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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 January 2017
This is a fantastic art book, featuring stunning and beautiful drawings from the film-making process of "Revenge of the Sith". If you're a fan of Star Wars then I highly recommend this book. Many of the illustrations are full-colour, while others are black and white. The overall presentation is excellent, and it's obvious that care and attention has gone into the completion of this publication. Alongside the art is the screenplay of the film.

This "Art of ..." is perhaps the best of the prequel Star Wars illustrated books, alongside Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Illustrated Screenplay and The Art of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - Including the Screenplay. Ordinarily I'd award 5 stars for this item ... but it's way too pricy! As I review, it's priced at nearly £30. It simply isn't worth that. I paid £8 for this book, which I think is reasonable. As such, I suggest looking to see if you can find a better priced copy elsewhere.
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Putting this book down is difficult after you flip through a few pages. There are hundreds of pieces of conceptual art and beautiful paintings. It is apparent right from the start that George Lucas only hire the best artists for his movie.

The art genre is science fiction. You'll see a lot of concept art on cityscape, robots, planets, costumes, creatures, architecture, props and characters relating to the Star Wars movie. This book is all about art, you won't see any movie stills.

There are two versions of the book. The one with the movie script has 272 pages. The one I'm holding has only 224 pages.

Design concepts are explained for the characters and set. There's not much text but enough. The level of detail, effort and creativity displayed by the artists is simply marveling. This genre is really a playground for artists to explore with their imagination.

For Star Wars fans, there's no reason not to get this book. For artbook lovers, especially those who like sci-fi, this book should be on your shopping list also.

There are more pictures on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile the link.
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With so many movie artwork books presented in soft cover and on thin paper, it makes a pleasant change to find this book - hardbound with dust jacket, and printed on very nice paper. It features many hundreds of pieces of artwork from right across the project,including many designs for locations, story lines and characters that fell by the wayside.

I bought it purely for the pictures, many of which are quite extraordinary. If you are interested in how the designers develop their artwork, then I recommend Doug Chiang's highly informative book "Mechanika" which, at time of writing this, is available from Amazon for very little money.

It is not perfect, even though I have given it five stars. The index isn't brilliant, though I doubt you will need it anyway. The movie script, which is included in full, seems quite separate from the rest of the book. It is not referenced in any way to the artwork. My only other gripe is that it doesn't indicate which artwork was "approved" for the movie.

Overall though, this books strolls along to an easy five stars. In the words of Darth Grievous: "... a fine addition to my collection".
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on 29 March 2010
I'm a teacher at an international school in China, and all the kids are mad about Star Wars! I bought this book partly for myself and mostly for them, and I haven't been disappointed. For me this book offers a nice blend of lovely colour pictures, as well as descriptions to go with the illustrations. There is a nice mix of both conceptual and digital art. I found it fascinating to simply leaf through and discover the different designs which went into the simplest of things in this movie. Now before I go any further, I feel I have to point out that I am not an amazing Star Wars fan, and I believe this was the least of the films, but for sheer amount and quality of artwork this book if great and I have found pieces in it which have helped me in my own artwork.
When I took this and showed it to the class I work with the effect was magical. They were all clamouring to ask questions and look at the different parts of the book, it totally fascinated them. It wasn't just a passing thing, either. Weeks on they will go to the book shelf in my classroom and leaf through it, there is always something more for them to discover. Moreover, being the paperback version, it is not overly cumbersome. They enjoy it for the pictures they recognise from the films and video games, but it also gives them a chance to learn about something they love without staring into a box. If you are thinking of buying this for a young person you know, go for it, you won't regret it, especially at this price!
All that remains for me to say is that I was very impressed with the speed of the delivery. The book arrived well before the estimated time, which when you live in China is something of a miracle!
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on 26 August 2013
this book is full of fantastic artwork from the film.I couldn't recommend it highly enough, if you can get hold of a copy that stays together.perhaps the hardback is a better option, unfortunately within a month, every page in my copy came loose, so its difficult to use it for reference as a concept designer/illustrator.
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on 1 June 2005
I was giving this book as a present, and boy am I thankful.
If you ever wanted to know how Lucas comes up with his ideas for the movies, then you need this book.
It is full of sketches, high quality concept art, paintings and drawings showing each thought and idea that led to the birth of Episode III.
Along side each image and painting is a small diary showing the development of the story and the movie. At the rear of the book is the entire script for the movie. You will even find scenes and parts of the movie that never made it to the big screen.
These scenes were made, but left on the cutting room floor. Gives us hope for the directors cut or extended version coming out soon.
You find out that Lucas did'nt actually come up with many of the ideas in the movie, his concept artists did. The planets seen in the movies were the brainchild of the artists. Lucas gave them a simple brief, come up with ideas for planets to be used for the clone wars. Simple.
The aliens, the animals and the enemies were also thought up by the concept artists. Yes this book will shatter any illusion that Lucas made the Universe himself. Although he did have final say as to what stays and what goes. He used two stamps to mark ideas he liked. One stamp to mark an idea or drawing is approved and will be allowed to be worked on, another stamp 'fabuloso' meant that no more work was needed on the concept and it was perfect and to be used.
If you think General Greivious was always going to be the villain of the movie, think again. There is a whole section of the book where all the concept artists try to out do each other with ideas for the big baddie of the movie. See who you think was the best.
If you are an artist you will love this book, if you are an art lover you will love this book, if you are a star wars fan you will love this book and if you are wanting to make it in the world of cinema you will need this book.
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on 7 April 2005
The first thing you notice with this book is how nicely produced it is, bound with hardcover all the interior pages are printed on glossy paper, ensuring top quality printing off all the images.
The book gives a great overview of the WHOLE creative process, starting from photo references taken by George Lucas, into the conceptual 2D images created by artists in 2002, right up to the character and set modelling in full 3D, this is really interesting to see!
There are hundreds of full colour images reproduced fantastically complete with commentaries by many of the artists, giving an insight into their creative process.
Well worth the money for any Star Wars fan or art fanatic!
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on 9 May 2011
Beautifully put together. Page after page of inspirational concept art. Every digital sci-fi artist should have one! This book is not a specific tutorial aimed at artists - it is likely to appeal to the majority of avid star wars fans too.
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on 2 March 2011
The Art of Star Wars Episode III is absolutely breath taking. You get a whole new look inside the making of this glorious movie. It's worth every penny.
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on 8 April 2016
amazing book!!
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