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on 3 December 2002
If you're the sort of person who thinks that your life depends on cigarettes and without them, there would be no fun in your life and you'd be....well, LESS than you are now and if you didn't smoke then you wouldn't be YOU....if you know what I mean - then this book is your key to freedom!

I smoked 40 a day for 25 years.....sometimes more if I was drinking or having a good time.....I LOVED everything about smoking. I never wanted to stop at all. I smoked through colds and coughs, I stood outside buildings in the rain, puffing away. I hated going to friends houses where I couldn't smoke. I never went anywhere without a packet of fags, money to buy another packet just in case I should run out, plus a lighter AND matches (after all - there's nothing worse than a fag you can't light!) Yet, deep down, I despised myself for wanting and needing to smoke and although I didn't want to give up - I sometimes dreamt about that elusive day in the future when I would wake up one morning and not want to smoke anymore!

My sister bought me this book for Xmas one year - she'd sucessfully given up using the unique method Gillian Riley teaches in this book. I stuffed it on the bookshelf and it took me over THREE YEARS to open it up, let alone read it. When I finally did read it, it made such perfect sense - I decided to give Gillian Riley's method of stopping smoking a go. One fag at a time.......

I've not smoked for almost ten years now and I never thought I would be able to get through even a couple of hours without my beloved fags. I'm amazed at myself and eternally grateful to Gillian Riley for showing me the way to smoke-free-dom.

Stopping smoking was THE most important thing I've ever done. It wasn't easy - but without this fantastic book - I firmly believe I would still be puffing away. I can't praise this book enough. If there's was ever a book that deserves every smoker in the country's attention - it's this one.
You wanna be FREE? Then get this book - read it - and as they say - JUST DO IT!
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on 19 April 2017
Nothing I didn't already know
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on 9 April 2015
Still trying to get to grips with the conception - me thinks once and addict always and addict.......
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on 22 March 2015
have since stopped smoking but not a result of this book
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on 12 August 2016
It tried to pass a message.....
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on 26 December 2013
I was so desperate to quit smoking. I read this book and felt the hope that I had also felt when I read Allan Carr's book, Paul McKenna's book with cd, and various other books and cds that all work on a repetitive message which really doesn't tell me anything that I don't tell myself. Tried chewing gum, patches, sprays, e cigarettes - nothing, nil nada - big fat zilch.

Then I had a week off work and had 2 bed days in a row - went to bed Friday night and stayed there until Sunday afternoon when I got up for a few hours and went back to bed again so that I wouldn't be tempted to smoke. The point of this exercise was that I don't smoke when sleeping and with no distractions that would make me wide awake (telly, radio, phone, people etc)I managed to clock up a block of 36 hours where I hadn't smoked. I downloaded a timetable of what happens when you quit smoking (eg no nicotine left in the body ater 48 hours etc. ) to pin up next to my desk. I only had 12 hours to kill to reach the 48 hour stage but was already 3/4 of the way there and it actually felt achievable. From the Monday morning, ordinary chewing gum replaced cigarettes and whilst I'm still a "recovering" smoker with more energy, more money in my pocket and hopefully a longer life expectancy, I feel this has been far more successful than any of the books I paid for.I'm both enjoying and hating the challenge of reaching the next stages but I've come so far now and don't want to undo all of my effort. I still have a craving here and there but after a few minutes of gnashing of teeth (can't lie to you)- I get past that bit and have kept going.... sorry Gillian, Allan et al ... you tried, I tried... didn't work....

Good luck to all of us trying to quit a habit we both love and hate - farewell ciggies, farewell tobacco companies & government taxes profiting from my addiction. I devoted a large part of my life and salary to you and all you offer in return is disease and criticism. I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee - Done! :o)
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on 28 September 2016
A brilliant insight into how addiction controls your life thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will definitely be using the techniques to keep me smoke free .
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on 18 March 2013
lack of will power ... maybe but whatever the reason it didn't work for me. Good luck trying to give up.
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on 27 September 2006
I have nothing but absolute praise for this book. I was a heavy smoker for about 10 years, and had been trying to quit for some time, hating both my unfitness, my smell and wheezing/ coughing in the mornings - and despite hating all these things I continued to smoke over 20 cigarettes a day for over 10 years.

I had tried will power (I have none), nicotine gum, patches - but the urge to light up always won in the end. I have to say my sporadic attempts at stopping never lasted more than a day.

When I read this book I didn't expect a lot, but when I put the techniques into practice I suddenly had the tools to understand my addiction and be more powerful than it was. I could simply say for the first time "I choose not to smoke" and it was so. I haven't touched a cigarette despite the odd craving for well over 3 years now, because I have chosen not to - and that's the beauty of the book. If it can make someone as weak-willed and rubbish as me quit - I'm sure it could do the same for anyone that gives it an honest go.

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on 21 March 2006
I originally picked out Gillian Riley's weight loss book to deal with my yo-yo dieting and in there it mentions that it's necessary to quit smoking before dealing with overeating, which brought me to `How to stop smoking and stay stopped for good'.

I smoked 15 a day on average for about 13 years, 15 a day was probably on a good day, it could be into two packs some days.

Gillian teaches you to retrain your brain to face every situation without resorting to smoking. I didn't try to repress any cravings - I dealt with them consistently.

By following Gillian's advice to read a bit of this book every day for the first few weeks and by using her `outline' every time I had a craving (e.g closely following the advice in the book) -I was fairly easily able to stop without using any other aids.

It really wasn't to bad, although I was maybe a little bit more emotional than normal in the first 2 months. The only thing I didn't do so well on, was following the instructions on not gaining weight. I have gained a few pounds but this is probably because I wasn't following her instructions in this area as closely as I was with the rest of it. Also I tend to gain weight and comfort eat to easily anyway - which is why I picked up her weight loss book in the first place.

It's been 3 months since i've been off the ciggies now - I intend to start using Gillian's method for weightloss to loose the few pounds I have gained, and I will post an update in the future as to how that goes and how I get on long-term with staying stopped.

UPDATE: It's now been 8.5 years since I stopped smoking soley by using this book.
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