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on 6 August 2017
Be warned, despite Amazon's plugging that this "revised and updated" it's a twelve year old book and much if it is irrelevant now. I should've started saving money by not buying it and Amazon should be ashamed for touting this as "updated" when it is this old. And charging full cover price too. Rip. Off.
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on 20 August 2015
So this week my wife said to me "I've seen a book I want", I started to cringe inside, thinking (another fad diet or hobby) and was wondering where this was going. She mentioned that she had read some of the free preview on Amazon and said it was really interesting.

Me being me, I lifted an eyebrow in a kind of 'what would I want with that', way. I actually thought to myself, I don't need to be told how to save money, I am good at that already. Believing wholeheartedly I was investing my money with the best companies who provided a good service for reasonable fee and this book was going to cost me more than it would be able to save me.

Being a Man.... I couldn't have been any further from being right. This £6.64 e-book I was frowning about buying only 4 days ago has so far saved our family £2798 a year and there are more savings to go once renewals are due next month.
Don't let your finances control you, you be in control of your finances.
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on 22 August 2015
The Money Diet Martin Lewis
This is an excellent purchase i am so glad i bought this book i am rubbish with money , and credit cards, and up until now have been pretty ignorant of finances . however upon reading this book, it has been an immense wake up call ... know nothing about finances ? Martin Lewis is your man ! this chap is a money saving genius and explains about finance in a clear transparent way, and one that you can understand .this will teach you all the things about finances, but were to afraid to ask ... if like me, you aint great with finances or you want to teach yourself how to put finances back in control , then this is the book for you . really is worth reading more than once as well . and if you find yourself ever getting stuck again with your finances , return to this book .. also do have look at Martin Lewis's other books relating to finance they have helped me and could help you too ....
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on 4 March 2018
If this book does one thing it's to make you value your own money. That's an easy thing to say but not such an easy thing to do - and most of us don't. The chapters in this book take you through all the major areas of spending in your life and really challenge your about where and when you think you spend your money and whether that's best value for you. Initially it makes you take a long hard look at the reality of your finances (makes for very uncomfortable reading!) and then offers really practical suggestions about how to spend your more wisely, including debt repayments and savings. It's not about depriving yourself but spending consciously. It helped us clear a significant debt within a couple of years and has changed our relationship with money forevever. More up to date info is available on the website - hence the four stars, it's in need of an update now but the book is still worth a read for the principles it introduces.
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on 18 April 2006
Buy this book and you'll enter a world of simple knowledge that may seem obvious, but to most of us isn't. Having it all in one book ensures it will become a well-thumbed "money bible" over time.

Thankfuly, Martin Lewis has compiled it all into one all-knowing no-nonsense book, that is easily worth at LEAST 10 times it's value in the first month you own it. You then also have access to his money saving website and an array or up to the minute articles on everything from shopping tips, to credit cards and mortgages. He's easy to underestand and looks out for all the loopholes that will save even more money, then tells you all about it in Plain English, which I love because I would have never found out all the info myself.

I've managed to somehow save an average of £80 a month since reading this book which has already made a huge difference to me, others will save even more depending on their lifestyle and purchasing needs.
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on 1 February 2014
Is a great book, puts into perspective easy ways to save money buy making simple life changes and explained in a format that anyone can understand (for once you don't have to be economist to understand all the jargon!)

I highly recommend, if you read this book and take it seriously i promise you could save over £500 pounds.

also provides relevant information to Martin Lewis's money saving expert website were you can get further information to reinforce the step you learn in this book.

Happy buyer :D
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on 3 July 2017
Usual fare from Martin Lewis.
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on 19 April 2014
As long as Martin keeps writing these helpful practical and worth every penny titles, I'll buy them! In this day and age you'd be totally crazy not to get so much advice for next to nothing in price terms! "Don't go nut's Martin and price them out of reach of a pensioner's pocket" I think I have enough faith in you not to do that!
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on 6 April 2014
A Very good way of saving money and saving on everyday household items. The book can be dry in certain parts. However there is a website address where you can download The Budget. Martin stresses that everyone needs to do a budget. This will take into account all the items that you spend on: Such as travel,food,bills,expenses and he can also guide you even if you are in serious financial debt.
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on 16 February 2016
I like Martin that's why bought his book, however I haven't used anything in it, the charts etc a bit tedious for me but I guess I'm just lazy would b great if someone really wanted to organise their finances. Nothing I couldn't find on his website so...
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