of ingredients and require lots of preparation.

We have been using Healthy Indian by Monisha Bharadwaj (which I would also recommend) but needed some new recipes. I can't say how similar or different the recipes are to those in Madhur's other books, but I can say it makes indian cooking simple.

The recipe's a fresh, simpler and generally can be pulled together in 30-40 minutes without any detriment to their flavour.

For those who like cooking indian but don't have time to spend hours preparing, marinating and so on this is a worthwhile purchase.
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I absolutely love this recipe book. I've made a number of the meals in this book including the Kerala-Style Chicken, Bangladeshi White Chicken Korma, South Indian Potato curry, Gujarati Tomato Sweet and Sour curry to name a few. It's the cookbook I use the most in my kitchen (Bill Grainger's Bill's Basics is the second), and if you are intimidated by the idea of making a curry, don't be, it doesn't get any easier than this to make an authentic and healthy curry. The recipes are really easy to follow, but they can go wrong if you don't do enough preparation, as some of the recipes have lots of ingredients. I tend to make enough for four people (as most of the recipes are for this amount of people) then freeze three portions and eat one straight away.

There's some top-notch advice too, on simple things like preparing and cooking rice. I follow Madhur's advice on preparing Basmati rice, and it comes out beautifully every time. The rice just crumbles in your mouth.

What I love so much about this book is that you can make genuinely authentic food, and you feel like a cooking genius when it all goes right and you have an awesome curry to reward your effort. My cupboards are absolutely chock full of spices now due to this book, and it's really fired my enthusiasm for cooking.

Don't bother buying any other curry cookbook, you only need this one. Go on, you won't regret it! Highly, highly recommended.
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on 19 September 2011
I bought this book recently because the reviews were so good. I already own "Indian Cookery" by Madhur Jaffrey and it is my most used cookbook. Unfortunately I love that book so much that I was a bit disappointed with this one!

I am used to making Madhur's more intricate curry recipes and have learnt how to make up my own recipes.

I'm sure that this book is fantastic for those new to curry-making but it didn't excite me as much as I'd hoped. However, I have made the "Southern Indian Potato Curry" and it was a nice change in style.

There is a huge difference in the complexity of the recipes in the two books. The recipes in "Indian Cookery" can be a bit long winded sometimes and I simplify them where I think it makes little difference (e.g. squeezing water out of frozen spinach and then adding water later!). "Curry Easy" has pared recipes down.

Perhaps I just need to persist with "Curry Easy"!
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on 2 November 2010
lovely,easy-to-follow recipes, many very simple... i've tried several already. the photos are not brilliant, though, which made me glad the book was half price - the problem was the dull=looking reproduction. however the binding appears to be good enough to last my life out (most of my cookery books are held together by elastic bands). the main thing is to have all the spices in the recipes to hand, and to read the recipes all through in advance, so that you know whether you have to eg marinate overnight!
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on 11 January 2011
I was fortunate enough to be given two curry recipe books this Xmas - this one and Anjum Anand's 'I Love Curry". Now I have been able to try out a couple of recipes from both books, I would recommend them both but possibly the stronger recommendation would be on the Madhur Jaffrey volume. The recipes are very easy to follow, the quantities about perfect and the finished results gain wholesome praise from my family and friends! Furthermore the recipes are quite different from those given in her BBC book from 30 years ago and the addition of the anglo-indian dishes ( a wonderful chicken mulligatawny soup for example) is certainly well received by me! However, there is one problem I have found where I live (Hong Kong), which is that it is extremely difficult to buy some of the spices named (in both books) - for example I have yet to find any store selling asafoetida and nigella (kalonji) anywhere in the city (have not had the courage to ask in one of the several Indian restaurants!) but this is a small quibble. From a design point of view, I wonder why the publisher decided to use the type of cover on the book that was used for my school textbooks back in the 1960's! For a cook book, I would have thought an easily wipe clean surface would have been better.
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on 19 December 2010
I have a few of Madhurs books but this one has got to be the best yet. I like the way she puts a menu together of what side dishes will go with each curry dish. Have tried quite a few of the recipes and intend getting through the book. Can't fault any that i've tried upto now and they are very tasty and wholesome.
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on 22 December 2013
This is a lovely, well presented book and looks great on my book shelf. Their is a vast array of Indian dishes in this book, it is not only limited to Curry as the title may suggest. The recipes do require a lot of specialist ingredients as you'd come to expect with Indian cooking but in general most ingredients can be readily sourced in your local supermarket. The recipes are quite expensive to make with even the simpler dishes requiring a well stocked spice rack and accompaniments.

The main drawbacks to the book I find are the price per meal to cook and the fact that not every recipe has a photograph of how the final dish should look. This is a key feature I find as a novice cook as I like to see how the dish should look once prepared.
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on 12 December 2015
This is our go to recipe book for all Indian food. The recipes are straight forward with a small explanation beforehand about the region the recipe is from and how it relates to Madhur specifically. I like that alternative ingredients are suggested for some of the more hard to find ingredients, depending on where you are in the world. The photos are lovely if thats important to you. The cover is beautiful and is what initially drew me to the book. It's now quite well worn due to the heavy use it gets, we'll cook something from it about once a week at least. We developed some firm favourites but are now exploring some of the other recipes and haven't been disappointed. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking, particularly if you enjoy making Indian food, its like alchemy sometimes. I'll be buying her new book, Vegetarian Curry Easy shortly.
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on 21 November 2010
Have always been looking for a good curry cook book, and not found one. This is definitely a good one for those who have tried cooking Indian. Although there is not a picture for every recipe, you feel as if you can actually see it from her description of how she came about it, what to match it with at the top of each page. It's personal, but adds to the book for good reading too. Would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a good original and exceptional recipe indian cook book with some simple yet unusual dishes for many events from dinner parties, evenings in, or casual get together with friends. Can't wait to try lots of the recipes out.
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