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on 8 January 2012
I wasn't expecting to learn much from this book as I have been obsessing about my career options for many years and have tried a number of different careers. However, I found the 'Who are you?' tests to be a revelation - I thought I knew what my strengths were but discovered that some of the things that I considered as secondary strengths were actually my key strengths and vice versa. I found this much more useful than the Myers-Briggs test. As I am currently changing careers I found this very valuable as this test alone flagged up the best career choice(s) for me.
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on 20 September 2010
Here's a novelty - a book about career planning that has something new to say.

John Lees begins by tackling the agonising debate that one has with oneself over the dissatisfaction with the current job.Then chapter by chapter he walks you through not just "The dream job!" but the practicalities of how much one must earn, what skills and personality one brings to the table for a potential employer.

The primary value in this book is that it's not a comfortable "get rich quick book". The exercises and thought processes that John takes you through are superbly designed to make you think through your options and your marketability to an employer clearly and truthfully.

The chapter (11) on creative job search strategies is particularly useful as it debunks many of the job hunting myths that persist. Other chapters deal with CV creation, using social media to find a job, attending interviews and even changing career.

As a coach and mentor that integrates senior executives into a new job I will be recommending this book as a "Must buy and read"
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on 21 November 2011
I was already in the mindset of finding myself a job that I will enjoy doing when I bought this book (and why I thought about buying it). I however wanted my idea confirmed which is what this book helped me do. Currently stuck in a repetitive and mundane job I was really looking for anything else to get me out of the position but I have now rethought this, thanks to this book and will put my energy into getting it right from the start. The author gives a lot of examples to support the claim that you will be much happier if you are doing something that you liked. The first part that tries to get you to take the leap and get out from the safety of your current position was a bit wasted on me since I had no issues with leaving my current position. I however saw many of the examples that the author brings up as things that make people reluctant to leaving their job in my environment among colleagues and have therefore recommended the book to them and think that it would be a great help for many other people out there scared to take the leap.

The advise on how to realize what your dream job is, is golden. It really helped me figure out what I wanted to do. I think that many people already know what they want to do but need help to be convinced to this. There are a lot of great examples to help you realize this and figure out your true calling.

Also the advise on how to get there is very helpful with lots of great techniques and things to work with.

This is a great book that I would recommend to everyone not happy with what they are doing at the moment. It might seem scary to take the leap but getting this book is the first step! My colleuge got a copy of the book per my recommendation but was afraid to start reading it. She asked my if it worked, and I assured her that it certainly did, to which she replied "thats what I am afraid of!". Do not be afraid get this book and follow the advise in it and you will be on a path to a better job that will make you happier! That is what I intend to do now..
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on 20 August 2012
I bought this book (2009-2010 edition) during a careers coaching course led by John Lees a few years ago which my company organised. At the time I used it to shape my existing job which resulted in increased job satisfaction and a promotion. More recently I picked it up again now that I'm due to take redundancy after 19 years with my employer. Again the book has provided me with a positive toolkit to try out techniques when I commence my fully fledged job search from September and I have a plan for my job searching strategy.

In the meantime the experience of reading the book has taken me on a journey to assess a number of options for my future career. The immediate impact however brought about a strong desire to share the knowledge and exercises I'd experienced with other colleagues and friends in the same position, which has driven fantastic results for people around me, as well as myself.

This book will be particularly rewarding for people facing a cross roads in career paths as a result of life and career changing events where motivation and support is particularly needed, especially in the current economic climate. I recommend it to everyone I speak with when listening to their personal career challenges. Buy it..read it...and try it out for yourself!
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on 28 September 2010
How To Get A Job You'll Love is a great book for anyone who has reached a crossroads in their career. This book is an invaluable resource and full of tools for anyone who has decided to evaluate their career choices or make a complete change in direction but with no idea what to do next. Many of us will have experienced a time when the job we are currently doing simply does not give enough satisfaction, and a change needs to be made, but this needs to be carefully considered, and in the current economic climate and uncertain jobs market any changes need to be carefully thought out. How many of us have spent many hours thinking about a change in direction and found the exercise frustrating, as it leads nowhere without the help of an expert to help open up our thought processes.
John Lees has a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience to share with the reader gained from his many years of inside knowledge as a recruitment specialist and renowned career coach. There are 17 thought provoking chapters with practical and easy to use tools for self analysis which clear the blockages in thinking, and creatively turns the book into a guided personal workshop. I found that John Lees' style of writing makes the book easy to read and very difficult to put down. As usual each edition of the book contains new and updated information, and the 2011-2012 edition has a particularly useful chapter on encouraging the reader to consider what has happened to their careers, and chapter 9 gives guidance as to what kind of work would best suit the individual, as well as many other useful additions. This book represents amazing value and the small investment of £14.99 could change your life forever.
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on 14 March 2012
When you have a job you don't enjoy it can seem daunting to know where to start to find out you'd really love to do. This book eases and supports you through the process by giving you a series of creative exercises to help you work out your strengths, motivations and ultimately piece this together into a role that you'd love to do.

To get real benefit from the book you'll need to invest the time to do the exercises but it will be worth it when you reap the rewards from your efforts.

I've used this book to help me make a successful career change. I've also recommended it to friends in a similar situation.
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on 20 December 2011
Lots of thought provoking and practical activities that help you to re-evaluate why you do the job you do. This book has been a real asset to the decision making process and has enabled me to re think the jobs I have done in the past, to draw out what worked for me and even more importantly, what didn't!
If you are stuck in a rut or faced with unexpected changes to your working life I can strongly recommend you take the time to read and engage with this book. If money is tight then think of it as an investment in a healthy future whereby work becomes more fulfilling and less of a chore.
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on 20 September 2010
The latest edition of John Lees' best selling book contains up to the minute advice and tips on how to go about selecting the right role and then implementing a professional and differentiated self-marketing campaign to secure your preferred job. A must for the jobseeker in these challenging times.
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on 20 May 2013
This book is highly recommended for anyone who is unemployed, or unhappily employed. The book teases out what exactly it is that you really want to do for a living and then gives a ton of useful advice on how to go about making it a reality. I for one am already taking steps to make it so!
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on 10 November 2011
Really helped me work out my priorities and help me think of what's important at work. I would certainly recommend it but think it's really only effective if you do the exercises (which can feel like a drag but are worth it).
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